Alysha Myronuk: Making Sense Of The Crazy Coincidences In Life


We all have experienced crazy coincidences or serendipitous moments in our lives. It might be you thinking of someone and then they call you, you getting a sick feeling inside when you meet a person to find out later that they were not good in your life, or you seeing a red cardinal or the number 7:14 all the time and not knowing what it means. Whatever it’s like for you, we have all experienced something of that sort. Alysha Myronuk has developed a new word for this – MYRONY, the coincidences that happen in life that you can’t explain but are actually signs of synchronicity in motion. Myronies help lead us to this giant puzzle we call life. When the people, the puzzle pieces, start to become aware of their own myronies and take action on them, miracles happen. Listen in and join the Goddesses as they start a movement for everyone to share their myronies and connect with each other like never before.

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Alysha Myronuk: Making Sense Of The Crazy Coincidences In Life

Whether you’re here by accident or coincidence, perhaps it’s important to think about those serendipitous moments that happen in your life because they can lead you to some beautiful, glorious things on your journey. In fact, our guest, Alysha Myronuk, I met serendipitously. I was doing a Grateful Goddess TV live event one Sunday night and she popped up on the screen as one of the viewers. Subsequently, she came on because her friend heard the word serendipitous that I mentioned. She called Alysha and said, “You have to join this group.” Sure enough, there she was and then from there, we developed this sweet friendship. She interviewed me on her podcast, That’s Myrony, and she’s joining us now.

Alysha Myronuk is the creator of the fun new word of Myrony, My Irony, which are the crazy coincidences that happen in life we can’t explain. It’s also another word for sign or synchronicity. Her life was fairly normal until she got into a car accident that triggered fibromyalgia at the age of eighteen and had to deal with that painful chronic condition, along with many other life challenges including loss of both parents, marriage, divorce, suicide thoughts and an attempt, alcohol, prescription drug abuse, addiction and a full hysterectomy by the time she was 35.

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Alysha’s strong spiritual connection and tenacity is what helped her through some dark days. However, it’s thanks to those days that allowed her to connect to her superpower that she calls her Spiritual Spidey Super Sense. She shares her new concept hosting, That’s Myrony Podcast, along with her spiritual coaching business, My Myrony, mentoring where she uses her psychic gift of knowing also known as claircognizance to help her clients through intuitive sessions she calls Unlock Your Blocks, which helps release what they need to move forward and create the life they truly desire all with a little myrony. Welcome, Alysha, to the show.

Thank you so much, Karen. I am so excited to be here. I like to say divine myrony is how connected me to you and then all your amazing goddesses and what you’re doing. You are the epitome of goddess. You give this ray of light and hope. I’m honored to be here and to be with the other goddesses.

I so appreciate you being here. You’ve opened my eyes to myrony, you like to call it. All of these interesting things that are happening in my life that you never realize, “That’s a coincidence or that’s so ironic,” that you like to call myrony. Can you explain the term my irony, myrony?

I can tell the story about how I discovered it. My Irony, you take out the I because it’s not about I. It’s all about we and also something so much greater. Myrony are the crazy coincidences that happen in life that we can’t explain, also another word for sign or synchronicity. However, it has its own definition because of this synchronicity in motion. We may see that sign but then there’s an action we can take. I like to say the myrony help lead us to the puzzle pieces and this giant puzzle we call life. Usually, the pieces are people. It’s all about people and not things. People start becoming more aware of their myrony and take action on them. I like to say synchronicity in motion to stay with the whole end thing. When you start taking action, miracles in your life and in others will happen. It’s astounding. My first episode is called Discover Myrony and Your Inner Super Power. I want to teach everybody how they can tap into their superpower. I call mine my Spiritual Spidey Sense.

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Crazy Coincidences: When people become more aware of their myronies and take action on them, that’s when miracles happen.


