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Maureen Riley: Reconnect With Your Higher Energy Self To Transform Pain Into Purpose

GG 56 Maureen Riley | Pain To Purpose


Pain can be a struggle, but it can also lead the way to your passion and purpose. With the help of an energy healer, you can work internally with your emotions and spirit to heal pain in a much more meaningful way than conventional medicine can. Join Karen Pulver and her Goddesses as they chat with Mauren Riley to share powerful insights so you could tap into your Goddess of your higher self. How do you achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit? Maureen shares how to operate with your higher energy self, which is the key to embodying and reconnecting. If you are able to reconnect with yourself successfully, a lot of things will fall into place. Stick to the end to join the Goddesses on a guided meditation session, which starts at around 59:04 minute mark.

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Maureen Riley: Reconnect With Your Higher Energy Self To Transform Pain Into Purpose

Maureen Riley is renowned as a medically certified Energy Intuitive Master Healer and Psychotherapist. Using highly accurate sense perception of the invisible and soul realms, she is uniquely qualified to both rapidly uncover and heal the root causes of our deepest challenges. Her mission to help others have what it takes to live aligned, awake and enjoy led to the founding of Purely Vital, where she offers successful mentoring through higher purpose activation in spiritual and energetic healing. Contact her through Welcome, Maureen Riley, to the show.

Goddesses, welcome to our show. I didn’t have the best sleep and I will tell you why. I was excited but I was also nervous because we are going to talk about something that I’m excited about. I’m feeling that I want to tap into this badly. I want to try hard but I’m going to relax and breathe. We are going to go from where we are. I don’t know if that all makes sense but as we go on, you will understand. When I talk about our show, we are going to bring up the word soul. Goddesses, what is the first word that you think of when I say the word soul? Alyssa?

It’s two words for me. It’s the true essence. I cheated. I gave you two words.

You can say more than one word. Rachel?

The core of who you are.



For me, and maybe this is why I’m nervous, soulmate because I joke around that, my husband often says, “You are my soulmate.” I’m like, “Hmm.” I love him dearly but soulmate? That’s deep. This episode is going to be deep but that’s okay. We can be vulnerable. We can talk about how to tap into our soul and our energy. I’m excited because we have Maureen Riley. She is a spiritual and energetic healer. She attended a Grateful Goddess event years ago. It was a beautiful evening at a yoga studio. I remember she lit candles.

We talked about all the magical things that we can do to tap into our soul and we had a guided meditation. It was calming and centering and helped me feel balanced. Maureen, welcome to the show. We want to ask you questions about our soul, our soul’s purpose, soulmates and all of those things. I’m curious to start and I’m going with my instinct. I know you may not be able to answer this personally for me but why did I have a bad sleep? Why do you think I was anxious and nervous?

Whenever we are stepping into a higher level of our purpose, which is this beautiful offering, this show, we get nervous because it’s outside of our box. We have a comfort zone. We identify ourselves more with that than we do with the higher frequencies of our emerging purpose or the next level of our emerging purpose. There’s a gap between those two. Everything is energy. What that means is that energy is the qualifier, the mover, the force. Thought has no energy in it by itself. It only is energized by whatever the feelings are.

When we are nervous, we have a sense of, “I don’t know. Am I going to do it right? Do I have what it takes? Do I have the power to do this? I desire and I’m following my heart’s desire. Is it going to go well?” While it’s completely normal, it’s also one of the pieces that we are here to heal, which is about our spirit, our higher self.

Whatever experiences we have acquired through various lifetimes, as opposed to this one that says, “I’m not quite good enough or I don’t have all that it takes to do this. Maybe I’m a fraud,” or any level of insecurity is the place where we have just not quite enough connected with our true self and it’s a doorway. It’s a doorway that allows us to open into that, too, at the same time. That’s my take.

I do feel sometimes that I try too hard for myself. I meditate and I practice yoga. I try so hard to achieve that higher self because I have read about it, I know about it and I want to get there. It wasn’t until I meditated when I said, “What will be, will be. Let’s be in this moment.” I did feel a much greater connection. I’m hoping you can talk with us more about that. I know the girls mentioned the words about what defines the word soul for them. I wondered if you had a comment about what they each said.

Those are all aspects of the soul. It’s true self and essence. I distinguish between soul and spirit because we have an emotional body. We have a mental body, a physical body. We have a soul body, which is the collective experience of our soul that is sojourned with us. We have many lives. There are many lives we have been through and we have collected experiences in each of those. We get an opportunity each time we come into a physical body to awaken more to the love that we already are. The wholeness that is our true self.

I call it our pure spirit that’s connected to the source. It’s connected to God, to the intelligence, the order, the harmony, the love of the whole universe of which we are a holograph. All of the power that is present in the universe, the creative capacities we are using to even think or vision on our vision boards that source is seeing through us. Our personalities are supposed to be a vehicle for the particular expression of letting source energy move freely through us. That’s easier said than done because that’s where the healing to the soul, to the body, to the emotions that comes in.

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You work with individuals, you help groups and you do private mentorships. Can you talk a little bit about the methods that you use to give a little taste test to the readers?

Yes, based on what we talked about, the primary problem on the planet and with us off, is that we are both human and divine. We are both human and completely whole. The experience of Eden, which we are all part of, nature, this planet, we have been invested in everything we need. The primary problem is that we are disconnected from God, spirit and source. We don’t believe that every molecule in our body is an expression source yet, this beautiful field of light that I work with and their energy system, the chakra system that it’s connected to, is a photographic record of everything that we have ever experienced.

