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Linda Babulic: Find Your Inner Wisdom With ZEST!

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom


How do we stay attuned with our inner wisdom to fully realize our vision and connect with the goddess within us? According to Linda Babulic, all you need is ZEST! Linda is a life coach, facilitator, speaker, and author of ZEST Your Life: A Taste of Inner Wisdom. In this episode, she joins Karen Pulver and Goddess Janice to define what zest is and how we can use it to get in touch with our inner goddess. As the creator of the 1:1 Influence Builder, Linda also shares the 5-step system that will help you stay on track and align with your goals and values. Listen in for an eye-opening talk on inner wisdom, happiness, and success as a goddess.

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Linda Babulic: Find Your Inner Wisdom With ZEST!

Zest For Life

Have you ever thought that you wanted to add a little zest into your life? What do I mean by that? I have my little handy zester orange and lemon. When I’m cooking, I like to add the zest of limes, lemons or oranges to add that flavor. That’s how I look at the zest in my life and adding a lot of little inspiration and extra little flavor. We’re going to talk to our guest goddess, Linda Babulic. She’s going to share with us all about her book, ZEST Your Life: A Taste of Inner Wisdom, which is a number one bestseller, as well as her methods of life coaching and her view on adding zest to your life. She’s the creator of the 1:1 Influence Builder. She is a Life Coach and is here to talk with us about how to add zest into your life.

I would like to read the dedication in her book, “As a Facilitator Coach and Speaker, I have had the privilege of seeing women recognize and uncover their inner strength and beauty, thereby transforming their lives. They proved and validated that the material and information that I share in this book work with fast proven results. I’d like to thank them for sharing their journeys with me and providing their stories of challenge, courage and triumph. They have all found zest in their own ways.” ZEST Your Life: A Taste of Inner Wisdom is the confidence and happiness-building recipe that women have been waiting for. The book weaves together. Research studies, anecdotal examples, tips and the author’s own wisdom. It is a thorough account of how to bring more zest into one’s life.

Welcome, Linda and our Featured Goddess, Janice, to the show.

Thank you so much for having me.

We’re all in orange. Why is this color so important to you?

I didn’t realize at the beginning how important orange really is. Apparently, it’s one of the colors that men love. I didn’t know that. When I was trying to find a book cover and my publisher sent me a sample book cover and it wasn’t working. My daughter said, “You have to have an orange on the cover.” That’s how they designed the orange and then I decided I wanted the peel to go up through the S so then they designed the cover the way I wanted it done. Ever since then, my branding, everything has been orange. In fact, I traded my big luxury automobile for a little orange Volkswagen. It is very orange. If you see me driving around, that’s probably me. There aren’t many orange Volkswagens around.

I was looking through my fruit drawers. I’m so happy I found lemon and orange because it’s true. When you zest, you add that flavor. I would like to know what zest means to you.

It’s that little bit of something people go, “I don’t know what she has but she has something special.” To me, I could describe that as zest. Also, ZEST is an acronym. It didn’t start off that way but it turned out that way. The Z is to Zero in and get crystal clear on what you want in your life. What are your dreams? What are your desires? Where did you see yourself in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years? What’s your end goal? What do you want in your life? That includes how you are going to contribute to the world. The E is to get Excited, get Emotional because every single thing we remember, good or bad, has an emotion attached to it. That’s why we remember it. If it has no emotion then we just forget about it.

Do you know those deeply hurtful moments? Emotion. Those moments of joy and ecstatic bliss, emotion is attached to it. Like a kid at Christmas, “I want it so badly.” When you zero in on what you want, want it so badly. The S is for Success. However, you define success is up to you. Success one day is not the same as it was last week. It’s not the same as it will be tomorrow. Success is different for each one of us and we need to define it ourselves. When you zero in, get excited, emotional and define success your way then the T will mean that you’ve Transformed, Transported and changed your life so you’re transforming your life. It’s really important for us to be able to have that. It’s a bit of alchemy when you pull them all together.

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom
ZEST Your Life: A Taste of Inner Wisdom

Janice is our Featured Goddess. You’ve seemed to zero in on your purpose and your passion. How have you done that?

It’s through trial and error in my life. I’ve been through enough stuff that I realized that what I was doing wasn’t working so I had to take that leap of faith and jump into starting my own business, getting into that and realizing that it was my calling when I started it.

