Using Intuition And The Law Of Attraction To Tap Into The Goddess Within With Susan King


The Inner Goddess is a woman’s way of becoming more of who she is. Part of that is having the confidence and embodying the power that is already within. Intuition is a good grounding place for that, showing how the mind, body, and soul are so in sync, you become aware of the inner voice that speaks to you to help on your life journey. In this episode, Karen Pulver, with her featured goddesses, explores how we can tap into the inner goddess through intuition with guest Susan King, an intuitive counselor and health practitioner. They also talk about the Law of Attraction that helps attract positivity into your life and allows you to see deeper. Learn from this great conversation the ways to use your intuition so you can get in touch with the beautiful soul and being within.


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Using Intuition And The Law Of Attraction To Tap Into The Goddess Within With Susan King

“You Had The Power All Along My Dear” – Glinda The Good Witch

In this episode, we’re going to be interviewing Susan King. She is an intuitive counselor and a holistic practitioner who’s worked for over 25 years bringing balance to mind, body and spirit, a unique experience to the health and wellness of the community. She’s a genuine and down to earth person and I can attest to that. I’ve met with Susan in person as well as over the phone virtually. I’ve had readings from her and talked with her about life, intuition, connection, balance and peace. Her work has been recognized globally, earning her multiple celebrity endorsements from people such as Oprah Winfrey and fashion designer Donna Karan. Welcome, Susan, to the show. How are you?

I’m very well, thank you. It’s very nice to be on your show. I’m looking forward to it.

I am so honored that you trust in coming here, that you’ll share with us your insight and your positivity. As an intuitive, you use your intuition to help yourself connect with people. What I’d like to know is, how has this happened in you that you discovered that you are capable of this? Secondly, does the average person have this in them? If so, what are some ways that they can use it to help them to reach out to other people or how they interact with people in their lives?

To me, intuition is knowing without knowing. We always hear the expression, “A woman’s intuition.” We’re famous for it. I find myself very aware as a young child. I would always have things to say about people even from being 5, 6, 7 upwards. I used to get in a lot of trouble because you don’t say those things about grownups. “You can’t say that.” When I got into my late teens, early twenties, I used to have dreams and the dreams would happen. It started from there. I realized at that age that I could see things slightly differently than the average person could, but it took many years to fine tune it to the way it is now. It’s like any ability. If you play tennis, then your right or left arm, whichever you played tennis with, the muscles get strong. It’s exactly the same way when you’re using your intuition. You have to get faith and confidence in it. You have to feel as though what you’re feeling and sensing is correct.

For myself, it was a process and all these years on, I’m still learning. I do believe everybody has intuition, not just me. We all feel and sense things. Some of us are aware of that, but there are a lot of people that aren’t aware. For example, you’re walking down the street and you suddenly feel uneasy and you look around. You don’t know why you do that, but you do it. You could have been wandering around your house doing things and you keep thinking about somebody you went to school with and you haven’t seen them, then you bump into them or somebody tells you news about them. People who do martial arts have to anticipate their opponent’s moves. They stood and they’re anticipating. I think there’s intuition in that. You’ll hear things about police. They have intuition or instincts or feelings into things.

One way that you can expand on your own intuition is by little tiny steps because little steps make big leaps. First of all, get a little notebook, one of those little tiny things you can put in your pocket. When you have a feeling about something, write it down. One of the worst things you deal with when you’re feeling your intuition is, “Is it right?” because you won’t necessarily be confident. “I had that feeling about such person.” You may feel, “Am I right?” because you would tend to do that. “Is that right what I’m saying? I don’t know.” If you make a note of it, you can reflect back in time whether that feeling comes to fruition or not. That’s what will build your confidence. You can meet somebody and you can have feelings about them, their life or what they do. Make a note of it.

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It’s building confidence. You can get a pack of cards or you can spread the cards out. You can put your hand on one and you can focus in your mind, “Is it red or black?” You try and look what the color is. I wouldn’t try and do the numbers initially because that’s quite hard to do. I would look at, “Is it red or black?” It’s like training the muscle in your arm, like when you’re a tennis player. That’s the whole process of using intuition in that way.

I love how you say taking little steps to giant leaps because that is one of the main things of the grateful goddesses. We’re all taking little steps supporting each other towards trying new things and taking great leaps. Let’s say, for example, you think about someone in there and they appear. That leads into a topic about Law of Attraction, which is we attract the things that we think about or that we feel. I wanted to ask you about Law of Attraction and your thoughts on that.