That’s the key is not just having these myrony, coincidences, serendipitous moments and recognizing them but taking action. That’s part of the show. We talk about what’s your passion, what’s your purpose but then taking actionable steps. When you can take those steps, when you can learn like, “I keep bumping into this person, for example, Alysha, who’s a Featured Goddess. I tell the story that the way I met her was I kept bumping into her. I had put out to the universe, I want to relaunch the show. I would love some women to join me on that journey that are supportive, open and willing to learn.” I kept bumping into this girl all through.

I know we live in Chicago. Everything turned out we live a block away. I approached her. I’m like, “We have to meet.” I gave her my number. I thought she either thinks I’m picking her up or I’m crazy but she acted on it. She said she felt something too. She was like, “We were meant to meet.” We met and she’s now a Featured Goddess. I’d like to bring on our Featured Goddesses that are here joining us. We have Camille, Michelle and Rachel. We’re going to talk myronys. We hope that our audience, if you’re reading the blog, you’ll start thinking about your myronys as well. Let’s first start with Camille. Camille, what myronic moments have you had in your life?

One that happened that popped up, which is so perfect and fits in this whole myrony and show world, is the reason that I even was interested in doing a show. A long time ago, I tried out for MTV VJ. The only reason that I tried out for it is because I woke up early enough in the morning in order to drive four hours away to get there in time and bring all my stuff. I didn’t make it. When I was a kid, I used to live close to Downtown Julie Brown. One day leaving the library, I ran into her. I was like, “This couldn’t happen.” I ran into her and then the MTV thing happened.

Out of nowhere, somebody was making complaints about MTV. They’re playing the same TV show the entire week. I was like, “I would love it if they brought Club MTV and Downtown Julie Brown.” She already pleased me. We make a whole quick video to send to her. “By the way, I love you. Will you be on my podcast?” I’m still waiting for an answer but she retweeted me a couple of times, wrote back and said how much fun it was in the ‘90s. I love the ’90s. The day I’m interviewing Alysha, this perfect little Myrony or Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but with Julie.

It sounds like, Camille, you were open to it. Alysha, can you talk about your story? If you listened to your first, second show, you talk about it. It is quite a myronic interesting story. Can you share?

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I have a strong gift known as claircognizance. It’s the gift of knowing. I didn’t know about this until I read this incredible book by Laura Lynne Jackson, this well-renowned psychic medium, The Light Between Us. They talk about clairvoyance, which is where you see a thing, clairaudience where you hear things. I never knew but I’ve always had this sense of knowing. I was like, “That’s what it is.” It’s funny because when I think about it, it all started when I was sixteen years old. I grew up in New Jersey. I was looking at schools to go to and something kept telling me, “Go to the University of Delaware.” I had never been to the state. Why the heck did I want to go? I only applied to two schools. They don’t know why but it was to be part of this journey. I go there.

My story started years ago when my father became terminally ill. He became ill quickly. In May of 2004 they thought he had the flu. In August 29th, 2004, he passed away from small cell lung cancer after never smoking a day in his life. He was diagnosed middle of July 2004 with hard bone cancer. He was so noble in this. He went from finding out to acceptance when it was discovered. The small cell lung cancer is stage four. He accepted. He went quickly. How this all started was my dad was in hospice care in the hospital. I was crying into my aunt. I had been with this guy for over 2.5 years. We were going to get married. There was no doubt about that. I was crying to my aunt, his younger sister. I said, “I can’t believe my dad won’t be at my wedding.” I was daddy’s little girl and his only daughter. She’s like, “Why don’t you get married?” I was like, “I can’t do that. Wait a second. Yes, I can.”

It’s funny because the story all starts with I met this guy. We’re going to call him Matt. I met him at this restaurant called 821. It was one of those magical moments apparently. He said the first time he saw me, he knew we would get married. It was this whirlwind romance almost. The fact that this is how this all happened ended up being myronic. Here’s the biggest myrony. I was born in this hospital. I called him from the hospital and I was like, “Do you want to get married next Sunday?” He was like, “Of course.” I proposed to him in the restaurant we’d met at, in the hospital I was born and that I’m going to get married in. I’m the only person in history born, engaged, and married in the same hospital.