I’m glad you’re sharing that because, Linda, I find a lot of times people don’t know what they want. I’ve done this exercise. I think I did it on a GG TV and you talked afterward about it. What I did was I had everyone write down what they don’t want because a lot of times, we know what we don’t want. That’s easy, “I don’t want to be tired. I don’t want to be unhealthy,” all of these don’ts then on the flip side converted to the wants. I’ve had people throw away the don’t want and focus on the wants. Some people say, “That’s not a good exercise because you’re bringing into the universe the don’ts,” but I was like, “Throw it out and then focus on the do’s.” I felt like that was a good way to realize what you do want. A lot of times, when I talk to people, even myself, I don’t always know what I want but I certainly know what I don’t want. How do you feel about that?

The dreams and desires vision workshop that I offer and I offer them to your guests. It’s up on my website now, just press on the freebie. If it’s not there, they can connect with me and I’ll send it to them. I agree with you. I think sometimes we need to be clear on what we don’t want or look back on our life and say, “Those were not the choices I wanted to make.” The vision workshop that I offer is about getting clear on your vision of how you want to feel. If you start doing a vision board and you’re flipping through magazines, you’re going to end up with Oprah’s house on your vision board. She’s not moving and not inviting you in either. You want to get clear on your vision I walked you through emotionally.

What do you want to feel emotionally? Do you want to get up every morning filled with the love of life with an appreciation for the world around you? How do you want to feel about the room you wake up in? If you don’t like the way it makes you feel when you get up then you can change it. How do you want to feel when you go to bed at night? Do you have nice linens? When you take a shower, how does that feel for you? From the emotional feelings, how do you want to feel physically? Do you want to feel strong? Do you want to feel healthy? Do you want to be able to breathe deeply? They all tie together. The physical is what space do you want to be in?

Do you love beauty and nature? Do you want to spend more time there? In the North, what is it that you want mentally? Do you want to be sharp? Do you want to be able to catch what’s going on in the world to be able to see more clearly than we used to? To be able to observe the world and decide where you want to be mentally. What books do we want to read? How do we want to enrich our lives mentally? Do we want to have those wonderful conversations as we have here on the show and many other places where we can be interacting with people? For me, I need that mental stimulation. That’s one of the mental feelings that I want. What do you want spiritually? Do you connect to Christ, the Lord or the goddess?

Do you connect to a deity or to the divine? How do you want to connect to spirit or do you go inside and find the spirit inside of your own spiritual aspect? How do you want that connection to feel? Do you feel it when you’re outside nature? Do you feel it when you’re in a church, in a mosque, taking a walk or meditating? What’s your spiritual connection and how do you want that to happen? Many times, I see when people get disconnected from their spirituality. That’s when they’re very confused. They don’t know what to do with their lives.

ZEST- Z is for ‘zero’ in and get clear on your dreams, E is for get ‘excited’ and emotional about it, S is for ‘success’ once you are on your way, T is for ‘transformed’ and how your life has changed as a result. Share on X

It’s hard to say to somebody, “Have you tried praying because it works or meditating?” The center is that catalyst energy that just brings them all together. How do you tie in what you want emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually? I teach this on a wheel. I went on my first vision quest in 2003 and I had loved teaching with the wheel and walking around those four elements. It applies to many things.

Everyone wants to feel good and we all want to feel healthy, in tune and connected. There are some Debbie Downers that I’ve come across that it’s just no matter what you say or how you try and open that door for them or lead them to the door with the key, they don’t want to go there but yet they do, they don’t or there are excuses. How would you work with someone like that?

They can’t do it yet because as soon as they try to move ahead, all of the past comes flooding in on them, all of the image-makers, all of those negative things that they have experienced. When I work with clients like that and I have, we’re healing the pieces a little bit at a time. I worked with one client who said, “I’m never going to do a Facebook Live.” She was in real estate. Within a week, she was doing her Facebook Live showing off the homes and she has even done a signature photograph that she does when we do networking together where she only takes half of her face. It’s funny. She’s developed her own style with it. There are clients that we need to take them back and take a look at healing, that little girl inside of us, “What does she need?”

To nurture her, “What do I need to do to that little girl?” Sometimes, I think that’s why I like to garden because I like to dig my fingers in the Earth because that’s what I did as a child it reconnects me to Mother Earth. That’s one of the big connectors for people to be able to heal and move forward. They didn’t get to where they are in one giant leap. We need to be turning from around so they could see a bigger vision themselves so that they can relate that what the Linda you see now is not the Linda that was here years ago.

