GG 30 | Manifesting With Stones

Lori Ross – How The Stones Help You Manifest Positivity Into Your Life

GG 30 | Manifesting With Stones


Stones may look beautiful and benign, but behind that façade is a hidden power that allows us to manifest positivity into our life. Manifesting with stones means working with nature’s high-frequency vibrators – living objects that emit and absorb energy. Have you ever seen yourself or someone close to you become drawn or even obsessed with stones? They may not know it yet, but that’s because they resonate with the energy in those stones. Curious to learn more about how this underappreciated piece of science works? Join in as Karen Pulver and her featured Goddesses discuss this with Lori Ross, the owner of 7 Stones Gold Canyon. In this conversation, you will see how she is able to translate energy and use the rocks to help her through their vibrations. Do you have a stone in your life? Learn how Lori can help you understand what it means and how you can harness its potential!

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Lori Ross – How The Stones Help You Manifest Positivity Into Your Life

Lori Barbieri Ross combines her extensive program development and organizational experience with her passion for bringing people together. She has grown and inspired successful global businesses. Through the branches of 7 Stones LLC, she brings people together for their personal and professional growth, which then extends to the betterment of the planet as a whole. She is a Reiki Master and a gifted intuitive healer, which enhances the personal services that she offers to clients seeking visionary heart-centered empowerment, support and guidance. Welcome, Lori to Grateful Goddesses. I’m so excited Lori because I have something hidden in my bra. Can you guess what that is?

Is it a crystal?

I’m going to dig down deep. I have two. These are two stones that you sent me. It’s the tiger’s eye and rose quartz. You were so lovely in sending these to me and you sent me some others as well. I’m going to read a little bit about what they mean. Rose quartz, it’s so interesting because you talk about the stone as if it’s an actual person. You say, “She wanted to come along to let you know that loving yourself unconditionally through your transformation process with loads of self-care will help the transition from where you are now to where you will be easier and more joyful. Tiger’s eye, this little guy packs a courageous punch for you into your next chapter of spotlight exposure. It encourages fearless living.” I’m going to put them back in my bra. Tell me first of all, when did you realize about stones and their energy?

You’d have to ask my mother but I definitely was the kid that would go out into the woods because I’m from Washington State originally, so we had a plethora of woods to plan. I would find the weirdest stones not the common ones on the ground. I would find huge chunks of obsidian or pumice stone and I would collect them all. I didn’t know then what they were doing. I was drawn to them and I couldn’t explain it. Going to the beach, even I would come home with these rocks. Honestly, I had no idea until I was probably in my late twenties what they were trying to communicate to me and trying to be a part of my life because they are alive. I call them my team. I don’t call them tools. I had a mentor that said, “These are not tools. They’re alive.” It was early on. I was always that kid collecting stones everywhere I went.

GG 30 | Manifesting With Stones
Manifesting With Stones: The crystals are that kinesthetic piece that gets you to understand or listen to all energy.


Rachel, you have some questions for Lori about energy work.

You have such a varied background. You’ve done so much more even than setting the stones. I’m curious about all your different practices in being intuitive, reading people, reading energy, how that practice works for you and how you work with people in how you bring all those different practices into reading others and your empathy. Your background is amazing. You sound so powerful, I have to say. I’m curious about the method to your madness.

It took me a long time because a lot of people in the metaphysical world throw all of their gifts out on their business cards and it can be a little overwhelming. When it boils down to it, what I do is translate energy. The rocks and stones helped me find what that meant because they vibrate so fast and their frequency is so high that I was able to realize that my natural state was bliss and I believe everybody’s natural state is bliss, by the way. What these stones do is they were communicating to me because it’s a science to me. I don’t call it magic. It’s fun to call it magic but to me, it’s scientific.

What these stones are doing is they’re coming into our electromagnetic field and they’re influencing it. It’s no different than going to a personal trainer. You know when you’re around that happy person and everybody feels happy around them because their energy is emitting as opposed to absorbing. My whole life, I was a sickly child because I was absorbing everybody’s energy all the time and I didn’t understand why. I would feel people’s thoughts and emotions so strongly that I thought they were mine.

Until I got older, I was able to delineate, “That’s yours.” I was able to separate it, so now I can turn it up and down, which most people are still a victim to it. They’re absorbing and they’ll even take on things that are suicidal thoughts that aren’t even theirs. They end up becoming a victim to it. I don’t even remember what your question was. I learned early on how not to absorb energy and how to change that so I could become an emitter, a transmitter.

I’ve gotten so good that I can go into the quantum level and hear below the physical level of what your body’s trying to communicate. The crystals are that kinesthetic piece that gets you to understand or listen to all energy because everything is talking. Everything is talking and it can be overwhelming so you have to learn how to block it, push it, move it, shrink it and how to expand it. It’s so fast and it takes a lot of practice. It’s no different than going to the gym and doing this.

Every day, I have to do self-care because I’m working in a shop where people are coming in and they will suck the life out of you if you don’t know how to protect yourself or emit strong energy. I put it in my practice because by running my hands over people and all you need to do is speak someone’s name and you can pull their energy in from anywhere on the planet or even outside the planet if you want to go there. We can get a map of their energy centers and where the energy might be stuck or it might be too much energy. Maybe it’s inflamed or the childhood trauma they get stuck and causes us not to evolve because we’re constantly triggered by it. That was a long answer to your question. I went into the zone for a second there.

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That’s exactly what my question was. You channel all these different modalities and how you do it to read people in their energy.