Scientifically, Law of Attraction is a new age belief based on the concept that like for like attracts. Whatever you focus on will manifest for you. To me, it’s the power of being positive. That’s what I think. Maybe everybody has their own way of looking at it. For me, the Law of Attraction, and I believe this, if you have a strong belief in something, that you feel no matter what that is going to work, that can be the Law of Attraction. I profess that if people are doing anything in life, whatever they’re about to embark on, if they feel that’s 2,000% right, I believe that’s their inner voice saying, “That’s the Law of Attraction.” Most people don’t put that top hat on it. The book, The Secret, put that top hat on it. I believe there’s nothing new. Everything that we know and that we learn has been there thousands of years before.

To me, Law of Attraction is having belief, being positive, focusing on, “I want to go down that road. It can’t happen right now, but I’m going to will that to happen. I’m going to focus on that. I’m going to see myself.” That’s the power of positive thinking as well. There are quite a few different top hats you can put on that. Most people think of the Law of Attraction when they think of romance, I reckon. That did happen to me when I first met my husband. I went to a dinner at the House of Lords, in the Lord Cholmondeley Room. It was May and it was 6:00. There were drinks on the terrace overlooking the Thames. I didn’t see him all night, but it was right at the end of the evening when we stood outside waiting for cabs because it was a summer evening. He tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around.

Whether it was the Law of Attraction or it was because I knew, I felt I was going to marry that person and I did. I hadn’t been manifesting that. To me, that was my instinct and knowing. I don’t feel there’s a lot of difference between the Law of Attraction and being positive and manifesting what you want in your life. You could sit and you could say, “I’m going to be open to receive. I’m going to be grateful. I’m going to focus on that million dollars.” You could sit there maybe until you’re 90 and never get that million dollars. That doesn’t mean that you being positive about wanting things in your life isn’t going to happen, but there’s a limit. To me, Law of Attraction equals being positive about what you want to do in life or what you want to achieve.

That’s going to lead into Alyssa’s question. She has a specific question about Law of Attraction.

GG2 | Using Intuition
Using Intuition: If you have a strong belief in something that you feel, no matter what that is, it is going to work,


I’m thinking about what you’re saying about Law of Attraction. I believe in trusting your gut and your own intuition, but I’m not sure how I feel about the Law of Attraction. Playing the devil’s advocate, I do think there’s some risk in believing in it dogmatically. For example, someone who believes in it might not work as hard as they might otherwise. They’ll think that the universe and the forces of the world around them are going to bring to them whatever it is they’re manifesting in their own heads. Someone who does achieve their goals might not give themselves the credit that they deserve for their own hard work and perseverance because they believe or they’ll assume that it was the universe or outside forces at work and not their own individual actions. I’m a bit confused about this Law of Attraction. I’m not necessarily sure how people will trust their own hard work to get to what it is that they want and when they do get what they want, not believing in themselves in having achieved it.

The Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking, to me, they’re the same. I don’t see a differential between them. I know some people who believe that if they believe in X, Y, Z, then it’s going to happen. I have never met anybody in all the years I’ve been on earth who has said to me that they’re not going to put effort into anything because they believe that it’s their given right anyway because they’re manifesting it mentally. I’ve never met anybody that thinks, “I haven’t tried to do that because I think there will be very few people in this life that you will come across who have achieved things that haven’t put a lot of work into it.” I consider myself to be a very lucky person. I’ve never employed a PR person and yet I have had articles in so many national newspapers in many different countries.

I’m lucky because of how’s that happened. Is that the Law of Attraction? I’ve never tried to manifest that. I believe that I have been given that on my ability, but I haven’t manifested that. If you look at my analogy of the Law of Attraction is positive minded, the very famous Dale Carnegie used to say, “Turn a lemon into lemonade.” You’re taking something that’s very negative and you’re turning it into a positive. Law of Attraction is a different word for being positive-minded. There may be some people who believe that, “I’m not allowed to do anything because that’s not in my psyche because I’ve never met anybody like that.” Have you ever come across anybody like that?

Not really. In my own life, what I have achieved was hard work. I’m generally a positive person, but like most people, we have our good days and bad days. I don’t think even in some bad periods of time in your life will necessarily prevent you from being able to keep moving forward. I agree with what you’re saying. Certainly, having a positive outlook on life is much more helpful than believing in some mystical forces that are going to bring you, deliver to you what it is you’re seeking.