I’ve been through my share of pain, trauma, drama and all of those things that we all go through. I lost my mother when I was only seventeen. My father was drinking. I had a younger brother and sister to take care of. All of those things have an impact. It takes you a while to be able to heal them. It’s like you’re reconstructing yourself and looking at your beliefs, “Do I really believe this? Is this serving me?” We dismantled the beliefs that no longer serve us because our beliefs drive our actions and our behaviors.

You’re saying some people are ready to just jump right in and some people need that healing before getting there but at least they’ve taken that first step to reach out to you.

That’s why I went on a vision quest. I was healing and doing really well but I felt there was something more. I wanted that deeper connection and at the time, I thought it was that deeper connection to the divine. What I found out was the divine is me. The goddess is me and it’s inside of me. It’s just another piece of me. Sometimes I talk to the goddess-like she’s separate but I know I am the goddess.

We talk about the good witch often on the show. It’s true. You’ve had that power all along. You just have to realize it. Janice, do you have any questions about this that what we’re talking about?

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom
Inner Wisdom: You want to get clear on your vision emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


I totally resonate with what Linda is saying. I do a lot of that stuff with my clients too. For your question about people being ready sometimes they’re just not ready in this lifetime to do this work. Those are the people that we don’t end up seeing in our practices. I think when they’re ready and they start to reach out, certainly, the path Linda is taking with them is going to be successful. The inner child work is key, all of that. It’s all about that soul and reconnecting with the soul. I’m sure Linda, you must see a lot of stuff. We see a lot of trauma in our work. Where do you find the best way to go and discover the trauma? Sometimes we can’t see it at face value. How do you delve in to find out what area to focus on when you start working with someone?

Certainly, I trust my intuition. I listen and I ask the questions. One of the things I found so many of my clients have in commons is a tale. They’re not sleeping well. I was like, “What do you think when you wake up in the night? How do you handle the fact that you’re not sleeping? What do you need to do? What rituals do you need to do to have a good night’s sleep? Don’t be watching TV, don’t be getting into arguments. How do you start to wind down?” You really can’t work with a client that’s tired and that is not getting enough sleep.

A good number of my clients when we start working together, the counseling because it’s all those things are still needling in there. Once we start to get rid of those and we start by just loving ourselves. I used to do my best wisdom circle at my hairdressing salon. There are mirrors everywhere. I had an exercise where the woman would stand in front of the mirror and they would say, “I am a powerful woman.” That was difficult.

In fact, there was one woman who couldn’t even do it. I had them work in pairs. The other person said to her, “You are a powerful woman.” She couldn’t receive it but she could give it to the other person. She said, “You’re a powerful woman,” then it started going back and forth like, “No, you’re a powerful woman.” They can actually express that and see themselves differently. Even the names we call ourselves. I have clients who own insurance companies and I’m a franchise owner. It’s like, “I think you’re the CEO.” When we put the org chart on the wall with her name and seal under it, herself to see mostly but also for her staff, everything changed.

My girlfriend for my birthday gave to me that says, “Karen Pulver, Grateful Goddess Founder.” I found Grateful Goddesses but until she gave this to me, it’s like, “Own it.” Words have so much power. I’d like to delve into your background. You have a story about what happened to you physically and how you got shook up. I’d like to know more about that where you took your dog for a walk then you came home. Can you share that story with us? What happened? How did you snap out of that?

It was a slow snap. I was sick for over three years. I was being a superwoman. I was working long hours in a very difficult position. I was working on Parliament Hill. My kids were teenagers. My husband was an executive. I was going to get all organized on this beautiful November Sunday. My daughter and I were making dinner and making meals ahead. The boys were out. I said, “I’m just going to take the dog for a run and I’ll be right back.” By the time I got back, my head didn’t feel quite right. When I sat down to eat, my words were coming out all jumbled. I said like, “Let the doctor in,” instead of saying, “Let the dog in.”

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Were you having a stroke?

There were no signs of it but when I went to the hospital I was certainly exhibiting all the signs of having a stroke, which my husband recognized right away, “I’m taking you to the hospital.” My response was not very polite. I basically said, “No way,” then my headache started. I had a major migraine. My head was sore down to my shoulders. I said to my daughter, “Don’t lie down. I take some medication. Come and see me in fifteen minutes because I might have to go to the hospital.”