Everybody’s open and people need to be aware that they can control their own. I’m teaching people to take back the sovereignty of their own energetic field because it’s none of my business what people are thinking but I can teach you how to create an energy field or emit such high energy that you will either repel or attract things that you want and repel things that you don’t. There’s an evolution of what I see when people come to crystals. There’s an evolution of the stones they start with to where they graduate into, which tells me where their frequencies are.

It’s amazing my mind is going crazy now with questions because I’m thinking about my son who lives in Toronto but when he was a little boy, I didn’t even think of that until you said it. His room is filled with stones and gems. We have a storage closet that has buckets of stones that he would not let us throw away. When he came to visit us, he’d grabbed a bunch and took them home with them and he has them in his apartment all over. He’s given some to me and I didn’t even realize that. I thought he liked them but he must have that too.

At some subconscious level, he might not realize what they’re doing but they can repel energy or protect your spaces or ground the energy. I tend to need more grounding stones.

It’s funny because when I was cleaning up, I found some stones in a corner and some over here. I called him and I said, “You left stones here.” He said, “No, mom, I purposely put them in that corner because I felt that you needed them there.” You guys should talk. I do have to tell my Featured Goddesses, my fellow ladies here that Lori was so kind that when I reached out to her, she sent me a box of stones. The two that I have in my bra and two more. You sent me emerald and azurine, which I love. Small and mighty, this stone will help you with that pesky anxiety that likes to hang out in your stomach, which I need.

What I found was amazing was you tapped into something in me. You knew. You said, “You’re struggling with grief and it doesn’t necessarily mean a person, although I did have a good friend that passed away that I mentioned to you,” but it was deeper than that wasn’t it? You were saying to me that I have passed. I have to let things go. I believe you were saying, “Take five minutes to meditate perhaps with the stones in your hand or in your bra trying to let go and release through anger or tears whatever your body needs to let go.” I resonated with that and thank you so much.

Out here in Arizona, I have the honor of being near Apache Tears Mine. They’re ethically sourced here. I always try to buy stones that are ethically sourced but there’s a stone and I might have given you one of those too, an Apache Tear. It’s a form of obsidian.

I didn’t get that.

You didn’t?

I was reading the thing you gave me and I was looking for it. It’s not here and sometimes I wonder if maybe it wasn’t meant to come to me. Is that silly?

Not at all.

You said that it’s a large black stone and I’m like, “There’s no large black stone in here.”

GG 30 | Manifesting With Stones
Manifesting With Stones: Sometimes stones need to take a break for a long time because working with different energy fields is exhausting.


It was packed differently in the box separately because it was big. In the bigger box, was it there?

I never got it.

That’s interesting. I’ll have to send that one to you.

Maybe it decided that I didn’t need it. Who knows?

That’s true.

I would like it. I like what it said, “Master Releaser of Grief.”

The story goes here. In Arizona, there’s a sad history out in these mountains. The Apaches’ warriors were murdered by our own government out here. There were many massacres of the Apaches and there was one, in particular, that’s about 30 miles from here out in Superior, where the US government, the Cavalry, was chasing the Apache warriors and they were shooting at them. The Apache warriors decided to dive off the cliff with their horses and die than be killed by the government out here, the US Cavalry.

The story goes that the tears that were shed by the women and children became these beautiful stones and they became long associated with the energy of releasing sorrow and grief. If you feel the energy of these mountains, you feel her grief, you feel all the stuff that she’s witnessed. On a side note, I don’t work with small stones, I work mountains too. We do a hill-to-mountain hike once a month and one of the first sessions we did was rebury the gold from the mountain. They were some of these flakes to let her know that we’re here to give back more than we’re going to take. I had a friend that said, “You can’t empower a mountain,” and I said, “Watch me.” We’re shifting the energy out here in Gold Canyon because it has the potential to be a healing destination like Sedona. We work with all kinds and all sizes of stones.

Camille is out in North Carolina. Are there mountains there?

It’s interesting because I am of Lumbee descent, which is Native Americans that are here in North Carolina. Stones are a big thing, feeling the land and honoring it as well, so that’s interesting to hear the Apache side of things how connected it is on that side too.

Do you have a question, Camille, for Lori?

We have a lot of mountains. I don’t know a lot of stories behind them, unfortunately. I used to work in a spa world and we would do stone massages, hot stone massages. A lot of times the massage therapist would say that they didn’t cleanse their stones with the moon or there was something going on with the moon and they couldn’t work or they couldn’t use these stones in the cleansing. It was also Mercury and retrograde. There were a lot of different things at that time and I felt like it was a lot of hooplas to get out of work.

After a while, I discovered how true some of that was or not some of it but a lot of it became true in my own life with the idea that this is all fake but it was true. It was happening. It was constant. I’m curious, how do you cleanse your stones? How do you even go about choosing? You say they speak to you, so I’m curious about how you cleanse them when you get them? What’s the ritual once you receive them?

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It depends on the stone too. Some are brittle, so you don’t want to put them in water but you hear that a lot, “Put them in saltwater.” There are two different things that you’re talking about. Putting them out in the moon in the sun is more of an infusion of energy. When you think about moon energy, it’s going to be more feminine. We’re going to talk about the divine goddess and nurturing energy. The full moon is powerful because it also is in alignment. A full moon in Scorpio is going to be a great example. Scorpio is scary for a lot of people but it’s about death, sex and transformation. That’s the characteristics of Scorpio.