Alyssa and I met in a very interesting manner because I put out to the universe, I said at my age, it’s hard to make new friends, but I wanted to make a new friend. I said, “I wish I could meet someone that was open and genuine.” I kept bumping into Alyssa in my neighborhood everywhere. Over a span of a couple of weeks, I kept seeing her. That’s how we met and connected. That is Law of Attraction, but then I made the attempt, if I would have let that go, then that was my intuition that, “We can connect. Maybe she’ll enjoy doing this.” If I ignored that, that would have been ignoring my intuition and all the signals I had that were given to me that I was attracting to manifest to my life.

I’ve got a friend. We always smile about this because she’s always manifesting all these things that she wants. She believes 200% in that. To me, that’s positive thinking and a positive thing because it makes you feel good. If you feel these things are coming, you’ll have a feel-good factor. If you have a feel-good factor, you handle life and people differently and you handle how you conduct yourself. It does have its great positives as well.

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Thank you so much, Susan, for answering. I appreciate it.

Dena is up next. She also has a question related to Law of Attraction and positivity.

If you are going out in the world, you’re steadfast, concrete and the visions you have for success or happiness when they don’t happen that way, especially in what’s happening in our world and so many people are going bankrupt in their businesses and they’re closing their doors because of this pandemic, how do you explain that with the Law of Attraction? I heard you answer that in the sense of it’s the staying positive. It’s the mantra of looking for that silver lining even in terrible tough times.

Hundreds of years ago, there was a guy called Quimby and he had a very bad case of TB, which at one point was not curable as we all know. This is true. For some reason or another, he decided to go horse riding. When he was horse riding, he found that all his pains, aches, fears and his anxieties had completely disappeared. He came to the conclusion that the horse riding was the thing to take away going down this dark path he was with his health. What had happened was his mind has taken focus from one thing to another and it was the focus on the positive, doing something completely different that had helped him do that. I hear what you’re saying with the way the world is now with all the bankruptcies and everything that’s going on. I don’t somehow feel that is the Law of Attraction. I don’t feel particularly the people stand and say, “I want to be bankrupt.” With what’s happening globally with this pandemic, which is horrendous, such a lot of people are suffering in many ways.

There will be people that will tell you, “That’s their karma.” There will be people that will say, “The world had to be shifted, corrected and made to be different than what it was.” They’re just victims of that circumstance. I don’t think that that is the Law of Attraction personally. These are my own beliefs. Many people would believe different things, but I don’t believe people want negative things to happen to them. Having said that, there’s positive minded and there’s negative minded. If you are very negative, then you don’t see any brightness. For example, if you’re not in a good mood and you’re not optimistic, you’re not bright, you go out and you wouldn’t see Alyssa. Like Karen said, she wouldn’t have seen Alyssa because her mood would have been down. The Law of Attraction wouldn’t even been in her psyche. She wouldn’t have been even thinking that. She might’ve put that out. If she was a pessimistic person, that would not be possible.

I still think it goes down to positive mind. I don’t have the scientific technology mentally to know if collective consciousness brings forth bankruptcy to people. It’s not within my psyche. I don’t know the answers to those things, but maybe the great yogis or the Dalai Lama can answer that one. I think it all boils down to being positive-minded because I feel the power of positive thinking is god or goddess, if you like. It’s the power of positive thinking. If you are positive about what you’re doing and you believe in yourself, then that is the Law of Attraction because you are positive. You have belief and you’re not projecting, “I’m going to win the lotto,” but you may be projecting, “I’m going to be successful this month. I’m going to achieve the things I want whether it’s cleaning my house or whatever I’m doing, I’m bringing it into me. I want to do that. I believe I can do that.” Little things, simple things, because I believe you achieve things by little steps, not big steps.

GG2 | Using Intuition
Using Intuition: The law of attraction equals being positive about what you want to do in life or what you want to achieve.


In these times, I think it’s important to hear and remind our family, our friends and maybe strangers we might see to be positive.

You have to be positive with what’s going on. I do believe we are what we think. If somebody keeps saying to you five times in the morning, “You don’t look very well, Alyssa,” and then you walk along. “Look, Alyssa.” By lunchtime, you’re thinking, “Maybe I’m not so good,” because that’s what happens. It’s taken away that positiveness. Law of Attraction and positivity to me are one.

Rachel has a specific question related to her life.

Thanks so much for being with us. I have been working on a project for a while. I have this fear of launching and moving forward. I feel like there’s this energy block inside of me. I’m trying to figure out what’s preventing me from moving forward.