GG 23 | Crazy Coincidences
Many Lives, Many Masters (Brian Weiss)

Let me tell you. I didn’t know about myrony until years later but this is where it first showed up. It was incredible. I planned a wedding in six days. I asked him on Saturday. We took a day of rest on Sunday. Monday, we’re off to the races, planning a wedding for that following Sunday. My mom even said, “Why can’t we do this in two weeks?” I said, “We don’t have two weeks.” The first wedding dress I tried on was the dress of my dreams. There were two dress fittings in one week, shoes last pair of my size, whole bride ensemble seriously bought in three hours with lunch. The next day, signs kept showing up. The most amazing things kept happening that entire week. It even was down to the day before.

I was getting married on August 22nd. It was funny. We thought we were going to get married on August 21st. It was a whirlwind. We were off by a day. The day before, it was a torrential downpour, sheets of rain. Everybody was like, “What are you going to do?” The reception was going to be in this beautiful courtyard of the hospital. That’s when I said, “If there truly is a God, he will not take this away from my father.” I like to say 08/21 was when I challenged God. On 08/22, God showed up because the next day was one of the most beautiful days I ever witnessed. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, not a drop of rain, no humidity on the East Coast. At the end of August, it was a California day in New Jersey. I truly felt the presence of God. When I say God, I say God is love with an awesome sense of humor, which for your readers, in my logo, I have Winkie. That’s how I represent God. The people want to see the universe source but it’s recognizing something greater.

This beautiful story, which it was, when I got married, that night, I remember crying hysterically because I knew my dad was going to die. Sure enough, one week to the time that I got married, he passed away. That was part one of the myronic story. Part two is that right after we got married, in the restaurant, I was the general manager. It was the head chef-owner. He was one step down from that. He’s like, “I want you to buy the restaurant.” We were like, “This is an amazing opportunity.” You want to hear something funny is that I’m in San Jose, California. We talked about moving to San Jose. That would’ve changed everything. It’s part of the journey that was meant to happen.

We were set to buy the restaurant with family money. We were set to buy the restaurant on December 1st. It ended up closing on December 8th, which is 821 backwards. Maybe this was some foreshadowing as to how backwards my life was going to become. A lot of tragedy then happened where my brother and his then wife became pregnant with twins. Five and a half months into the pregnancy, they lost them. It happened on Mother’s Day, which was also my brother’s birthday. This is all within a year. We also lost my uncle during this time. I also have battled fibromyalgia and all this stress. I never got a chance to grieve for my father.

When the twins were lost, that’s when depression hit but I still own this restaurant. I was in a constant state of being survival and massive pain too, when you think things can’t get worse. I had this girl who worked for me. I’m going to say it because it’s the story. She lied about having cancer and going through chemotherapy when she had a hernia. I don’t know what she wanted. I don’t know if she wanted my life but she decided to leave her husband to be with mine. It all started at her son’s one-year birthday party. I’m saying the truth.

Rachel, what’s your reaction? If you’ll watch this, you can see Rachel is quite reactive.

I’m so reactive because I think we’re also raw from COVID that I have been recounting the amount of loss that my family has experienced in 2020. Whether it’s even loss of opportunity for my kids, it’s not just mine. You’re talking sickness, death and all these things. Your husband who met you thought you were the love of his life and would leave you for a waitress or someone who was working for you with a one-year-old. She lied about cancer.

We can look at this. This is one of the things I want to share with the audience. This is not a poor me story because there’s actual triumph that comes from this and an absolute gift. I’m going to keep continuing the story. It’s looking from this higher perspective and this is what I’m here in this world to do. This is the story. They ended up being my greatest gift. I am thankful and I’ll share why I’m thankful. I’m going to continue if that’s okay, Karen. I got to turn this around because this is straight-up like, “What?” I started living in a soap opera. This is the thing. The day of this party, I was given every single sign from above not to go. He didn’t want to go. Our navigation would not take us to the house where it was fifteen minutes away. We could not find this house.

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Do you mean you were going to a party for something?

We were going to her son’s one-year birthday party.

She worked at the restaurant.