Depending on the moon and what astrological sign it’s in and that’s going to be an infusion of energy. That’s why people get stoked when there’s an eclipse. They’re like, “We’ve got to put it out,” because then you got the different energies working together. Whereas the sun, you have more of that action energy, that divine masculine energy that’s more vitality so more movement. Those are more of an infusion. People say they’re cleansing them but I energetically feel them more like an infusion of energy.

All these stones also have their energy fields or electromagnetic fields. Things to cleanse them would be putting them in salt and putting them near water because water is a liquid crystal at room temperature. Frozen 2 was so fascinating when they said, “Water has memories.” I was like, “Yes. Thank you for telling the world. It definitely does.” You can infuse water as well. Putting water out on the moon is good too if you want to drink that energy as well. Salt and sage are popular ones and putting them in the earth because these stones do get exhausted, I am not kidding. They can work so hard but when they’re like, “I’ve done with her. She’s not shifting the way that we need her to shift. Put me back.”

Salt, sage, water, earth and we’ve got candles. You can take it, not putting it directly in the flame but you can put it in the light of the candle. It’s basically using the elements to cleanse anything. What we would do if we want to take a salt bath the first thing that does is it cleanse our auric field. Salt is also a crystal in its form. They’re everywhere. We’re using crystals, whether we know it or not. I wanted to distinguish between the two. The moon and sun are more of an infusion of energy, whereas there are other elements that you can use to cleanse and it does make a big difference. Sometimes they need to take a break for a long time because working with different energy fields is exhausting. It’s like a nurse going to the ER every day. You have to give them a break sometimes and let them breathe to be able to do their thing.

That brings up something I want to ask you about. One of my daughters I went to a store here that sells stones called the Ruby Room and not sure if you’re familiar with them here in Chicago. She was with me and I was buying a gift for someone. We went upstairs to the gems and she picked a bunch of pretty ones that she wanted, so we brought them home. The woman there was intuitive and she said, “Your daughter picked those for a reason. Put them beside her bed and they’ll protect her.” I’m like, “Okay.” I put them in a bowl and a couple of weeks later, a bunch of them were gone.

I thought, “Did you knock them over? Where are they?” We searched everywhere and we didn’t know where they were. We went back to get to replace them and I was asking this woman about it. I was like, “We want to replace the blue one, the pink one and the black one.” She said, “They’re gone because they didn’t serve her anymore. You need to pick something different.” I didn’t quite understand that. Do you understand that?

It didn’t serve her anymore might be a harsh way to state that. Can you give me your daughter’s name? I’d like to tune in if you don’t mind.

Skylar. I would love this because I have to say I’ve also gotten her bracelets and necklaces with stones that people have said to protect her and this and that. They’ve broken or fallen off and they always go missing.

GG 30 | Manifesting With Stones
Manifesting With Stones: Once you become familiar with the language of the stones, they’ll immediately tell you when they need to be cleansed.


What’s interesting with her energy is immediately I’m going to go to the side of that heart. Working with the energy of green. I don’t know if she picked up any green stones but the heart energy is our love center. It’s how we love the world. It’s that masculine influence is what I’m trying to say. I don’t know if the father energy doesn’t allow her to express herself in a certain way because maybe there’s his fear of what love looks like. There is this stifling on that side of her right heart where she does have this beautiful voice and I don’t even know if she needed those other stones, to be honest. This doesn’t answer your question about where the stones went but what I’m feeling is she also mimics your energy as well and that heart energy.

She was brought here to be a mirror for you to show you that you need to go inward into that heart space with your masculine influence as well. It’s repeating the cycle. You can stop the cycle by going inward with a green stone but I sent you that emerald and she could work with that as well. It goes even deeper than that. When you place that stone on that heart, two things can happen. You can have that rise to the surface and a lot of times what ends up happening is we want this transformation.

When things rise to the surface and our frequency is trying to change and get rid of all the old stuff, we tend to suppress it because it’s scary. We think that temporary emotion is trying to release from the heart, which is that grief is going to be forever and it’s not. We can acknowledge it at that moment and be like, “This is here. This is only temporary. I’m going to send this energy compassion and it will move through you like water, the feminine and the flow.”

That’s what emotion is, it’s not permanent. There is a masculine influence and it’s not even consciously what the father influence is doing. It’s part of that programming where we need to take a close look at that and make sure that she’s able to have clear boundaries with her heart but also express her love in a way that she wants to express it but it feels like, “I’m not allowed to do that fully.” Whatever that means. The stones that she may have gotten from the store will come back when they need to.

They will reappear when they need to. It’s almost like seed planting in the house because I feel and they’re like, “That’s when I’ll need that one.” Some stones don’t work together, either. They like to work one at a time. They like to work solo. They’re like people. You can’t put a moldavite near a lot of different stones because of its high frequency and fast vibration. Sometimes they’ll find their own little hiding place but I feel that they will come back when she needs them the most.

I have goosebumps. I can’t wait to share that with her. I’m going to give this to her to put up by her heart.

I didn’t want to go too specific on that. We could definitely do a private session where we can go specific.

Sure. Dena, I want you to jump in here. I know you have some questions, too.

I am unfamiliar with stones and their meaning. I’ve been given them. I like to touch them and feel them. Years ago, I had some come through my home and it’s either white or light pink, maybe it’s quartz. It’s above my front door on the little ledge. Every time I come downstairs, I see it and I always think of it. I’m not even sure what it was supposed to be but it’s there and it’s been there for a long time. It’s interesting to hear all of this.