I have had two near-death experiences. When our higher site is opened, which either happens because you come in with it open or through spiritual deep practice, it pops open a lot of our memory of how to operate to our higher self, which is a completely different way of operating then. Karen, what you talked about, which most of the world is involved in like, “I have to achieve a connection to my higher self. I have to get there. I have to do all kinds of things.” That’s our program-self trying to run our spirit rather than the other way around but it bespeaks the disconnection. It’s not our fault.

Part of why we are here is to do the awakening. To do that, we have to understand we have a link between our higher self, how that operates and our physical material programmed human self. That’s our aura, our spirit body. That’s what I interfaced with to do healing work because healing is the connection again between the spirit self, the spirit world of wholeness, your already whole self and your material human self where you are.

Learning about how to operate with our higher self-energy field is the key to embodying, reclaiming, reconnecting and that the higher self is connected to God. We are not separate. Our primary guilt, our feelings of inadequacy, the sense that we don’t have enough power all stem from, we are not connected to the power that is within us and that we are part of. There’s a sense of struggling to get to something rather than letting go of something completely. That takes some practice.

Meditation and contemplation are great because you are opening to see but you have to bridge into and use your God’s sight, your visioning, to begin to perceive. Our imaginal bodies are like different bands of a cocoon of light. The angels are there, the higher ascended beings and masters who flow grace and healing energy to us like jumper cables when we call for it. I’m always in a state of receiving that and flowing that to my clients. I feel and see that realm. That’s possible for everyone because we are designed that way but we are not all opened that way.

I picked a stone and said, “Okay.” I know I’m doing a show and tell early so maybe I will come back to that. It is about opening the higher visioning to begin to apply it to see every atom in our body is a radiant field. There’s a breath of life inside of it. Two electrons are pulsing our emotional bodies that throw most of us completely off or up and down. That’s the force. That’s the Divine Mother part of the source. The feeling that puts that thought, all consciousness or light into motion.

The Law of Attraction is a law, one law. There are many sacred laws. The Law of Harmony, the Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Cause and Effect. We aren’t taught that these are part of the order of the universe. When we are out of alignment with any of them, we can’t expect to open the personal stream of abundance and manifest from our higher self that is our birthright.

Everything, the pure energy of the love, that’s for you. The unfolding through grace instead of effort. Not that there’s no action but not all the effort to achieve what the deepest heart desires. That’s all there. It’s like an escrow that’s waiting for us. What we have to do is take away all of the programming and that suppressed emotions.

It’s 2,000 years of denying the realm of soul and the feminine are what the rise of the feminine now is about. We have to understand it from that level to succeed. We are to learn to enter the deep silence inside the heart. That’s the original space out of, which everything comes, including universes to abide there and call because we are a part of it.

We claim it and we call for the healing streams of grace that are ever flowing through this universe. That’s the Holy Spirit aspect. We receive from our feeling body, even though we have to train ourselves to open our feeling bodies. To suddenly sense because the feeling is the thing. We have to experience something. We can’t just visualize it.

Law of Attraction often is from the lower body of the emotions. “I want this and I want that.” Your spirit doesn’t care what your emotional body wants. It cares what your deepest needs are. Those are connected to your spirit, which says, “You will have everything you need if you tune in here and start to live from here. Also, all that is in your way is going to come to the surface.” People are like, “Do I have to go through the pain and feeling suppressed emotions?” That does come up. You have to be willing to say, “I have lived inside something incomplete.” Everybody has got trauma in their lives.

From the energy standpoint, when I look at a field, I start to map through. There are seven in-body energy centers but there are other ones. Our multidimensional self is attached to the higher chakras where we can travel out through information and we can see things. There’s no future or past there. For example, you asked me, “What about lymphoma?” I would look and I would begin to see there’s always going to be cancer. I’m not the only healer whose sight is open who sees this. This is well mapped by the major healers who have been studying on the planet.

These are their systems of medicine that are thousands of years old that use the energy system. We don’t. The reason for that being Western medicine tried to validate its theories as a science in the ‘30s. What was popular at that time was chemistry. They used chemistry to try to prove. It’s germ theory. It’s this. In chemistry, you have to have something that activates the chemistry for that to happen. We are made of germs, viruses and bacteria.

GG 56 Maureen Riley | Pain To Purpose
Pain To Purpose: Your spirit doesn’t care what your emotional body wants. It cares what your deepest needs are. Those are connected to your spirit that says you will have all you want if you are open to tuning in.


Energy is the thing that activates and that’s being left out completely. From the energy perspective, it isn’t about the germs and it isn’t about fear, this big fear of death. It’s claiming the eternal, the eternality of the self. The power and the energy, which is often suppressed under these deep fears of inadequacy or resentments that haven’t been felt forgiven and brought to a higher order, a higher truth. Love is all there is as a creative substance. How do we connect back in to utilize that?

In my healings, I would look for cancer. We did this in hospitals with doctors and clairvoyants. That’s where I’ve got my medical energy healing certification. It was the first in the country. It was an experiment. We would look at lymphoma or cancer, particularly lymphoma. The liver is what circulates through the body, the toxins.

We would see, “You have a history of being giving and absorbing other people’s emotions without recognizing it. You are taking on and trying to fill their needs without feeling your own. Encapsulating some loss of connection to your true needs in self and an overabundance of other people’s energies circulating through your system, which you can’t process so they become toxins.”

Trying to spiritualize above your emotions keeps the emotions stuck. I would see cords to a particular person in your life to a relationship and see the whole causal incident that begins to make the electrons in the energy of the body start to move away from the frequency of your true self, your spirit. Once we get out of relation to that frequency, that’s when the disorder begins to occur within the body and maps itself physically. We can use any symptom. Symptoms are a conversation trying to happen from our pure higher self through the soul, which is also a higher feeling body into the body.