She was my assistant and help post. What’s even crazier is that at one point he’s like, “We need to fire her.” I was like, “We can’t. She’s going through chemotherapy.” It’s a soap opera. Every single sign that day showed me, “Don’t go to this.” Even the thing was that when I was there, she made a comment that I should have been like, “You go near him.” I don’t want to say anything but I’m sure you ladies can figure out what I would say. I went against that intuition. It was the perfect storm. There was so much going on. In addition to our restaurant, we were sold a lemon of a restaurant. There was a huge economic shift that happened before the big economic shift of 2008.

He left me eleven months into our marriage. It was crazy. It was similar to the whole Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston triangle, just a lot more micro. It was so crazy because I wouldn’t have to pretend. We were this newlywed couple where I was in the bridal magazine for Daddy’s Little Girl and I’m dealing with this not even a year later like, “That’s it.” I will tell you, it was the most traumatic. I don’t know how I survived it. I would have to pretend for people who didn’t know that I was this happily married couple. For those that did know the horrible thing going on, you want to talk about being split in many different ways.

My biggest gift during all this, I somehow tapped into my father’s energy and I was being given messages. Without that higher guidance, I know I would have killed myself. My mom tapped into it too. Otherwise, you make yourself sound crazy but we were getting the same messages. About a year later, she became pregnant. That’s when I tried to kill myself. I couldn’t handle it. I know maybe I’m being stupid to say this but he was my everything. I would have taken him back because of all the things. It was the perfect storm. I believe love conquers all. When she became pregnant, that was it.

You had mentioned you had a hysterectomy.

That was way later. We’re going to go in that too. At this time, I still could have kids. When that day happened, I remember saying, “I don’t want to die. I just don’t know how to live anymore.” That’s still emotional. I drank some wine. I took a sleeping pill and I took a bath. I gave myself enough of a chance that I didn’t take a bunch of sleeping pills. I wake up in this cold bath. There was like Cher like, “Snap out of it, Alysha. You can’t do this. You can’t add any more tragedy to your family.” Thank God to my connection to this higher perspective that kept me going. I was given the greatest gift that myronicly, my friend who took my wedding pictures gave me this book the day before she was moving away called Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. That book saved my life.

When I read this book, it brought me to that higher perspective. That was what gave me the fight to keep going. Everything happened and there’s so much more to the story. I don’t want to take up the whole time for that. I believe in soulmates. There’s an incredible book here and I’m going to throw it out there, Only Love Is Real. Any of your audience reading this story and be like, “How the heck did this happen?” We have our soul contracts that maybe we’re meant to have children with. We have our soulmates that maybe we’re meant to be in for that period of time. I will tell you. He was one of my good soulmates but I had to go back to being myronic to bring myrony to the world. I am happy to have gone all through this. My ultimate goal is to help people who feel lost and show them how you can rise from the ashes despite whatever you go through, knowing that your higher self chose everything that is happening in your life if you truly can accept that way. That’s one of the things that I do in addition to being a podcaster.

GG 23 | Crazy Coincidences
Only Love is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited (Brian Weiss)

There’s so much more to your story too. People do need to read to the first few episodes, if not more of your show.

I would like to give a shout-out to my friend, Dan McPherson, who has an incredible show called Dreams ARE Real. That’s where I do a deep dive into my story. My story on my podcast, I don’t go so deep. This one, I do a raw deep dive of everything that happened. If people want to hear the spiritual journey of what we’re going to be sharing a little bit about too is on February 22nd on my friend’s show, Sense of Soul, I do a deep dive on the spiritual part to all this. People can hear the whole story, they’ve just got to listen to a couple of different shows.

Podcasts are great to learn, expand and grow. Michelle, can you share how you’re feeling and some serendipitous moments that happen to you in your life?