I definitely am a believer in your energy, whether it’s through the stones or not. I’ve been around people that their energy is pretty achy and it’s not good. I’ve been around great energy and it lifts me up. I feel like I practice this in my day to day not specific to stonework. My question is, how do you know when that stone needs to be cleansed? Do you do it like spring cleaning, where you would put it aside and let it regenerate and reenergize? How do you know that?

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My first instinct was to say use your intuition on that one. Once you become familiar with the language of the stones, they’ll tell you immediately. For me, for example, when I have a stone in here and when I’ll hold it and I start to feel choked up. I’ll be like, “This is too heavy.” Another great example is I had a consigner bring in stones that she wanted to sell. I have them behind this wall on an altar and they will not see the light of day on the retail side because they had a lot of family trauma. You can feel it. It’s all in the memory of the stones. It’s all in that the imprint of the stones. I would say use your intuition on that because some of them don’t need to be cleansed. Quartz is a great example. Quartz is used in a lot of electronics. It’s got its own natural property of the electronic field that it transmits energy.

You’ve got to be careful with quartz too because it is a magnifier so if you’re dealing with bad energy it’s going to magnify that. It’s going to make some people sick because it’s like, “You need to take care of yourself.” I would use your intuition on that one and start to hold it maybe even, connect with it and ask it and see what you hear. I know that sounds crazy to a lot of people but they are communicating. I promise you that they’re communicating. You can hear it, sense it and see it. There are many ways that the energy can be translated to you through whatever you feel. I feel like you feel a lot in your stomach so you would feel it more on your stomach.


Yes. It’s more of a gut instinct.

That goes into my next question for the four of us here. If there was one for each of us, would you mind telling each one of us which stone you feel would be most helpful for us or is that too much to ask?

No, that’s fine. Do you want me to start with you?


I want to write mine down.

I’m going to buy them for all of you. Whichever one you say, on a side note, I’ll purchase for the girls so you’ll send me a bill.

Mine are diamonds. I can already tell. I’m kidding.

You’ve got to be careful with diamonds how they’re harvested. They carry a lot of sadness and how they are created and I’m not talking lab creative ones but a natural diamond has to go an immense amount of pressure so to get to become that beautiful thing that we wear. If you’re working with diamonds that means you’re going to have a tough time because it’s going to have to put you through your refining periods like the spiritual sandpaper and all that pressure of life. You’ll feel good at the end but it’s an intense stone to work with. I don’t work with diamonds.

No diamonds. No, thanks.

GG 30 | Manifesting With Stones
The Goddess of Mt. Rainier

I have a question on that and it might be naïve but if you’re wearing a diamond that is essentially the same or traditionally, you’re given an engagement ring, that’s a diamond.

You have to be careful about how they were harvested because there’s a lot of people that get murdered for the stones. I won’t wear them. A great example and I don’t know the answer to that question but I was at the Tucson Gem Show. Have you seen those water bottles with the crystals and them and one of them had diamonds? She handed it to me and I immediately started crying because I could feel how sad the stones were. She immediately took it back because she was like, “There are people watching you. I’ve got to sell these diamonds.” I could feel the energetic imprint of the conditions and how sad it was to get these stones. Working with diamonds, I’m not saying don’t wear them. I’m saying it could represent that you have a long way to go spiritually to ascend to that beautiful carbon pressure diamond.

I don’t even work with diamonds for that reason. They’re a little sad for me. It’s interesting that people call them rare because they’re not rare. I don’t know why they’re so expensive.

It’s called De Beers and it’s a marketing scam.

They’re not rare. It’s almost like smoke and mirrors with that one. It’s like “It’s so beautiful and shiny,” “But do you understand what’s the energy behind that? It’s pretty tragic.”

Karen, if you don’t mind, there’s a question you asked and in the email about the yellow and pink. It’s funny that you pulled out a yellow and pink diamond.

With the reiki.

It’s working with different colors. I feel you’re already on track from the neck down to the stomach. We talk about the root and feeling safe in your message and what you’re trying to put out into the world because I see that you’re starting in small groups and now you’re building that momentum. That root chakra, which is a simple stone for you and you might already have it as a red jasper. A red jasper goes to the root literally and that’s our primal safety chakra. That’s the one that most women have violated in this lifetime. They don’t get to ascend to that point of self-actualization because that foundation has been violated. I work with a lot of women and I’m not saying yours was but I work with a lot of women where we need to focus on that lower frequency but it keeps us stable and it keeps us feeling safe. For you, I would definitely recommend red jasper.

I don’t have a red jasper but I did also pick up on the Scorpio. I am Scorpio. When you mentioned sexual energy and that is your root.

That’s your root and your safe world altogether. The solar plexus and the sacral. Those are all of our physical chakras. Once we get to the heart, which is that mid-balancing point then we start to go into the spiritual chakras. Some are bigger than others and that’s a whole other conversation about chakras.

I always think if I liven up my sex life then my whole root chakra will get better too.

Reception happens there too. We talk about receiving through the heart but when we talk about the physical world, money and power we receive through our root chakra. We can use that sexual energy to manifest money as well.

We’re going to be quiet on that. I don’t want my husband to hear that.

You’ve got to take charge though.

Got it. Let’s move on to Camille. What do you feel for her?