That’s exactly what happened. I was in the hospital for a week and they didn’t find abnormal brainwaves on the left side of my brain, which I still have. I had it checked not long ago. It hasn’t seemed to have affected anything but I was extremely tired. I went back to work because we didn’t have sick leave then. I was off for a week at the hospital and then went back to work. I was off for two weeks. They put me on medication and I gained weight. I was ravenous. There wasn’t enough food for me then I got a new job and I was traveling the country.

They put you on an antidepressant because they feel that this was stress-related and anxiety-related.

They felt that that particular antidepressant was supposed to give me more energy, which isn’t good. When I was on the road, people would cover for me because I’d be having a nap or when I was at work during question period, I was having a nap. I traveled the country. After three years, I went to bed early. I didn’t work weekends anymore. I just worked during the week because I’d always worked six days a week. I slowly started to regain my strength to the point that I could go skiing again. I went skiing with a friend at Mont Tremblant. At the top of the hill, they had beautiful Muskoka chairs and I fell asleep. I swear something happened to me that day because he had a hard time waking me up and something felt different.

When I got on my chair and we went down the hill, I was so strong and powerful. I felt like I had wings. I went flying down the hill. A week after, I went skiing with my family. My husband said, “I’m doing the black diamonds with you guys.” My son was a ski instructor so was his friend. I said, “You go. I’ll follow you and you just watch me from behind. You tell me what a great job I did.” My husband said, “Watch your mother. I think she’s losing it.” I skied like there was no tomorrow. It was fantastic. From that day on, I felt like I was a new person. I’d had that epiphany. It was related to my neck. If I tried to lift a desk, that would hurt my neck and that could set it all off again. I don’t lift big, heavy things anymore.

Janice, you’re very spiritual. We all are spiritual but Janice can see another realm. I’d love your input on what do you think happened. It’s not to diagnose on the spot but I to just ask your opinion.

The guides were probably there with her and she probably got what I would classify as a huge download. It’s what you called enlightened. Some of the downloads can be quite impactful. It sounds like it was equivalent to like an attunement of type of sorts. With attunement, they increase your capacity to hold the light and energy. It sounds to me like they gave her an attunement at the top of that mountain and they filled her with light.

Is that what it felt like?

Absolutely. I hadn’t thought of that as an attune. You are so right on the money. That was probably the first time I remember feeling that but I did feel like I was filled with the light and then things changed. I was looking at my life and saying, “I’m not working seven days a week anymore. I’m going to enjoy my life. I’m going to go sailing.” I used to sail but I would lie in the V birth while everybody else was sailing and laughing and saying, “I wish mom was here. She’d love this.”

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom
Inner Wisdom: We dismantled the beliefs that no longer serve us because our beliefs drive our actions and our behaviors.


I didn’t want to get up and then go, “I can’t do this,” and go lie down again. After that, everything changed. I had another attunement. I’d never thought of this. I’m grateful to this you for mentioning it. When I wrote my book because I got up in the middle of the night and started writing, go back into bed, my husband said, “What happened?” I said, “I don’t know either. I wrote a bunch of jibberish or there’s something worth keeping,” and that’s the start of my book.

That’s channeling. It’s automatic writing. You’re basically being told what to write. It’s a beautiful process when you have that channeling happening.

I took dictation and now I know that while I was doing that, I was in coding all of those shamanic teachings that started in 2003. The book is in COVID with shamanic teachings but you must have the eyes to see in the heart to understand. Otherwise, it just looks like another book. I know people that have read my book six times. Every September, she puts on her fall leggings, drinks her spiced coffee and reads my book again since she’s gotten it.

For our readers that don’t understand what shamanic teaching is, can you give a little one-on-one?

The school of shamanic teachings that I went to was a twisted here tradition. It’s about combining Aboriginal teachings and Earth teachings. There was some Buddhism and Judaism Catholicism. If you could recognize the pieces andit is about finding your authentic self. I’m not a Shaman but I did have special teachers that would teach me some of the rituals some of the sacred laws, all of those things are the kinds of the learnings that I didn’t know ancient women’s traditions. I’m very well steeped in that. That’s something that permeates everything that I do. When I work with men or women, those teachings come through, even though I may not use that language. If that’s not the language that appeals to them, I will use whatever language you need to get you where you want to go.

This passion for helping people, where did that come from?

That was another vision quest. It was a sacred dance that we did. I’m glad you’re asking such great questions. It’s really deep that people don’t usually get to know me this well.

I want to know about your systems and process in a Canadian way. I’ve been in America for many years. These are getting to know you and when they listen to you, get to know themselves too.