I would begin that process and I would look for the age that that happened. If it was in this life or I would look through your records to see if it wasn’t. For you, it was the heart chakra, the second chakra. That’s about betrayals. That’s about what we learn about love. Is there give and take or not, or do I pay for love? Do I have to serve you all the time? Do I ever get my needs met? The feeling of abandonment is an opportunity for us to go, “I feel abandoned because I’m abandoning my true self. I don’t know how to say no to this. No, this is not for me. No, this frequency. This constant, ‘That’s not mine.’ I’m not bad because I don’t want to participate or do what you want. This is bad for me.”

They often say you often hear about stress-causing symptoms. You also touched on and I want to circle back to the lymphoma a little later. I do want to invite Rachel on because we talked numerous times about past lives. Rachel is all in with that. Not everyone is. Some people are skeptics. Rachel, you had some thoughts and questions for our guest.

I love the way you articulated everything that you do. I feel to my core. I have been doing a lot of spiritual studies. Your Soul’s Plan, I studied that book. Everything that you are saying completely resonates with me. I have a couple of questions but I will start with you talking about your higher self and opening up to your higher self. I have been struggling. I have been trying to launch my own thing. It’s something I want to do. I have done a ton of reflection of like, “This is the direction I want to go. I feel that it is my purpose.”

Yet, something is holding me back. I don’t know what it is. I can plan forever and that actual launch. I always tell Karen how proud I am of her for doing this show. She had a vision and she has made it happened. It is real, it is happening and I want to get to that place and there is something that is holding me back.

Yes, there is. The thing is to map that through, first of all, it’s in your protective body or your thermal body. There’s a block there, which means you don’t feel safe. You have had experiences. We would trap this through, what didn’t happen? What were the emotions at the time of the trauma that set up this for you? What beliefs did you generate at that time when you are very young? You don’t have anything on the menu but you are a powerful creator. You have an intense emotion. There’s the thought. There’s the creation of the universe.

Light, consciousness, thought, feeling, flow and emotion. This creates a reality in the body that then generates its own. It confirms itself over and over again because we don’t realize that we are going to draw to us what we believe in. We have suppressed the emotion. It’s trauma. There’s inadequate grieving of it and the need that was never met has still not been met. That’s part of the healing process. That’s what we met for. That’s all entirely possible. This is the nature of most people. Without the means, spiritually, to come in, see and release that, it can’t get added. It’s in your superconscious, your soul level conscious.

Your unconscious is between 1 and 7. You don’t remember that. Your subconscious mind is a deeper layer so it’s very difficult. Some forms of healing will go into the subconscious. No form goes into the superconscious at the soul level if it’s not spiritually based on healing. It doesn’t. That’s why you can spend forever in therapy or coaching. You are not going to get there from there. We live in the Western world and say, “Our logic and our science. No, the mind is not king.”

The Spirit, as it lands in the pure heart, that’s part of the meditative practices. To be specific, I would like to lead us in a simple one because it is who we are. We can call on it but we have to be willing to disband our doubt and feel ourselves more than who we think we are. You have to claim that. At least be willing because you can’t even receive spirit healing without that. If you don’t believe in that, you just set your bar. Does that help?

It does.

There’s something in there that can shift because that’s a doorway for you that’s knocking. Every symptom is a conversation that your soul and your higher self are trying to have with you. You can use that. We have to learn to use these instead of being afraid of them, feeling inadequate or powerless, which we may feel but it’s not true because, in our higher self, that does not exist. I haven’t read out the modality that can help you.

Is that what you do? That’s an example I would go to in this place in my life.

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I’m a bridge between that. I see where it is. I see the invisible realm. I’m connected to the angelic realm. I have had multiple cancers. I have never been through anything except spiritual connection and the healing has been done on that level. Once you reunite yourself with true self-frequency and you are in the wholeness and you are in it, it’s such a powerful degree. Nothing that is outside of wholeness exists. It changes physiology.

That leads to Alyssa because we had discussed in general about when you say sets like, “Where your baseline is of how you feel?” I don’t want to speak for Alysha but I know that when we have had conversations, this is new territory for readers and some of us. Alyssa, what would you like to ask?

It seems to me that the way I have always thought about healing goes back to how you think about yourself, mind, body, spirit. The body is easy, at least in the Western world. When we go to the doctor, we are not feeling well. I have been given medicine and I feel better. I hear what you are saying about it all starts with chemistry. I assume that the medicine is working at the chemical level. That’s body and mind. As you mentioned before, you can have therapy, you could talk through it and treat your mind.

In my experience, when you are stressed, you do yoga or perhaps take a vacation. You can separate and clear your head. You can work on your perspective and your thoughts. That’s healing for me on the mind level. On the spiritual level, I can’t say that I have done any work personally on healing spirit. Maybe I have on a subconscious level but not consciously. A lot of people do that when it comes to healing, it is this trifecta if you will, of working on your mind, body and spirit. It’s not something you agree with, though?

I don’t disagree that you can take medicine and clear your symptoms and that it might help you. I don’t disagree that yoga can de-stress and open up the meridian energy system for you. I don’t disagree that you can go to therapy and get a mental level understanding of some things. I do not agree that you have solved the underlying issue. Therefore, all your talk therapy won’t necessarily transform you. You could improve a little bit but it doesn’t mean you have dissolved the pattern. It’s going to reinstate and I see it over and over again.

I was trained as a psychotherapist. It didn’t heal people enough. I was out for transformation. What’s the true nature of healing? We are not chemically based. You can take a pill. People are on pills like crazy. They are not solving the issues that are underlying it unless it’s a specific theme, which isn’t heroic medicine that’s great or a surgery. That’s not the mass of illnesses. They are chronically based. Medicine has nothing for those. If you don’t get to the level of what’s happening at the emotional, spirit and soul level, that’s not going to go away and it will keep cropping up.