Camille’s wearing her color too so you guys are all wearing your colors, which is fun. For Camille, rose quartz is a great way to open up that thymus gland. Some people call it the Upper Heart Chakra but I call it the thymus gland because when you stimulate it, it has all the healing cells for the body so even if you start feeling sick. For you, we’ve got two things going on. If you don’t mind me saying Camille, we have a couple of things with the throat and with our self-care. There is an inability that I don’t know if you’ve resisted it or if you’re not aware of it, start affirming through the throat chakra, these beautiful self-care words.

Maybe I’ll do that one a little bit separately at another time but we were programmed through a father energy not to affirm beautiful things about ourselves. There was a lack of that programming, teaching and role model for you. It’s okay. If I were to take an affirmation and put it in your throat, it would feel wrong for you to say it in your stomach because of the programming. It’s not real. It’s an illusion but there’s almost the shutting down of receiving. If I were to pay you a nice compliment, it would turn you this way. Start to program yourself by saying nice things about yourself and when other people say those things to you, you can say, “Thank you. That’s so nice.” As opposed to, “Okay. Thanks,” and you have to throw it back away because you’re uncomfortable with that energy. If that makes sense, the stones are rose quartz and sodalite.

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It’s in my hand.

Perfect. Work with that.

You’re 100% on it. You couldn’t be more right. There was even a time when I couldn’t figure out how to unmute my mic and Karen was giving me all these compliments to a point where I felt like I was going to cry because it was too much of a good thing at one point. Do you remember when you did that? I don’t know if you remember.

Even when you came on earlier and I was like, “You look so pretty. I love seeing your smiling face.”

I’ve got to learn to take it in. Thank you.

We’re moving on to Dena.

We have a few things going on and I feel like there’s going to be an evolution for you. I love how this is a show about grateful goddesses but we have a lot of masculine healing to do.


There is this complete shutdown of the masculine. Not to go too much into detail about what had happened in your life. For you is I would work with amethyst because it’s a great way to start to activate for you. What we want to do is stabilize you first before we go into the deep healing of all those chakras on the energy centers on that right side on that masculine influence because there was programming early on that made it, so there’s I wouldn’t say a detest of masculine energy, but there was this shutdown of masculine energy. Where that’s our vitality, action and our movement forward, where the feminine is more inward with nurturing, loving, the different phases and the flow.

Whereas, the masculine is the consistency every single day, where the sun rises every single day. That’s the message from the masculine sun. Do the same thing every day and together, they create this perfect balance with the sun and the moon. I would start working with amethyst to stabilize that because there is a lot of sadness that will start to rise once we go into the history of that. That’s okay. That’s what we want. We want that anger to rise. We want that because we want to create a clear boundary so people can’t violate that anymore for you. Amethyst is the answer.

Do you have an amethyst, Dena?

I don’t think so.

It’s coming your way. Rachel? Thank you so much, Lori, for doing this.

I’m in my shop. It’s easy to read in my shop because I’m surrounded by all these beautiful high frequencies.

We know a little bit about each other. You’ve never met us and you’re touching so far on a lot of key points. Go ahead, Rachel.

Miss Rachel. I love your energy. It’s fun to read. It’s funny because your masculine goes into the feminine on the solar plexus. It overtakes it. It’s not a bad thing. It’s fun with your confidence. We have the zigzag of energy, which they dance together. It’s beautiful and fun. You’re a little bit more advanced with the stones that you work with. I know that you know that.

There’s a chakra on the back of our neck called the Zeal chakra. It’s called the Mouth of God. When you’re working with singing bowls, I want to say it’s either G sharp but I’m not sure but you can look up Zeal Chakra or Crystal Bowls but it vibrates with the color of magenta. I’m not even getting a stone per se for you. I’m getting more of learning how to open that chakra up because it’s even a more powerful way to channel our messages and not even through our throat but it comes and even more powerful channeling if that makes sense.

I’m getting more of a sound for you as opposed to a stone. Googling Zeal Chakra meditations or Zeal Chakra Crystal Bowls and working with that chakra. That’s more of an advanced thing. Some high sensitives come in with strong wide open Zeal Chakras that are out of balance. You are going to start to open that one up and because you do the work because you’re aware. Most people aren’t aware. I would shift the solar plexus maybe a little bit. There’s a little bit of ego in there but that’s okay.

I struggle with my ego all the time. I’m taming it.

When you think about that, you can work with blue light from the left side and gently glide it back over into that healthier masculine. Don’t get me wrong, I do the same thing. Work with blue light to ease that solar plexus more to a balanced state. I’m not giving you stones because I feel like you are more advanced in energy work. You can play with them a little bit differently if that makes sense. Work with the Mouth of God, the Zeal chakra.

Does that resonate with you, Rachel?

It does. Although I don’t feel advanced. It’s interesting that you’re saying that. I’m learning so much from you. I don’t know a lot about stones. I have been doing a deep spiritual study in my life and trying to evaluate where I’m coming from and what’s happening in my life, in my relationships and moving forward. It’s interesting, everything you’re saying. I was talking to Jeff Pulver and he’s intuitive and kept talking about my neck. That is an important part of me and I need to open that up. The fact that you’re repeating that, I have goosebumps all over.

You are more sensitive than you know. You’re more in tune with the subtleties of energy if that makes sense. As people detox, they become more sensitive to it. Naturally, you exist at a higher frequency. I don’t even know if stones would work for you. Stones are the gateway into the other frequencies but playing with the different sounds. Sounds are important around you, working with the crystal bowls. There’s something called Solfeggio sounds. They’re different frequencies of the planet. You can Google those. They’re all over YouTube. Keep raising that frequency to get lighter and lighter. There’s a stone coming up called selenite. There’s a little bit of a mental fog on that left side as far as receiving it on that crown. Even working with selenite would be good to open that up. It’s a little bit of mental fog and you’ll start to doubt yourself less with the information that you’re getting.