I was on a vision quest. We were doing a sacred dance that we did that lasted all day long and you haven’t eaten anything. You might have a little sip of water. You’re outside and you just keep bouncing back and forth to this tree then the vision came apart from another attunement. It showed me three letters. It showed me a triangle with love, service and beauty, to be of service in love and beauty. Those are my initials, LSB, Linda Simon Babulic. I thought, “Why am I seeing my initials? That’s odd.” They filled in the blanks in a new way. That’s when I knew I had to be of service and love and beauty.

The passion comes in with that because the triangle is symbolic of the sacred geometry of fire. That brings that other piece in that you saw in a triangle shape.

That brings in my medicine name. It is Earth fire singing.

We’re going to talk about the process. What is the 1:1 Influence Building five-step system? Are you able to explain in a nutshell?

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Certainly. You’ll see that it’s very aligned with everything that I do is aligned together. The first thing we do is do an assessment and a review of where are you now and where do you want to be? If you’re starting a new job, just been promoted and working in an environment where there’s a lot of men. They’re starting to introduce women to the workforce. Where do you want to be? You want to walk into a meeting and feel strong and powerful but you can’t be that pushy broad. How do you use your language? How do you use your body language? How do you introduce yourself? I had one client who started a new job and when they went to introduce her, they said, “Introduce yourself.” She walked out and her boss said, “You have a powerful introduction.”

She just chuckled and said, “I took Linda’s program, Powerful, Juicy, First Impression.” If you’re introducing yourself in that powerful way, you go from, “I sell insurance,” to, “I’m the person that you call when your basement is flooded in the policy that you want somewhere else doesn’t cover it.” The big thing is where are you now? How do you want to show up? The next one is knowing your values and all of my clients are in my book at the end of the book.

I printed them on perforated business cards so that you can sort them out more easily. I do this at my retreats. I use these constantly. You will get to know what are your top five values. You can align because values guide us and our values change. Our values years ago didn’t think anything of drinking and driving. Now, there’s no drinking and driving virtually. There shouldn’t be.

We’ve changed our values around that. I want them to know their bottom values. One of my clients that I keep falling into those bottom values is so valuable. She found knowing her bottom values. She had a boyfriend that was full of adventure. That wasn’t one of her values but she always found herself on this constant roller coaster of doing stuff that was risky that she wasn’t interested in. That’s the second. We need to know what your values are and I will change my language according to your values. If I know that you’re nurturing, your values are all about nurturing then I’m going to show you how to be more nurturing but keep yourself safe. Don’t be used. That’s one of the things with nurturing souls. They can be used and abused, “I’ll just stop here. Could you pick up that for me?” They then get bitter and angry.

If you’re an action person, I’m going to give you some of those actions to do so that you can feel fulfilled but I’m going to make sure you don’t burn out. I’ve got those categories of values that I can work with you so that your light shines and your dark arrows don’t attack you. The other one is step number three. It’s to define your unique purpose with absolute clarity, rediscover so that you can leverage your abilities, strengths and talents and get to know themselves. To hold that mirror up so they can see their own magnificence is very often. We don’t see our own magnificent work. I can see yours and I could see yours but I may not be able to see my own.

We need to reinforce that in ourselves, just like we do in children but not to the detriment of feeding the ego. The fourth one is learning effective conversation techniques to remove confusion so that productivity can soar because confusion causes chaos. I have a whole program called Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques. I have a lovely talk that I love to give called Juicy Effective Conversation techniques between women and men because we conversed differently.

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom
Inner Wisdom: The goddess is me, and it’s inside of me. It’s just another piece of me.


Karen, words are important. If I say, “She’s ambitious. He’s ambitious,” they could be interpreted differently. We need to talk about that. Our body language is even different when we’re speaking. Women like to talk face to face. Men like to talk shoulder to shoulder. That’s the way they’ve taught when they’re fishing, golfing, they’re standing side by side. We like to face.

The fifth thing is time management. I call it ROIT, Return On Invested Time. That’s all about your energy. Where do you want to spend your time? Is it worth it if you have a daytime or where you rewrite your to-do list on every page or is there a better way to use your time? Every single thing you do, you need to do with intent and decide, “Is this the very best thing that I can be doing with my energy?” I voted yes. Being here now with you, it’s the best thing I could be doing. Those are the five steps to my 1:1 Influence Builder Program.

You also talk about the three-prong approach to decision-making.

