Hi, I’m Karen Pulver

I have many roles that define who I am…

I am a teacher/mother/ wife/daughter/sister/psychology major/facilitator/model/actress/ motivator/ lover of fitness, nutrition, yoga, dance, spirituality, fun, meditation and wellness/cancer survivor/founder of Grateful Goddesses 2009.

I moved to Chicago with my husband in 1991 from Toronto Canada. I graduated with a B.ed in Education K-12 and a BA honors degree in Psychology. I’ve raised three children and worked teaching off and on while they were growing up.  They are now young adults and I will be an empty nester soon. I am back at work teaching and I model and act as well. I am a graduate from the Second City of Chicago Improv program. Over the years, I have been involved and served on various civic and health care service boards in addition to being part of the educational team for Surge for water non-profit organization. In 2011, I had a cancer diagnosis where I received treatment and am now cancer free. I am on “watch and wait” so I am monitored closely. While my kids were growing up, I loved playing with them, and having the privilege of staying home. I am aware of this and I am grateful. I have made many connections and friends while living in Chicago whether it be through my children’s school, classes I’ve taken or plain old meeting people over the years. Along this journey I  always thought about one thing…

Featured Goddesses


Community Activist and Builder. Mother of 3 teenage boys. Connector. Lover of music, yoga and racket sports. Grateful Goddess.

“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.”
Virginia Satir


Early Childhood Teacher. Business Owner. Stylist. Mom of 3 Teens. Art Enthusiasts. Grateful Goddess.

“Well sh*t…how y’all doing?”
—Leslie Jordan


Recovering Attorney. Community Volunteer. Mom of 2. Aspiring Risk Taker. Grateful Goddess

“Do one thing every day that scares you”
—Eleanor Roosevelt


I am a passionate mother of two grown children.
I hold a social work degree. I am a student of life. 
I believe that everything is a lesson. I am a full time Grateful Goddess. 

“When you learn how much you are worth, you will stop giving people discounts.”
— Author Unknown


Mother of three, healthy life style enthusiast, home chef, exercise junkie and life long learner.  Certified Personal trainer and health coach. 

“Choice not chance,  determines your destiny.”


Psychotherapist and former criminal defense attorney.

Mother, partner, teacher, learner.

Lifelong reader, lover of pets, and enthusiastic mah jong player.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou


Girl Mom. Serial Volunteer. Sentimentalist. Pop Culture and Wellness Enthusiast. Grateful Goddess.
“You only live once. You don’t want your tombstone to read: ‘Played it safe'”
— Rosario Dawson

This could be you too!

More about me and GG Mission

I have always wanted a group of women with whom I could share my interest in personal growth and development, spirituality, and all that life has to offer. Back in 2009, while having dinner with friends, we started talking about our lives and our purpose. Some of us were working to support our families, some stay at home moms, some had jobs that we gave up, some looking for jobs, some had degrees, some not, some married and had children… so although we were different, we all had the same feeling. We all wanted to be open to trying new things. When we went around the table, we asked each other if there was one thing we could try, what would it be. We started with big things like climbing mountains, jumping out of planes, to smaller things like learning to paint, meditate, trying sushi. That night, I realized that I wanted to form a group where we would meet to learn, explore, and expand so we could tap into our purpose and our connection to who we are and are meant to do. We were all extremely grateful for being alive, shelter, food, family,  that was a given. What we were searching for, was that potential inside our core…our Inner Goddess. I have learned that when your mind,body and spirit are in alignment, that Inner Goddess can be found and acted on, It was my hope that by creating this group of like minded women, we would go on this journey together and explore a bevy of topics including self discovery, personal growth and authenticity. Together we would have fun in a trusting forum to connect to each other and ourselves. We would gather at various venues in the Chicago area and connect, learn and grow. Jump ahead to NOW-  a relaunch of GG!

By meeting on zoom, or in person, we will once again explore these topics together and be able to reach more people in the world. Perhaps you may be here for yourself or you may want to create your own group of GG’s. You can do it! Watch and listen to us as we question, learn, and be open to new concepts to enrich our souls. We will hear from experts in their fields and other women and men (as they are Goddesses too) about their passions and how they discovered them. We will get uncomfortable and perhaps be vulnerable but this will allow for growth. After each episode, it is my wish, that you leave with a new tool for your life tool box and you take that with you on your journey. Unleash that Inner Goddess within you and be a Grateful Goddess!

My mission is to help you tap into your Inner Goddess through soulful conversions with Guest Goddesses who embody the qualities of a Goddess. You can watch the episodes on  Youtube, listen on …. And read the blog here. Join the journey and be a featured Goddess to actively be part of the discussion by contacting me at …….Watch live episodes of GG tv, Sunday nights at 8pm CT on…..or learn how to gather and create your own Goddess groups by clicking on “Goddess Gatherings” here… or (contact me for a course on how to do this for yourself)