This is cool. We have all these questions laid out that we talked about. Before, we’re like, “We’re going to go with our intuition.” We are organized. Don’t get me wrong. Usually, we all pick a question. This time, we’re like, “Let’s see.” I feel great about this. Thank you. I want to dive into your publishing company. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

I have a parent company called 7 Stones Media. My store here in Arizona is called 7 Stones, it’s brick and mortar. I also have 7 Stones Publishing. I wrote a book called The Goddess of Mt. Rainier.

I love the title, The Goddess.

GG 30 | Manifesting With Stones
Manifesting With Stones: An affirmation is a signal you’re sending out to the universe. When you send the signal out, it comes back to you.


I was at a Hay House Writer’s Workshop in Maui. I got to speak to the CEO in front of 500 people. I said, “Is it better if I submit my book proposal to an established publishing company or should I publish on my own?” He goes, “Great question. What’s the name of your publishing company?” He’s like, “You should publish on your own. If you want to learn how to publish, publish on your own.” I wanted to be a little bit different. I wanted to have a niche like Hay House, where they catered towards the metaphysical world. I also wanted to be in the middle. I wanted to be a traditional publisher that still gave the artist creative freedom. Now I understand why publishing companies don’t do that but that’s okay because I only attract people that understand the process. In the beginning, it was hard. I’m like, “I want it this way.” I said, “That’s too expensive.” I’m careful of who I publish.

I wanted to be this indie publisher that’s traditional with big dreams. I never call myself a small business, ever. You will never hear those words come out of my mouth. You have to be intentional with your words. I published my book. All of a sudden, somebody else wanted me to publish them. We did that. That was Lora McHenry, I Am The Song: Recognizing the voice of the Universe. It’s a beautiful collection of her journey. I got another and we did a children’s book. I did an Oracle card deck. I got another woman who wants me to do a tarot deck. I thought, “We’re going to keep going.” In 2020, the Cartomancer Magazine was for sale. My publishing company then bought a magazine company. I turned that around pretty quickly. We’re in twenty countries. We’re in fifteen stores on the West Coast. We got picked up by New Leaf Distribution. My world is the metaphysical world. Louise Hay is an inspiration for me. I love helping people find their voice because that’s my life purpose too.

You’re getting emotional.

A little bit. 2020 has taught me that I need to ask for help and I need to use my voice. Being highly sensitive and an empath, I’m able to anticipate everybody’s needs because I feel what they need but not everybody’s like that. I don’t know why I assumed everybody else was like that. I learned a tough lesson that I have to ask for help, I have to use my voice, set clear boundaries or say no. Especially on running my own business, I have to tell people, “You’re not welcome here. Get out.”

I don’t know why but this is coming up in me. How can we help you?

I don’t know the answer to that, to be honest. I have to ask for help. I was the spokesperson for Wonder Woman Syndrome.

What I love about Grateful Goddesses is that we’re diving into many different topics and some we may not quite feel we believe in or we understand but it’s the idea of being open. When we talked about energy, I felt connections. I felt like everyone was brought to me in different ways. Camille, I interviewed for a show which I also met through Jeff. One day, I said, “Do you want to be a Featured Goddess?” I felt like she would be along on this journey with us. Rachel was brought along with a friend. Dena used to teach my son and I kept running into her in the grocery store. I’m like, “There’s a reason for this. Do you want to be on this journey with us?” We all have that energy and that ability and it’s being open and tapping into it.

It’s not just tapping into it but taking the reins back and emitting energy. You’re creating your future but most people do it by default. You can get ahead of the curve or as Abraham Hicks talks about, get ahead of the vortex. It takes practice and you have to do it every single day. You can start to manifest instantly when you get far ahead of it. It’s quite fascinating to play with energy.

As you evolved and you’ve realized what your power is, how you read it and then you’ve honed in, you’ve created this whole life around using your intuition and your strengths in helping others. How does one tap into that? You hear, “Use your intuition.” Where do you find the confidence to believe in that and know that? I feel like an I’m an empath but I can’t even define what I’m experiencing. The way you articulate it is beautiful. I’m curious how you’ve come into that place in your life.

There was a trial period where I doubted it every day. I started with affirming. We live in a thought-based reality. My language with the universe would be different than your language with the universe. I had to be confident that the communication that was happening was real. I doubted it for a long time. Especially in my early twenties, that’s when we always doubt everything. How do you do it? You have to practice every single day. Trust that your experience will outweigh your belief. Once you start to believe it more, it’ll keep getting validated because that’s your belief system. Whatever you believe is real. I never argue with anybody’s belief system because it’s real to them. Their thoughts are creating their reality.

I resonate with crystals because they have a higher frequency. I resonate with everything that has a higher frequency. There are a lot of people that I call Earth workers that do well on the lower frequencies and those are the people that balance me out. You have to practice every day. For you, I would work with sounds every single day. They keep showing me that automatic writing is going to be important for you. To this day, I’m like, “I don’t know what it means when I’m reading somebody. I trust that it means something to them.” I can’t always translate it but I have to trust what I’m seeing and feeling. I know it is for that person that we’re directing and focusing our energy on.