Now they have people on medicine forever for cancers. You’ve got to clear the base of it. Medicine is not going to give you that. They don’t understand that perspective yet, the whole universe operates in the energy perspective. You can’t go to science and say, “We are the king.” You can’t even create a theory without acknowledging the order of something that you are now seeking apart partial understanding of. I say top-down, you go to the spirit level, then everything heals down to the body. Start with the body. It was just not encountered.

You know when you are not feeling well. You know that something is wrong or something is up, whether it’s physically you don’t feel well, you wake up in the morning and you don’t feel well or something is weighing on you more from a mental or emotional state. Assuming that’s not the case and we are feeling good physically and on a mental-emotional level, do we still need to work on healing our spirit?

If everything is going fine for you and you are manifesting all your heart’s desires and you feel you are empowered, you are living your purpose, you are satisfied in your relationships and they are mutually supportive, I don’t think so. You are pretty near enlightened. We can be good, fine and have no further interests. We can say, “I’m good.” For each of us, that’s fine. That’s your free will. We all choose if we don’t have anything pressing on us.

I’m not saying that I’m an enlightened being. I’m just wondering.

There’s an area in everybody that is out of alignment with their higher self-expression. Unless you are in full enlightenment, that’s just true. It may not bother you enough until a certain point in your life. It may take a trigger of trauma for that to surface. Pursue it.

I know Dena wants to ask a question. Dena, before you do, I have to interject here. I was going to ask this later. I received my cancer diagnosis of B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011. I was at an amazing place spiritually, physically, mentally in my life. I had never felt better physically. I was clear on what I wanted in my life. I started this Grateful Goddess group, gatherings in the city, my kids were getting older, I was feeling great love for my family and it hit me. It was an unexplained thing out of the blue. It was like driving and I hit a wall.

I’m not disagreeing with what you are saying but I do feel there was something I hadn’t dealt with. What resonated with me was when you said that I was giving. I was giving to women and my family. What I’m thinking now is perhaps even with the goddess vision that I had back then, that’s different than now. I was worried about making sure each event was going to help all these women but I wasn’t taking it in myself. This time, I’m taking notes. I’m researching. I did that before them but I’m maybe being a little more selfish.

It’s self-full.

GG 56 Maureen Riley | Pain To Purpose
Pain To Purpose: The top therapy you may get will cover the patterns. They will reinstate us emotionally or physically unless we clear the base of it.


I’m taking in and learning. Maybe that was it. I’m trying to figure it out because I was at a good place and it baffles me.

Let’s use an analogy. When you look in the mirror, do you see your true self and spirit?

I don’t know. Do you, guys?

Does anybody look in the mirror and see their spirit or their true self? No, you see your image. Your image is just your physicality. When you turn on a light bulb, do you see the electrical current?


Yet it’s there. Until we develop the capacity to see and feel our own spirit body, we don’t have any idea what’s in there. It’s common. You start throwing out, “I want to go to the higher level of my purpose.” I did that and I’ve got whacked with cancer too, it’s like, “You have declared this.” This is all underground and you are not seeing it and for you to do that with this high frequency and sustain it, you’ve got to take care of this.

I get it because when I stopped the Goddess gatherings, I remember feeling I need to take care of myself, to rest, nourish and to be with me, and it took years. A lot of years, a lot of soulful contemplation, meditation but also being in the moment. I do understand that until it felt right again.

Remember what I was saying to you in the beginning about the root cause of your lymphoma?


The over-giving and the over-focusing on other people. You just now said it. I need to hear you say that. I have a capacity that can be developed by anyone because it’s the order of the universe. We are made this way. I could look at that and find that for you. That’s not even exhaustive. You can develop the capacity and it’s necessary to sense, see or feel your own spirit body and gain information for yourself about what level of intervention you need.

What beliefs are not serving you? What emotions have you stuffed and keep replaying over and over again? It’s the problem in the world that our emotional body is given no education. We are given no tools for self-mastery. Our emotions are like a little tramp dog running all over the place, creating more chaos.

Do you know what’s happening to these electrons and the breath of life inside those cells? They call it to stress but that’s not even explaining what’s happening. If we meditate powerfully on those atoms of light and call spirits assistance to us, we have to also ask for spirit to clear our unbelief and our doubt in this because that skepticism is the biggest block to it.

The results are fairly obvious. I move fast because energy moves fast. It’s not bound by time. If you connect with that, you are in your superhuman self. You are not in your human patterns, by your culture, by your gender, by your family of origin, just by the genetics that you inherited. There’s light inside of the core of every cell, every shopper that is pure and unprogrammed. It holds the frequency of your true self and beginning to tap into that is where the magic starts.

Dena, what would you like to add or ask?

I have two questions. You speak a lot about God and what and/or do you say to those that don’t believe there is a God necessarily. Can they do it and so on? My other question is piggybacking on all of this. I wonder if you are predominantly serving women because we as women just naturally absorb everything around us and everyone’s feelings and take all of our kids’ pain. That’s what we do naturally. I wonder if you see in your work more women being affected than men or is it not necessarily the case?

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First of all, more women come because they are more sensitive to their bodies. They haven’t compartmentalized it to the same degree. Men feel as much but it’s not part of how they are trained. They can compartmentalize it a little bit easier than most women. Secondly, we are all connected through our field. By the way, Nobel Prizes have been won saying it’s the molecules of emotion, covering a char over the light in ourselves that are causing disease. This is science. That is not for me to get into medicine and how we treat it. We are way behind.

God, to me, you have to defrag that word. Religion has not served a lot of people in terms of who and what is infinite God. Most religions unconsciously approach God from the sense of separation, expiation, mea culpa, “I’m bad, I have to atone.” That is not to me. I don’t care if you use the word source, Buddha mind or the creative intelligence that has created all of life.