It’s about deciding what is important to you. That’s the key thing.

That’s like, “How are you feeling with the decisions you make?” They have a difficult time making a decision and I decide like that. My intuition says, “Order this salad.” That’s what I feel like, “Order and go talk to this person. Go do it.” They’re always in awe of me just leaping. They’re like, “You need to weigh the pros and cons. You need to sit and marinate with it.” I’m curious to know what the three-prong approach to decision-making is.

You do want to take a look and see what are the consequences of this decision. Is anybody going to be hurt by this? Is it going to cause to anyone? Those are the important pieces. I remember I did a lot of work with the auto parts suppliers to Honda. These guys worked on the assembly line and I taught of my fundamentals and leadership program. I said like, “What’s going on here? Why all the stress of this? You’re not surgeons. You’re putting tires together. Nobody is going to die.” They said, “No but if we’re late getting our product across the road to Honda, it’s $20,000 a minute.” I said, “Now I understand your urgency.” It was a big number that they’d be penalized by it. It’s important for us to be making those decisions and knowing that whatever decision we make, there’s always a choice and there’s always another choice besides it.

Janice, do you make decisions like me? Do you weigh the pros and cons?

I’m probably more like you and I trust my intuition so I started to tune into that. The guidelines I always use is, “Am I making this decision out of love for self and others? Am I making it out of fear of a consequence?” If it’s out of fear of a consequence, it might not be right thing. It might not be the one that’s going to be the best for me. If I’m making it out of love for myself and compassion for others, that’s looking still looking at other people’s place in all of that. Even in your example, when you’re talking about that urgency of losing $20,000, that’s still compassion for others.

That’s still the consequence of it. You’re still looking at that compassion for the person that has to pay that $20,000. If you’re still looking at compassion for yourself and others and making a decision out of what you would love, I find that’s a great guiding principle when you’re going along. If you’re making it because I don’t want this to happen. I’m going to do this, it can steer you into a direction you might not be as happy with.

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Linda, I love your systems and how you get to the core of people’s feelings and emotions because a lot of times, there’s coaching that I’ve read about or met with different coaches. Not every coach is amazing but I mean the whole idea of coaching is amazing because it’s so positive and encourages people to live their best lives but they don’t always get to the core. It’s like a Band-Aid and I feel like getting to the core, the juice.

Sometimes you do have to peel that off to get that juice out of your life.

I wanted to bring up the goddess. Tell us. You write in your book page 181 about your quest to make a connection to your higher self led you to study the goddess and rediscover the feminine wisdom and power found in ancient myths and teachings. You realize that the stories connected with the characteristics of these archetypes could help you to recognize the gifts, strengths and qualities that you hold. Can you tell us more?

I’m wearing my goddess earrings and I’ve been following the goddess traditions for years. I’ve got Bridget, that I usually pull her out in February 2021. One of the big things that got me into the goddess is when I was living in Thunder Bay. I belong to the university women’s club. We had a very enlightened president who had heard that Jean Shinoda Bolen was going to be speaking in Toronto. She brought her up. She’s a California Union Psychologist. She came and did a talk to a room full of women. I brought a few friends with me. Everybody’s life changed. You could see how well worn it is and it’s signed by her. She wrote Goddesses in Everywoman then, later on, she wrote Gods in Everyman.

That got me interested in using the goddess as an example for ourselves and some of them have a false reputation like Athena. People think that Athena is the Goddess of War and she is not. Athena is the Goddess of Strategy. That’s why she’s up on my shelf. She came from Greece. She’s porcelain. The one on the other corner is from Cozumel. I could relate to those goddesses and see the characteristics in me as Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen was speaking about them. Sometimes, I talk about this in my book. Hestia is the Goddess of the Heart. You’ll find yourself headfirst in the closet, cleaning something out.

This happened to me. I must have something on my mind because I am cleaning everything in sight. When I’m done cleaning then I get the answer. It disconnects you from here and puts you into automatic receiving mode. She has her own qualities. Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. In fact, she wrote a separate book called Artemis, which I read when I was on vacation.

It’s very powerful. When you take a look at Artemis, she personifies the independent achievement-oriented female spirit. Hera is the Goddess of Marriage. She stands for the woman who considers her role as student professional or motherly secondary to her central role of finding a husband and being married.

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom
Inner Wisdom: You do want to take a look and see, what are the consequences of this decision? Is anybody going to be hurt by this? Those are the important pieces.