We live in a thought-based reality. Trust that your experience will outweigh your beliefs. Share on X

A lot of people, when they start, are pulling everybody’s energy and they get overwhelmed and they have no idea if it’s for you or this person over here. You have to practice and you ask yourself, “Is this mine?” No, 9 times out of 10, it’s not yours. It’s somebody else’s that doesn’t have control of their energy, which is most people. You’re naturally attuned to be able to do that. You can imagine things too. There’s a popular one where you could take an imaginary knob and turn it way down to not feel anybody’s energy or turn it way up if you’re helping somebody or channeling information. I don’t know why music is coming up for you. Everything is sound. It might come through as a song for you. I don’t know how you would use the messages that you’d be given. Do you write songs?

I don’t. It’s funny because Jeff said that I have music in me too.

You like to dance to music.

I dance to music and I played piano my whole life. I play classical music. I played in college. I love interpreting music that’s already written but I don’t ever think that I have the capacity to write it myself.

Don’t ever affirm that.

I take it back.

A good affirmation with you is, “I am open to inspired music coming through me.” When you use the words open and willing, I call those bridging affirmations. An affirmation is a signal you’re sending out to the universe. When you send the signal out, it comes back to you. When you lift that muscle and when you do those reps every single day, it gets stronger. Once you start working with that zeal chakra, I can see the music coming into your hand. There is music inside of you that would be beautifully expressed as an art form that would create a lot of healing not only for you but for other people. It would be channeled from the divine.

I feel like crying. It’s powerful. Thank you.

I saw it on Dena’s face, too. You were feeling something by that.

I’m waiting for you to write some lyrics and music and sing to us, for sure.

Camille, what was your question?

You had mentioned getting your stones ethically sourced. I was curious if you could share more about that and how we can make sure that when we’re out purchasing these stones that we are getting ethically sourced stones, so we’re not getting past traumas already embedded into the stones. You did teach us how to clean it if we do have that problem.

You can also take stones home and be a hospital for them, too. That’s okay.

For example, my husband gave me beautiful diamond earrings for my birthday, anniversary, everything above. I’m nervous. I want to take them out. Can I clean them? What can you do? How do you know?

The first thing that’s coming up for me to say is detox yourself so you can use your intuition to know what are the best ones for you. Diamonds aren’t bad. I want to throw it out there. Diamonds come from the earth. They are beautiful. The second thing is to ask the people that buy them. They might not even know. A lot of times, when they’re in the crystal shop, they come to the crystal shops to heal. It’s a transition period before they move on to the buyer. Ask them. I work with certain wholesalers. I only trust certain ones.

Mine is all intuitive-base because I don’t know if they’re telling me where it’s coming from or not but I can tell if they’re lying to me. I can tell if it’s untruthful. The question is to ask. The best thing is to detox yourself so you know yourself what’s a good one and what’s not. Everybody is as highly sensitive as me but it takes time. You can change your diet and change your self-care. You will start to feel lighter and more in tune and things are communicating with you and you’ll know. It’s ineffable. Sometimes, I struggle to put in words what I feel and what I sense because it transcends language. I try to do my best to explain it.

For example, I’m attracted to Moonstone. People know this and they give me gifts of Moonstone and I don’t know why.

One, it’s a good hormone balancer. Moonstone has an interesting history. It was believed that the moonbeam solidified in the stone. It had another name. It was Andra Light. It came out of Switzerland. High-quality Moonstones came out of Switzerland. Moonstone has a lot of rainbow colors in it. For you, it does balance the hormones. It’s good to wear it during a full moon. I’m highly sensitive to the full moon. I don’t know if you guys are, too. It helps to balance the energy. I keep hearing it balance the hormones.

I’m attracted to it. I like the color. I happen to be wearing all my Moonstone rings at one time. I don’t normally do this. It’s a stone that I like.

I hate it when people stereotype stones and put them in a category. Not all Rose Quartz, Moonstones, Amethyst, are going to do the same thing for one person as they are for another. Depending on what neighborhood they grew up in, it could be a little tough. Wherever they came from the world, they imprint that energy with it. Also, with your frequency, it’s going to be different. For you, Moonstone might balance your hormones. For me, it might make me and my heart feel calm during a full moon. I only usually wear it during a full moon.

This has been fascinating. If our readers want to contact you, how can they reach out to you perhaps for readings or other types of sessions?

They can look us up. I’m on 7 Stones Gold Canyon or they can reach out to Both of those websites have a contact page. 7 Stones Publishing is probably the best where it comes directly to me.

Thank you so much, Lori, for joining us on the show.

Thank you very much. It was a pleasure.

Welcome, everyone, to Favorite Things with Lori Ross on Grateful Goddesses. One of my favorite things is the Himalayan salt lamp that I have by my bed. My husband hates it. He always wants me to shut it off because he likes the room completely dark. I often will meditate with this. I’ve moved it up to the office and I put it on during a show because it has a beautiful glow. I’m not even sure what it means or what it does for me but I feel good when I turn it on. Lori, maybe you can help to shed some light on that.

Himalayan salt is great at neutralizing the energy of a space. It’s good for meditation rooms. It’s a detoxifier. It’s almost like the color of sunrise and sunset, where you get that first peak of joy. It resonates with the energy of joy, calm and peace. It neutralizes the space. Your husband probably does need dark to decompress from his day as well. I don’t know if there’s a meditation room you want to slide into or if you’re going to keep it in your room.