It doesn’t matter because words are just words. The word God carries a lot of stuff but doesn’t work for a lot of people. You don’t need God. You need spirit and your connection to the oneness of that organizing, creative creator intelligence of all that is, which is also in you, not separate from you. I hope that explains it.

I use the word God because it means good to me. It’s the Godness in me. We don’t need to be good or try to be good. That’s where most of us have been mapped, especially women seek approval. Be good, do it right. We need to let goodness flow through us that’s innate to who we are is our true self. The goodness-Godness as I call it. It’s one letter shy. That’s it. Let goodness flow through us and how do we know? It’s because we feel it. Unless our feeling centers have been blocked over, which many of us have a wall and we live from our inner life.

I see a lot of spiritual people doing spiritual bypassing. I don’t feel that because that’s the wrong thing to feel. “This is what I should be feeling. I’m going to do a mantra, this or that.” It’s not going to last. Mantras are fine if you can feel the resonance of them and let come up the real if you will. Are you resentful? Are you anxious? Are you sad, depressed? Are you bitter? Nobody is unhappy all the time without being in denial.

That’s not real. We can’t think our way out of this. The mind can’t take care of the spirit and the emotions. You can use your higher mind, your consciousness, which is your portion of the source. All the consciousness, our self-awareness is our portion of that to direct it towards the practice of looking at the content as far as you can.

Have your emotions and the symptoms. What’s the mind loop that keeps running here? Where’s the tension in the body? Can I connect those loops and hold them together? That pit in my gut, there’s a tension in there all the time. I’m not breathing there. What if I breathe with that for half an hour? Some knot is going to start loosening. It’s going to bring up some emotion that’s buried in there with it. If you are paying subtle attention, you will even see a flash of memory or hear a thought.

There are times when that’s not true because it’s so deep in your soul that part of you is in a shop bubble somewhere else in time. Maybe more than one part that underwent enough times of not being seen, not being given to the way that you needed to be, enough times told in many ways. It doesn’t have to be abused directly. That’s one. Neglect of these aspects of our being is another.

We stopped seeing and feeling ourselves. When you can develop these processes, which I teach because using the higher self-energy, awareness and chakra system to heal the pain body and turn it into passion is what this whole work is about. The successes are all over the place. No one can say this isn’t true. It’s the higher order. Medicine has to seek a higher order of understanding, not expect spirit to prove itself to medicine, although the proofs are copious. Systems of medicine are operating now and have been for eons. I hope that answers it. Does that answer it?

Yes. Thank you.

Does anyone have any other questions or comments for Maureen? Rachel?

I love how you are constantly trying to validate how it is a form of medicine. In a perfect world, would you see yourself working with Western medicine and this interdisciplinary team?

We tried that. Rosalyn Bruyere is probably the most studied healer on the planet. Valerie Hunt built the copper rooms for her at UCLA. Valerie Hunt was the first researcher because she used NASA instrumentation, which they used to send the astronauts in space. They had to find a way to vibrationally find out how they were doing. That was all done through energy. She had a friend from there build her that same model. She photographed the aura for the first time.

Also, The Sounds hired Rosalyn Bruyere, who was my teacher and noted clairvoyants who could see everything to come and say, “We need to find a completely healthy first chakra. Completely healthy second chakra.” She then mapped the sounds because the instrumentation was so refined, which we don’t have in the general public but it exists. She could photograph and hear the sounds. That level of sound and light, that is the creation language from which everything else comes. You go to that level, you start healing there and it’s top-down. It trickles down. Stuff opens up.

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Pain To Purpose: When you’re stressed, you can have therapy to talk through your struggles to heal your mind.


I was asking about the unison of healing and Western medicine.

It’s hard. There are two different models. There have been all these efforts in integrative medicine. There are a lot of young, fabulous doctors who are all about trying to do that, happy and things like that. They are using the energy system. They are using essential oils. Some healing centers and hospitals are now being set up through dōTERRA because of the therapeutic value. We are in a dark age and it’s coming into the light but we can’t meld two systems. Germ theory, medicine and energy theory. They are not both true. That’s very hard to do.

The largest alternative research clinic is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rosalyn Bruyere and the head of that clinic who was also a doctor but a full clairvoyant, and a student of hers set up the first program for certifying master-level healers. That meant clairvoyantly assessed before you could come into the program. It’s 200 hours of energy healing and then under watch, you run energy into a diseased tissue and change the tissue at the cellular level before you could be in the program. The National Institute of Health has also got research that proves this. These are the best-kept secrets in Western medicine. They are there.

The model doesn’t want to give way to anything that’s established and instituted. There also isn’t as much money. Let’s just face it. The energy is free. You learn that it means you have to pay your healer. You have to survive. That doesn’t mean that medicine will disappear. Herbs are the basis of all chemical medicine. Those were homeopathy. The oils, the plant kingdom, the kingdoms of nature provide because they are part of the energy field. I don’t think the two can meld together.

I have to ask about this before we get into a sampling of guided meditation. We are going through COVID. It is pandemic and how does energy healing work into what people are going through if they contract COVID?

If you talk from the level of energy and you are constantly afraid, and you are collapsing your immune system, those electrons of light are now not spinning. You are putting yourself into a deep state of risk because you are terrified. You are not connected to how to amplify the light within you to utilize herbs to strengthen your whole spirit body. Your physical body is the temple for that, by the way. That’s not just a nice, poetic thing. You do all those things and you begin to clear.

If you get it, let’s remember at least seven million more people have gotten COVID. It has been like the sniffles. We don’t hear about that. It’s important to remember that. Many values are not being served by the current approach. Soul, spirit, our right to survive, to have a healthy economy, etc. There are energetic ways to strengthen the field. From an energy standpoint, a virus is connected to a series of toxins, miasms and other forces that have to be looked at.