We all know those. We certainly know men. My father was one of them. My father after my mother died could not be uncoupled. My father was one of those that needed a woman in his life. There’s Demeter, the Goddess of the Grain and the maternal archetype. She represents a woman’s drive to provide physical and spiritual sustenance for her children. We have Persephone, the Goddess of the Dark because she spent six months in Haiti and we all go through those periods. When you find yourself in the dark, remember you’re not going to be there forever or you’re going to be able to come out, think a lot of light. Persephone is that place of darkness.

I have a very good friend who is from Sydney, Australia. She came to Canada to live for a year when our children were 4 or 5 years old. They were in nursery school together. That’s how I met her. Twenty years later, I went to Australia, we’re walking down the beach and she’s since then become a psychologist we were talking about Persephone, which we would’ve never talked about when we knew each other before.

She said that’s the thing about Australia because they have no winter. She said, “It’s always summer mode, volleyball and go to the beach all the time.” It was easy now for her to understand going into the Persephone, the darkness, the snow, where you just hunker down. She said, “I missed that piece of living in Canada,” but it gave her so much understanding that you need to step back. You need to hibernate sometimes to be able to take something bigger. Gestation, that’s when you’re going to be able to give birth and that’s what Persephone does. The last one is poor Aphrodite. She gets such a bad rap like a Scorpio.

Are you a Scorpio?

Yeah. We got a bad rap and. We’re not at all because the animal told them that goal with the Scorpio is the steak. We just shed our skin often. We’re good with the crowd and we’re also good at being alone. I love the goddesses. At the back of the book, she does have a list of movies you can watch. I have watched the personalities of the Sisters when you’re watching three sisters and what goddesses you can relate their characteristics to.

I love that your relation to the goddesses. Honestly, when I came up with the name for this group that I’ve been facilitating all these years, it was when I was in the shower. I was feeling so grateful for the warm water, my loofa and feeling blessed. I said to myself, “I’m grateful. I feel like a goddess.” That was it. I wasn’t reading those books. I’m still learning. What you read to me, I didn’t know half of that. I know some of the goddesses but you would think a lot of people say, “You know all about the goddesses.” I’m like, “I just know the general theme and the feeling that I have.” Thank you for sharing that. Janice, you were going to say something?

Our values guide us. Share on X

Which pantheons do you use in your work then? I noticed you were talking mostly about the Celtic pantheons but there are also the Greek pantheons and Roman pantheons. When you say the word pantheons, it’s the body of knowledge that you’re using to frame those goddesses. The Celtic goddesses are the ones that you mentioned and then there’s the Aphrodites.

There are different levels.

Does it have different belief systems?

Through the ages and each of them has similar goddesses but they have subtle differences. Sometimes I would think that you would probably pull on different pantheon goddesses depending on the person you’re working with.

They are listed in my books. I talk about the Celtic of being Bridgette. I talk about the Chinese with Guanyin, the Christian, Mary, the divine mother of Jesus Christ and his grandmother, Mary. The Hawaiian Paley, she’s very significant. I have a beautiful print someone sent me as she flew over the volcano in Hawaii. She saw the goddess holding a ball of fire over her head. She gave me a copy. That top shelf is sacred. It’s like my alter over there. It has this wonderful print of the goddess Paley in the middle of the volcano and it’s all lit up. I was in Cozumel and I have the goddess-picked shell from Cozumel. I combined them all. I’ve read a lot of books about them, wherever I can get them, whatever serves the client.

Olivia Frisbee helped me and asked me when I say grateful goddesses and she said, “What do you want to show people?” I said, “I want to show that everyone has these qualities inside of them, just to honor yourself. It started out with women. Now, it’s everyone,” by holding your face. I often do this now. I either raise my arms up high when I go to a certain place that I want to bring in the energy or I bring it in closer to cut my face because I want to bring it closer into my heart, brain and soul. I love your reference to the goddesses. I wanted to finally ask you if our readers want to get in touch with you, how can they do that?

They can send an email to direct me, [email protected]. That’s the fastest and easiest way to get me. My website is and you can send me a note.

I recommend your book. It’s a beautiful book. All of your teachings are just incredible. I believe in serendipity. I have these notifications that come up on my phone. During this interview, what came up was what I want to end the show with, it says, “I know that being tossed by the waves and worn down by the sand makes the most polished stone.” I love that. I chose one of my gemstones. It happens to be this red Jasper. Before an episode, it’s become my ritual. I dive into my gem little crystal box and I pick whatever. I feel like I don’t know what they mean. Not all of them, anyway. This is the one I picked probably because of the color but also I was feeling it. What does it mean Linda and Janice? Do you know?