When you say working on a project, you’ve been working on a specific project that you want to launch out there to the public and it’s a new business for you? Where did you live before you lived in Chicago?

I grew up in Central Illinois. I went to college in Ohio and then I came to Chicago immediately after college.

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Was it a very farmy country around that? Was it a lot of greenery and farmland? Between those ages of 5 and 12, was there any upheaval in your family? Did anything happen? Was there any great sense of loss? Were there any problems with work in that area or in the family?

We moved to Missouri for two years for my mother to go to graduate school during that time. Where I lived all my life, we left for two years and then came back.

When your mother did that, was she happy that she’d done that afterwards? Did she feel good?

It ultimately worked out. She went to graduate school for her PhD, but never wrote her dissertation. She still ultimately was able to become a professor.

The reason I’ve gone down that road with you is because I think the block you have, I don’t think it’s a conscious block. It’s a subconscious block. It parallels all those years ago. What you’ve got to tell yourself is, “I am not my past. I am not my history. I am not my mother. What my mother did on the past she went down has got nothing to do with me.” If you believe that your business is the right business for you, then go, because there’s nothing from your past that can hurt you. When you go to sleep, what you need to say to yourself is, “The past is dead. It can’t hurt me. I am here right now. I am Rachel, strong positive. I’m going to go forward and I’m going to embrace my new business.” That’s the subconscious block, I think.

It weaves right into the power of positive thinking. It’s everything that we’ve been saying.

GG2 | Using Intuition
Using Intuition: The inner goddess is a woman’s way of becoming more aware of who she is, the soul and being within.


With Grateful Goddesses, we talk about wine tasting. You take a little sip and decide if you like it. Seeing Susan’s intuition ability and how on she is incredible. I’ve met with her several times. I may not understand right away what’s going on and what’s being said to me, but then down the road, it’s like, “That makes sense.” Thank you for doing that, Susan. That’s such a nice example for Rachel.

Hearkening back to when you were talking about, if there’s a sign or you feel something or you keep thinking about someone, are there other signs? I think that’s so fascinating. Are there other signs to look for in life like, “Pay attention when you see that,” or “Pay attention when you feel that,” or other examples of that?

As I said to Karen in the beginning, there’s nothing new. Everything we do has been before. The inner goddess to me is woman’s way of becoming more aware of who she is, the soul within, the being. If you go back to Sanskrit, all those thousands of years ago, when people looked at the inner self and being worth, that getting in touch with that inner goddess, to me, creating basic awareness will allow you to see in a deeper level of things around you. You see the whole thing of being more aware. For example, if I asked somebody three different questions, I can tell by their answer what they feel about what I’ve asked them. I can interpret from the tone. That’s because I’m very aware. If you have mind, body, and soul in sync and they worked together, then there’s an awareness created and that awareness can speak to you. That’s that voice. What you need to do is you need to be very aware of everything you’re doing. It’s mindful.

I’ve got an article I did and it took me ten hours. Being mindful, all it means is focusing on what is. You may be in a situation where you were in a room and you’re sensing or feeling something. You don’t know what it is you’re feeling, but you’re there in that moment and you’re sensing that. You’re aware that what you’re feeling isn’t quite right or it’s good, whatever it may be. In that moment, you’re mindful of that feeling. That’s you being aware. The more aware you are, the more you see. Being aware is bringing that inner self. It’s working on the inner goddess, that inner voice, the inner person, the soul you have within. It’s bringing back more in sync with the physical mind and body.

Susan, thank you so much for being here, for sharing with us your wisdom, intuition, guidance, positivity and gratitude. We are so grateful to you and I see the light of your goddess coming out and radiating on us here. We appreciate all of that you had to say. If you’d like to follow Susan, you can reach her. How can our audience contact you?

If they put Susan King Intuitive into Google, they’ll find loads of things about me and find things on my website. Also, the article teaches you how to be aware.

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If you’d like to contact Susan, please do because she’s incredible. I intuitively felt that the moment that I met you. My intuition was working that day.

This is one of my favorite things. These are my children’s hands when they were little and it’s a cookie jar and it’s who stole the cookies from the cookie jar. Inside, it says, “Me.” When they were younger, I filled it with cookies and it was a very prominent piece in our kitchen. It’s in my office and I look at it always because it reminds me of a time where I was so happy with my kids. Not that I’m not happy now, of course I am, but they’re teenagers and they are in their own lives and doing their own things. Back then, they would do handprints on things and make messes and have fun. It was a fun, nice time. It makes me feel joy whenever I look at that. Dena, what’s your favorite thing? Can you show us yours?