It’s a bit of a preventative. If you have the standpoint of a very good mindset, the fear can contribute to draining your energy being at that level.

Yes, it is. It’s frightening. You are stressed out and that’s the beginning. That can be photographed with fine instrumentation of what’s happening at the cellular level.

Maureen, is there anything you would like to add that we didn’t cover?

That was it. Thank you all.

If we could go on forever, I would love to know about past life regression even more because we were talking before you came on. I was joking around, I was telling them that I was told that I was like a queen in a castle and my husband now was the gardener, the landscaper. We were meant to be together and that’s why we are together now. I laughed. We joke around because I’m like, “Go cut the grass.”

I hope he does. We have a record in our eighth chakra, which is right above the head. That is the Kasha, the finest substance. Before we physicalize, we are all energy. This physical body is the densest form of energy. You can now photograph the more refined layers of light that we are looking at and that we connect with all others through to the oneness. This is why fear is such a degrader. Let’s think about that spreading and then think about everybody holding, “I am this divine empowered presence. I am feeling that and I am living into the feeling of that.” That’s a whole different frequency.

Disease can’t. Frequencies are frequencies. My tumor disappeared not because I’m special but because I went to a frequency higher than the tumor, spiritually. It couldn’t dissolve it. It couldn’t exist when I maintain that frequency, not because I called in my connection to all that is in the oneness. I believed it. I felt it. I saw it. You use your imaginal body as a spirit body to get there. No matter what you are working on, you could take any issue in your life and do this. You have to call in. This is the little guided meditation that we are going to do.

Let’s get started.

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Within every chakra, the outer wheel is the programming of our culture, gender, what we have inherited through our genes, the expectations of others, the projections onto us that don’t fit us, all kinds of things are here. In the inner wheel is the pure light of our wholeness and our already wholeness, and our eternal wholeness. That is spirit, which is source connected because that’s where we come from.

First of all, you have to put online your willingness to let go of your own skepticism and enter into this from the standpoint of, “I am willing to believe that I’m far more than who I see myself as or think myself to be.” We are going to enter from that standpoint. I’m going to open sacred space here and this is how we do it and this is the meditation I would ask you to do for anything.

We find this quiet space together and we bring our awareness. I like to put a hand on the womb or belly and a hand on the heart, two feeling centers, and relationship centers. The heart also brings the seed of the soul in. One of the easiest healing techniques involves activating the inner wheel, the pure light inside a particular chakra to wash the outside of the programmed self with the energy that it does not have and raise its frequency.

Energy carries information in it when you raise a frequency, what comes to consciousness is often what has been buried and needs to be released, forgiven or what is needed like quality, trust or self-acceptance. First of all, we affirm our true self and whole spirit. Our personal spirit, which is our personal part of the Creator, our unique flame of the whole of the light.

I want you to feel in your body now and you can take a moment down in your second chakra, which is about feelings, needs and your right to have them met and also your right to feel as wonderful and enjoy your experience. You are holding that chakra, letting the warmth of your hands and the energy of your heart run into it. Run it through your hands into your second chakra there.

Give permission for spirit, great spirit, source, God or whatever name you want to use to manage this entire process now and as you move forward, feel a place from your second chakra, a place of need, want, unfulfilledness, emptiness and send love. Hold that emotion, feeling or maybe a symptom. Maybe it feels blocked here, you are having stomach pains or you can use it for physical symptoms. It’s the start. It’s the portal. Pick one.

Maybe I feel numb. That’s a feeling. Play with that. Ask the spirit to conduct its fight now, affirming what we are going to do called spirit to spirit to healing streams of grace. That’s the technique. Focus on a particular challenge that you are having and feel where the energy of it seems to be in your body. Looking for the primary chakra that’s involved can also be a feeling of being outside of your body. You can feel where the energy is.

If you don’t know the chakras, the first chakra is the tailbone and below. The second chakra is below your navel. The third chakra is under your rib cage, your solar plexus. The fourth chakra is your heart area. The fifth chakra is your throat. The sixth chakra is between your eyebrows, your third eye area. The seventh is on your crown. Breathe with an open awareness. It’s like, “I’m in my curiosity and I embrace all that is. I embrace my humanity as well as my divine self.”

It’s guiding me to enter a place that is calling to me through this symptom. Request the spirit now to help you perceive the outer wheel of that chakra, which is maybe the size of a baseball or a little larger outer wheel as if that outer wheel is a computer screen. Visualize yourself sitting in front of this screen. Your intuition is your spirit’s language, whether you see it, sense it as energy, hear information, words or know what the universe is.

To fully understand what’s going on, request the spirit to help you perceive this outer charka wheel as a computer screen. Visualize yourself sitting in front of the screen while you are into it. Whatever comes to you, particularly if it makes no sense, don’t take the first thing. See, sense, hear and know. Acknowledge. We affirmed our personal spirit. We have acknowledged that all help is being provided by the great spirit, source or God. This now returns his call upon all of the angelic and divine beings who are here present.

We are helping spirits, constructive helping spirits that are in the imaginal realms that are here to help us at all times who are fully embodied in memory. You provide energy so it can be stepped down into our physical bodies and selves. We acknowledge and call upon all these appropriate beings for you that are source connected.

Whatever you may have received and even if you didn’t receive anything, you are practicing opening your intuitive faculties. You are not going to light the inner wheel, which has never been affected by any trauma or anything that has happened in the world. It’s perfectly whole and remains whole eternally because it is your eternal divine spirit and authentic essence self. It cannot be damaged or there would be no Creator.

Perceive the spirit lighting the inside of whatever chakra you are focusing on. Open your intuitive faculties to the best of your subtle sensing ability to sense, feel, hear and see the truth from your spiritual self as you perceive spirit lighting up like a beautiful sun, shimmering white light on the inside of that chakra. Healing streams of eternal grace are flowing through and emanating at all times from this inner well.