Your story is so moving. I thought I was going to cry at one point but also happily, I can relate. I was in a long marriage. That’s different but I was in a long marriage with a lot of infidelity, not on my part. I believe that there’s something deep inside of me as dark as it was. It was dark in the beginning. What defined me was how I carried myself in those moments. I’ve grown leaps and bounds since then. I remember there was a point where I was thinking, “I don’t want to go on.” I remember it scared me half to death. I would never do that to my children and I love life. I remember a split moment thinking that. To think of where I am, it’s years later, where I am and how much I’ve learned and grown. I’m also extremely grateful for having gone through that. There’s a freedom that I feel I’ve shown up for myself, which I relate to.

That will bring me to my myrony story. It’s funny how those two go together. I’m going to backtrack. It was the beginning of February years ago when we split. In November, Karen, my dear friend, we often read similar books and she was telling me about this book called The Choice by Dr. Edith Eger. She hadn’t finished it but she can’t put it down. What a great story this well. I’m like, “I’ve got to read it.” I read it. It was only the second time ever that I felt like I needed to meet the author. I tried but I couldn’t reach her. I forgot about it. I told lots of people about how great the book was but forgot that I would want to meet her.

By the way, that was also a big thing because I’ve been feeling that way. All of a sudden, towards the end of the book, she says that she moved to San Diego. I’m like, “I’m in San Diego. That’s crazy.” I didn’t even know she is a Holocaust survivor. I didn’t even know that she was still alive. I didn’t look to see when the book was written. Cut to about weeks after my separation. I was in a dark place. Somehow I noticed that she was speaking ten minutes from my house. I knew I had to go, so I went.

You called me and told me. I said to you, “You have to go up and talk to her.” You may not remember that.

I forgot.

You do not go to that without getting up there.

I knew I was going to do something crazy. I had to meet her. I went and it was a huge school auditorium. All of a sudden, who sits in front of me but her, right directly in front of me. I remember I want to say something at that point but I knew she had to speak so I didn’t want to bother her. I’m like, “I’m going tell this to my friend.” I’m trying to suck up her positive energy. She’s an amazing woman. In fact, she’s been on Karen’s show once or twice, I can’t recall. She spoke and it was moving. The second she finished, I dashed to the stage. I was the first one up there. I had to meet her and I did. Our energies master something happened.

She had a waiting list over a year. I said to her, “I’m going through a dark time. Are you seeing people still?” I had no idea. She gave me her phone number and her email. I called her immediately. I bypass the entire year’s long waiting list. She took me immediately. Here was Karen recommending a book. This woman has helped to change my life certainly in the beginning the way my thoughts were and this and that. She helped me reshape them and put me on this journey that I continue. I still see her once in a while. I saw her for quite a while but then COVID hit. She’s a remarkable woman. I don’t even know how I got so blessed to find this angel in my life.

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You were open to the universe presenting and then you took action. Thank you for sharing that. I also want to mention to the audience that Alysha did a session for me. Her sessions are incredible. She dives deep into this experience and then relates these messages back to you that you’re meant to hear. I won’t get into the messages she personally shared with me. It resonated in my core about why I’m here validating some of the reasons for me doing the show, which I always knew that it feels right but you want to have that reassurance. Is it helping people? Is it helping me grow and expand? Alysha, you were spot on with that. That was great.

I liked to piggyback on what Michelle said because I had an experience, which is funny. When everything was happening and I’ve read this book Many Lives, Many Masters, it was the strength to keep going. 2008 happens. The economy is going down. I have to close my restaurant. I ended up closing the restaurant on April 22nd of 2008. I’m broken yet again. I feel like I’m a caged animal in this little area where I was in a small city and publicly known. Besides being humiliated with everything that happened, I’m humiliated with bankruptcy. I didn’t leave my apartment. I couldn’t. This is a funny part. It was even at one point I had to cash out all my stocks so I could pay my employees. They’d be knocking at my door. I felt like a freaking drug dealer. I’m doling them out with cash. It’s the comedy behind this.