This is my daughter’s project. She is doing keychains and she is on Instagram with @KeychainsForCOVID. Her profits are going to Feed America’s Response Fund. She made the keychain for me. It’s different than all the other patterns she’s been doing for her friends because she didn’t think that I would appreciate those types of patterns, which were butterflies and other things. Mine has stars on it. I love it because I’m so proud of her for being thoughtful and wanting to do something to give back and stay positive. That is with me, although I’m not driving much. It’s on my keychain and it reminds me of her passion.

This is not a constant favorite thing, but this is my favorite thing because of what it represents. This is a graduation cap. It’s when my son graduated from high school and we hung on to it because he graduates from college. It’s so interesting that we had this amazing conversation about positivity because honestly, my son is the most positive person that I know. He is the ultimate optimist. He has found the silver lining in all of this every day, even though he’s graduating virtually. We will watch him graduate on a computer screen where we thought we’d be in Philadelphia watching him graduate. He is one of my favorite things, but I have this cap to remind me of what a special day this is for him, in our family and for the class of 2020 who is graduating in a very strange and crappy but also very memorable way.

My favorite thing is we have a mug theme going. I’m going to bring one of my favorite mugs. It’s a You Are Beautiful mug. I’m sitting in my office and if you came in, you would see You Are Beautiful pictures and stickers all over. You Are Beautiful was started by an artist in Chicago and there are huge installations on schools, on fences. He’s also done installations around the world. I always carry You Are Beautiful stickers with me. Whenever I have a nice engagement with someone, I hand them a sticker. It could be anyone. I love to give them to police officers, but when I’m flying, I’ll give it to the airline agent. I think it’s such a nice message and I keep always on my phone. I even have it in Hebrew. I think it’s a nice way to engage people and make everyone feel good because along with positivity that we’ve been talking about is we are all beautiful.

I don’t have a specific object that I feel is over special to me. What I do feel incredibly grateful for is my yard because I spend a lot of my time traveling, which I love. I spend a lot of my time seeing people, which I love. I also love to come back because I find being in nature, whether it’s summer or winter, I feel it’s very mentally therapeutic. I like the simplicity of sitting, having my porridge, watching the squirrels run in the trees. I look at the trees and I ask myself, “What stories would they tell?” You get lots of cows and sheep back there as well. That gives me my feel-good factor and that’s something that I find very special.

Thank you so much for joining us.

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GG2 | Using IntuitionSusan King is well-known around the globe as a Master Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Emotional Healer and Meditation Instructor. She is sought by many who are looking for clarity and peace of mind in the midst of chaos and confusion in their lives. Susan travels all over the world to holistically address the growing needs of her clients and conducts most of her work across New York, Los Angeles and London. Susan is known as a very genuine and down to earth person and what many consider “a breath of fresh air”. She is positive, joyful, socially outgoing with a calm energy and warm grounded understanding that attracts even the most “hard to reach” individuals. Susan discovered her intuitive gift at a very young age and since then, her intuition has gone through a complete metamorphosis, positioning her as a leader in Hollistic Wellness. Susan has been featured in various publications around the globe, She has been on various radio shows in. the UK, US, Monaco, Japan andSingapore, featured in the Los Angeles Times,Wall Street Journal,Guarian Telegraph, CNN and others. Susan’s work has been recognized globally earning her multiple celebrity endorsements frompeople such as Oprah Winfrey and celebrity fashion designer Donna Karan.

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    I am loving the inspiration, insight and all around good vibes that make these podcasts so calming, reflective and all around enjoyable. In the current Covid and highly charged political era, we each need to understand what assists in channeling positiveness about ourselves and remaining grateful for our lives. Karen Pulver’s warmth and authenticity draw you into these podcasts and her guests and discussions get you hooked. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to appreciate their life more fully, find their inner spirit of reflection and make this world a better place.

    1. Karen Pulver

      Thank you Gayle! I’m so glad that you are enjoying and learning from our fantastic guests and Featured Goddesses. I hope you continue the journey with us to continue to search inside for your “inner goddess” that you have had all along!

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    Wonderful podcast on positivity and how to benefit from a shift in your mindset! Nice job, Karen! Made me smile and think more positively! : )

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      I’m so glad Karen that you enjoyed the podcast with Dr. Eddie- she is a remarkable woman of strength, courage, bravery and wisdom.

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