It’s now washing over and around the patterned outer rim of the chakra or the center that you have identified that holds the core of the issue that you do not need to know yet. You can allow spirit to take care of this and you use your consciousness to brighten and connect with your personal spiritual energy to flow spirit through this and around the wheel.

GG 56 Maureen Riley | Pain To Purpose
Pain To Purpose: Energy is carried information when you raise your frequency- what comes to consciousness is what was buried and needs to be released or forgiven, or trust or self-acceptance.


It’s bathing the entire bodily area that might be connected to this as well and letting that light that’s bathing the body part begin to flow out to beyond your skin cocoon of light that’s photographable and around you. You can say, “Spirit, send this light energy into that layer of my field,” which is connected to the chakra and surround any traumatized selves that may be located there and trapped. It’s bringing healing streams of grace.

Surrender into the light and the flow. This is your true self permitting the great spirit to manage this entire process now and as you move forward, breathe deeply, affirming in my true self all is, has always been and will ever be well, and is now being made better through the power of grace in this area of myself, which has been disconnected from me. Take a few deep breaths and give your thanks.

You are willing to forgive or let go of what is not yours that is here, as well as be responsible for allowing further healing to take place here to three more of your true selves. Your passion, your power, your grace and your love through your personality into life, which is an act of power, empowerment and true leadership. It will be giving like you are here and only you. Honor that. When you are ready, take a few deep breaths down into your sit bones. Push your feet on the floor if you are seated. Imagine that you are fully supported because you are. Open your eyes.

Thank you for that.

That is a technique called Spirit. Your personal life self-spirit. You are calling into connection with it. You can feel it when you are doing it. It’s subtle at first and it gets better as you practice. Secondly, Spirit to Great Spirit affirms that you are one great spirit and you are turning this over to a spirit who does know how to do this. You are focusing on the issue.

You are calling in spirit, healing streams of grace, the flow of the Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it into those areas that you have identified. You are using your imaging faculty, which is God’s faculty, to vision through you. We don’t give credit where credit is due if it’s not ours. It’s part of us to light the center of that chakra and fill the flood and intensify that light.

Intensify your feelings. Let it surround you. Let it move through the body part and move through the energy field, which you can say, “Spirit, do it.” You don’t have to. We are not in control. We think we are. Our control is to say, “I surrender to the great wisdom and power of all that is to work for and with me,” which it’s always trying to do. We can’t receive it unless we ask and open ourselves and acknowledge it. It’s not there. That’s the meditation. That’s the practice.

That’s beautiful. This was the first time in all the times that I have meditated or done guided meditation where I smelled strawberries.

That’s one of your guides on the higher plains. I smell roses all the time and that’s the Divine Mother. Strawberries, that’s another one of your guides coming in. It’s interesting because it’s all a holograph. We are going to go back to lymphoma, not paying attention to the needs of the self, nurturing the sweetness of yourself and strawberries.

It was vibrant. I thought there was a strawberry pie here in this room. Did you guys feel anything unusual or different?

Don’t worry if you didn’t.

Colors? What colors?

Green and yellow. Yellow and white.

Did you all have an area that you are working with?

I had my lower back.

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It’s the backside of your feelings and eighth chakra. Did you all have an area? Alyssa, did you have an area.

For me, it was neck, shoulders and up here in this area where I carry a lot of stress.

Continue to use that. If anybody will say anything else about what they experienced, it’s fine.

Rachel, did you have a spot?

I have a bad headache but when you started talking about the imagery of the light and our light center, I’m around a lot of sicknesses and I envisioned myself infusing my light and to those around me. What was interesting is I could sense who was able to receive my light and who was blocking my life. I kept penetrating and I kept envisioning all of my different family members and who was receiving what but it was super powerful.

I’m glad. I want you to also stay with your center that you are flowing around. You are not giving it away to others. It’s yours. That’s super important for you.

Is it okay if you had two chakras? My throat was tight and my groin was tight.

They are connected, 1 and 5, 2 and 6.

I felt this circle. I smelled the strawberries and I let that sweetness come in. I relaxed and opened up. I loved that.

That’s your spirit language. Each of us has a different one. It is our spirit self talking to us, not our minds.

It’s beautiful. Thank you. If our readers want to contact you, I know you stated on your website about clicking your heels. It’s, “Click on your ruby slippers to have a twenty-minute complimentary with me.” I resonated with that. I drive everyone crazy about this but I resonate with Dorothy, finding her way home and you had the ruby slippers, “Click on your ruby slippers and have a twenty-minute with me.” Tell our readers about that and how they can contact you.

You contact me through my website, which is This is Purely Vital Spirit Information Healing. You can sign up to get that. If you are serious about entering into doing some work, that is what this is for. It’s a console forready people. They can invest in themselves if they want to and are ready. I always have to check, whether it’s in divine order for me to work with someone because there are people who want to work but they aren’t willing to give up their payoffs and they aren’t willing. You can sign up there if that’s your intention. It will take you to a calendar and I have some free slots.

You can also check Thank you so much for helping us to learn how to transform pain into passion and purpose. We are grateful for this guided meditation.

It was my pleasure and honor. It was great to be with all of you.

Thank you.

Welcome, everyone to Favorite Things with our guest goddess, Maureen Riley. We are going to start with Adult Show and Tell with Rachel. What brings you happiness and joy?

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You mentioned essential oils, Maureen. I call it my primary medicine cabinet and I also mentioned that I have a headache. I have this oil and it’s called PastTense. Whenever I have a headache, I rub it on my forehead and put it behind my neck. It’s got peppermint and it’s a whole blend of different essential oils that helps. It starts tingling and easing the pressure that I feel in my head. I always have it on me. Ask my kids and my husband, I use it and give it as gifts all the time.