I moved it out. I’ll do my meditation on my own or in the office and then I’ll go to sleep. When you’re living with someone, you have to like both energies. You have to try and combine and work with it. It’s tricky.

We’re going on a tangent here but there’s something called sleeping in sovereignty where couples should not sleep together every night. You don’t get a chance to fully repair yourself because you’re always trying to balance the other person.

Can you put a certain stone under your pillow or something like that?

You can. Sometimes I’ll go out on the couch. My son is like, “Are you guys okay?” I was like, “Yeah. We’re sleeping in sovereignty.” We tried it and it worked well. Sometimes, we’ll put a pillow between us or something to block the energy to cut it. That’s helpful. I highly recommend it. I’ve been living with my husband for years. We’ve been together a long time.

It’s funny because my parents sleep in separate rooms for the longest time and they’re like, “We have the best marriage.” It’s probably the energy. Camille, what did you bring for Favorite Things?

I brought my Rose Quartz. My daughter got this at school. They had a mining field trip that was an in-school field trip. They had to mine for their own stones. She came home with a Ziploc bag of stones. Since she could speak, she has been obsessed with rocks and stones and would always pick up random stones or gravel. My mom’s driveway is all gravel. The first time she could see over the car seat, she was all excited.

For the record, when she said rock, it sounded a lot like an F-word. She kept saying it over and over again. I pulled out my video camera and started recording her because that’s what Millennials do. This reminds me of that moment because my mom was in the car with me and was like, “That’s not funny.” It was a funny moment because she was excited about the rocks. My mom was giving me crap. It was my type of mothering where I’m like, “Let her have fun. This is funny.” I have it on video. Hopefully, my flip camera will still work when she’s old enough. We’ll use it against her when she’s a teenager or weddings or whatever. I love this little rock because of her.

That’s beautiful. Rachel, what did you bring?

I can’t stop wearing these bracelets. This one is from my grandmother. She got it when she was traveling. It might be from Mexico. I’m not sure. The other one that I did want to ask you about, Lori, I cannot wear enough turquoise. I love turquoise. It brings me so much joy. I’m wondering what is it about turquoise that it does for you like a stone?

Turquoise is protective especially in the Native American cultures. You got to think about what we talked about earlier because it resonates with that throat chakra. It’s blue. We’re talking about opening things up. It’s also protective of your energy. When you wear it, it creates this forcefield around you when you’re working in the city or you’re working around other people. It’s protective of you. I don’t know if you talk a lot in your business. You have to use your voice a lot. Some stones are here to heal. If you’re in the communication field, you’re probably going to wear a lot of blue and green or blue and indigo because you’re using your voice a lot and you’re channeling the information. It’s more of a support to give that extra boost.

I try to do a lot of community building. That’s been my natural course. I do feel like it protects me. It’s interesting.

Dena, what did you bring along?

Years ago, my nephew, who’s probably 5 or 6 at the time, brought me a bag full of rocks of all different kinds. I know nothing about them. I look at them and feel them sometimes. I dug out the rocks that sit in a little dish in my bathroom and pulled out a few that spoke to me. This one is super soft and shiny. I don’t know what it is or if it’s anything. To me, this one looks intentional. I don’t know what they are.

The green one looks like a Bloodstone. That one is a Fluorite. I have a big Fluorite here. Fluorite is known as a traveler stone. Similar to the Amethyst, it does that chakra reset. For you, when you’re holding it, it goes into that masculine side of that heart and activates it. I would work with that a little bit at a time until we can stabilize the other energies because we might bring up heart stuff in inopportune times that might come out. The reason I say that is you can do a grid with crystals. This is a phallic one. It channels energy. We have softer ones that the energy orbs out. I did a crystal grid on somebody and we opened up the heart space. She ended up crying for three months straight. She needed it but it was intense. It’s a long story. It was too much and too fast. She wanted it. I learned not to go in there until we can stabilize slowly.

I shouldn’t put this under my pillow.

Don’t sleep with that under your pillow.

You need Amethyst first.

Lori said this is similar.

It is similar. It’ll start to balance you out but almost at a rate that you might not be ready for. I’m giving you a warning. You can do what you please with them. Things might rise to the surface.

What about this one? It looks like dark green to me.

Are there any red swirls in it at all?

I don’t think so. It’s smooth to the touch.

It’s either a Bloodstone or a Green Aventurine is what I’m feeling but I’m feeling more Bloodstone. Traditionally, they talk about a blood purifier and all this stuff. That one is going to your head. I don’t know if you’re around smoke. It’s cleaning out the sinuses. It’s starting to clear that out. I feel smoke around. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if you are a former smoker. It’s cleaning out that old energy. It’s going up there.

Lori, what did you bring?

I remember one time you asked us to bring mugs to one of the shows. Everything talks when you listen. This one specifically says, “She believed she could so she did.” It’s this empowerment statement. I am a word porn freak. I love words. If had art all over the shop, it would be beautiful affirmations of love to get to the heart. I work in the book industry. I love beautiful statements, quotes, words and beautiful songs. I don’t think I got to show this last time.

On the Grateful Goddesses TV, we asked everyone to bring a mug because we want everyone to feel comfortable. We’re all having our hot cocoa or whatever is in your mug. A lot of times, people raise them with interest. It says so much about who they are, ironically, whatever mug they have. That says a lot about you because we talked to you about words and affirmations and how that can change into thoughts, actions, energy, what you put out and what you take in. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing Goddess energy with us. We appreciate you joining us.

It was my pleasure. It’s so much fun.

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