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom
Inner Wisdom: Whatever decision we make, there’s always a choice. There’s always another choice besides it.


Red Jasper is all about the root chakra. There’s passion in the root chakra because it’s orangy. The red Jasper is a little bit on the orange side of red. That’s between grounding for the root chakra and the passion of the sacred. It’s a lot about what Linda does because it’s really grounding in that passion for life and bringing that zest. With Linda, she brings in her special sauce. I always joke about all of us bringing in our special sauce when we have our very specific blend of what we bring to our clients.

Thank you, Linda, for joining us on the show and sharing all your wisdom and knowledge. I hope that everyone adds some zest to their day.

Thank you. Share the zest.

Welcome to Favorite Things with our guest, Linda Babulic. I’m excited to do this adult show and tell with these women. First of all, we are all wearing orange. That is one of my favorite colors. In fact, in every episode, I light my Himalayan salt lamp because it feels good and I love the color. It’s like a coral orange. I also love the color because it’s my logo. I picked up a stone, Jasper, that is in that color family. What I brought totally relates to our episode because I brought an orange and a lemon but I brought my kitchen utensil that microblade zester. I know a lot of you have the box zesters but this is amazing because when you zest an orange or a lemon, it holds all the zest of the orange inside and then you just tap it. Switch twisted over and tapped all the pieces out. It’s a handy kitchen tool. I love it. That’s one of my favorite things. Janice, how about you?

I brought my Oracle cards. These are beautiful ones from Denise Linn. They’re just so positive and the artwork is beautiful. I use them.

Linda, what did you bring?

I rearranged my office so that my desk now looks towards the door and I changed the artwork. I have two things that I look at. This was a beautiful birthday card that someone sent me. It’s a beautiful goddess that has long, dark hair. She’s holding a drum and butterflies are all around her. It teaches me and reminds me every morning, I call in the four directions. I look at her and I call up the goddess in me to step into her power and truth so that I can bleed and set the intent for having a very powerful day.

Is it a prayer that you say?

I just look at the image because when I call him the directions, she’s in the Southeast and she’s not in one of the Cardinal directions. I say, “Let me be the goddess today. Let me lead in my power. Let me stand in my power. Let me be of service in love and beauty.”

I’m going to put that on my mirror next to my Ho’oponopono that Janice told me about and look in there. In the mirror, I have a little sticky pad that says, “I’m grateful for my body for keeping me alive.” I found that somewhere and I love it because I’m so grateful for my body, for what it’s doing but in Ho’oponopono because of Janice, which if you don’t know is I love, can you say what it is?

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom
Inner Wisdom: When you find yourself in the dark, remember you’re not going to be there forever.


“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

I’d say that and now I’m going to say the goddess prayer, intention. Janice, what card did you pick for us?

Two of them came out. One is embracing the future as we walk through the door, which is very appropriate for our discussion in terms of planning what you want to bring into your life.

I was saying that I give the key to the door and Linda, you open the door and help people through it. I’ve brought people to you. Here’s the key. Go contact Linda. She will take you through. What’s the second card?

It was manifesting your dream. Beautiful, lots of oranges in this one and very much about the fall. Lots of that cornucopia of fruits and vegetables there, which is all about zest. It’s about Linda’s topic. The bottom says, “My dreams are coming true.”

Readers, we wish that all your dreams and wishes come true and that you find zest for life. Thank you, Linda, for joining us on the show.

Thank you for having me. It’s been an absolute delight.

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About Linda Babulic

GG 60 | Inner Wisdom

Linda Babulic was living a simple happy life as a married woman of 19 years with a son and a daughter staying out of trouble. But something shifted when things took a sudden turn for the worst. She experienced a stroke where half her body became paralyzed and spent seven days in intensive care. This disruption took away the zest that she had.

After an eye-opening skiing trip with a friend 860 days after her stroke, she finally saw the light again. She re-found her passion and thirst to live to the fullest with a desire to manifest her dreams and those of others. This became her mantra, her purpose, and her book.

She authored ZEST Your Life: A Taste of Inner Wisdom. Now, Linda uses her voice to help clients from a variety of industries find their path to a business and life that they love. She helps business professionals find the zest in life again and be attuned to the goddess within.