That’s great. I hope your headache goes away and I’m sure it will. Thank you, Rachel.

Thank you.

Dena, how about you? Tell us about your favorite things.

Mine is a little superficial. I am all about this puff sleeve trend happening anywhere I can get it. I’ve got this jean jacket. It’s super cute and I’ve got to wear it at the soccer game because it was finally cold. I’ve got this coat as a gift and it made me happy that I was able to put it on, wear it and I felt so good in it. It made me happy.

Clothes and fashion can make us feel good about what we are wearing. You never want to wear something uncomfortable or that you don’t feel joy wearing.

It poured rain. I was completely soaked from head to toe.

You have your puff. It reminds me of the shoulder pads we used to wear back in the day. Alyssa?

I love that, Dena. You have to tell me where you’ve got it. This is something you wear too, but differently. When I traveled to Israel with my family, we met someone who gave us all these Kabbalah strings. For anyone reading that doesn’t know, Kabbalah is a school of thought in Jewish mysticism. It’s also part of many different Middle Eastern cultures, the Evil Eye, warding off bad energy in keeping with our conversation in energy.

What I was given was a simple string, although it came from this Kabbalah center and the strings were supposedly taken to Rachel’s Tomb in Israel and there was a special meditation that was with these strings and imbued this sense of protection. For me, I was not part of that. I received this but at that time, we were all wearing these red strings, you are supposed to knot them seven times and there are certain prayers that you say.

Fast forward, I think about that. The string sometimes breaks, it gets wet and it’s not a practical thing. I keep this with me where I can see it in my bedroom but I also have this red bracelet that is my own way, my own different Kabbalah bracelet that’s a little sturdier and hardier. I love this idea of looking at it and thinking about sending good energy into the world. For me, I break it down to its most basic essence, which is, “Sending good energy out and good things will come to you.”

As for the superstitious nature of warding things off with the Evil Eye, I’m not sure but I believe. I do remember when my children were born, my mom brought a red ribbon. I hide it on each of my kids’ strollers and their cribs. She called it a Red Bendel, which maybe is a Yiddish term, I’m not sure but it is serving the same purpose or tapping into keeping bad spirits and bad energy away from her grandchildren. I love that story. I love my bracelets and I keep this close to me in my bedroom and think about it all the time.

I had the same and it was pinned on the bottom of their crib. It was a little red string. With my family, often my parents or my mom always say, “Poo-poo.”

I was in Turkey and you see Evil Eyes everywhere on jewelry, little stones or house things. It’s everywhere. I was seeing it throughout the Middle East.

That’s an interesting conversation. I would love to hear after we share more on what your thoughts are on that because I like wearing Evil Eye because I like the symbol. It’s a pretty eye but it’s warding off evil energy. My favorite thing that I found and it’s funny because sometimes I lose things and I ask, “Spirit, where is it? Help me find it.” I don’t know which spirit is helping me but I sit down and I’m like, “I want to find this. Where is it? Lead me to it.” I look and it’s under the weirdest spot. My kids think I’m crazy, Maureen. It helps me.

I’m in Canada and I’m quarantining with my family here but before coming, I wanted to find this bracelet and it’s a Lokai bracelet, which supposedly has water from Mount Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. I love it because it’s waterproof and I can put it on and I feel balanced when I wear it. It’s a twofold Show and Tell because one was my talk about how I find things. Even if it’s anything like, “Where’s my wallet? Helped me find it. It’s in the fridge. How did it get into the fridge? I don’t know.” I have had that.

I have put it down on the shelf, I walked away and it’s in the fridge, the bathroom or different places. That’s one. I love this bracelet because I felt grounded and maybe it’s psychological. I feel like it’s grounding me or it has properties of energy. Even though it’s small, it’s helping. Moving on to Maureen. There are lots to talk about but let’s share what your favorite thing is.

I love that you are using Spirit to guide your consciousness to find things because that’s what’s happening and I do that all the time, too. I don’t even bother. It’s not lost. I go, “Show me.” I let my body become a sensitive instrument. I follow wherever I’m going. I have no idea why I am looking over there. I’m like, “There they are.” That’s your spirit. The stones, I also have.

Stones have tremendous healing properties. They are in the Earth and they are the bones. They have a close relationship with us in healing. I love using stones in healing work. I have a Malachite Scarab, which is ancient Egyptian. We are back to the Far East here, which was a symbol of resurrection. It’s the resurrection of what we call the human self into the superhuman and divine self, which many of those ancient cultures have deep technologies for. A lot of the healing hands and the healing schools emanate from ancient Egypt, including the lineage I was trained at.

This is Malachite and it can aid vision in the third eye and the development of it. You can use these whenever you are working on a particular area of your life. There’s always a powerful stone. There’s a Deva or an angel to every stone and it will focus particular energy. It’s a crystal stone of courage and determination that infuses the wearer with a desire to seek the spirit way. It’s to be informed, especially where fear or guilt are concerned so the path clears and you can move forward. It’s also a remedy for relieving stress and tension, a powerful one.

I have this wonderful deck, the Liquid Crystal Oracle. I love it because it’s all the stones but there’s a language of light from the stone and each one. There’s a beautiful prayer. This one says, “Raise your arms to the stars, Golden Angel of the Sun and let me aid you on your journey. Breathe me in and let my flame ignite the power in you. Accept my green vibration, one of earthly love and let me bless you with the courage and strength to face your fears and limitations. Enter into my understanding and you will see your role in the creation and be free to fly forth without the weight of the physical world and its programs holding you back. Be at play in the universe.”

Thank you for sharing your favorite things on the show. Thank you so much for joining us, Maureen.

Thank you. Nice to meet you all.

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