With myrony, there is humor. Without humor, what do we have? That’s sometimes what we need to keep going. I was given the other greatest gift of myrony was that I had Oprah on the TV. All love Oprah. I miss Oprah. Oprah show was awesome. What’s so crazy is that I was in my bedroom and I didn’t have a TV in my bedroom. I had the words on and I hear these profound words. I’m like, “That sounds like the author of Many Lives, Many Masters.” Sure enough, it was the twentieth anniversary of that book. That was my biggest sign to keep going. In that book, it tells you that your higher self chooses everything that happens in life. I was always being given. Here’s enough to keep you going. I’m going to give you a little bit more. This life of mine has been a roller coaster. I think if someone’s going to bring myrony to the world whose last name is Myronic, you’ve got to have some good stories. I got a lifetime’s worth.

What was so crazy is that it was similar, Michelle. It was in 2014 or somewhere around there. I was woken up in the middle of the night. I was like, “Why doesn’t Dr. Weiss do any speaking engagements?” I go online. He’s in his 70s so he’s not doing much. He had six places he was going to. One of them happened to be Santa Clara, California, which is where I am. I was able to see him, get Many Lives, Many Masters signed and meet him. I love that you shared your story. That’s the whole point to have your audience understand is that it can be the smallest sign that’s going to have the greatest impact. Sometimes you may not even know what the meaning is but if you start looking and you start being coming introspective, if you start looking at all the things that have happened in your life that if you chose to go one way or another, even when it seems to be the bad choice, there’s nothing bad.

I want to give this. This is one of the messages, Karen. “One foot lead straight, the other is misguided. Both are necessary and will always be present. Make sure to follow the straight foot because it’s the fastest path to your destiny.” I’m here to show people how to start tapping into that and through these sessions, which I would love to gift all of you. You’re more than welcome. Also I’d like to gift two of your readers, Karen. If they let me know, I’ll do an hour session with them. To be able to do that, they’ve got to say they read this on the show. I am here to help people feel lost like I was, I know how to pull you out of it where it took me years.

GG 23 | Crazy Coincidences
Crazy Coincidences: With Myrony, there is humor. Without humor, what do we have?


I do want to also say how I came up with myrony because it wasn’t until 2015. I used to be in car sales. People would say, “How do you say your last name?” I say, “It’s like ironic with an M. There’s a lot of myrony in my life.” I get a little chuckle. One day, it hit me. I was like, “This is a universal word for everybody, my irony, myrony. Myrony is the opposite of selfie. What if we start sharing our myronys in addition to our selfie?” That’s the other thing I ask everyone. “You like this, share it. Know that we have another form of content we can have on social media. Imagine if we started sharing these stories.” Michelle, you’ve shared your myrony and I’m like, “I have a myrony like that.” We start connecting on that level. We start bringing it to not just being of ourselves. I think the power of what that will create will be amazing. I need everyone to help me that happen.

I think that too when you’re thinking about what is that actionable step. Sure, you can see like, “I see the red cardinal all over the place. I always think it’s a past loved one giving me messages but what is that?” I started to think, “What am I thinking about when I see the bird?” It’s trying to figure out that. By sharing everyone’s myrony, then you can see what did that person do? Michelle took action and Camille. Rachel, I’d love to hear your story. By the way, myrony should be in the dictionary.

I hope to get it in the dictionary.

Do you have any myronic stories, Rachel?

I do.

I have to say, I am loving all the stories. The other big thing with myrony is trusting. You’ll see a sign but then you’ll get a reaction within yourself. It’s becoming aware of external events and also aware of your internal feelings. When you have that gut reaction, that’s when you want to take action. I’m not saying because you see something is always going to be a significant myrony but the fact that you even bring it into. I think one of the most powerful things that I learned about manifestation was in the book Conversations with God. It says, “To truly manifest, you need to act. As soon as you think you’ve killed the act, you have to be in action.” That’s the biggest thing. That’s why I say when we’re in action, that’s how we start tapping into our superpower. Rachel, we’d love to hear your story.

I was thinking about this. I feel like there are always so many stories. I kept thinking when I travel and you run into someone. You start talking to them. You’re like, “We both know so-and-so. I feel like you have these little things that have percolated in my life, these moments.” I’m from a small town in Central Illinois. It’s not like I have some big network of people. This happened a couple of years ago. It was funny. I was meeting a girlfriend to go to The Black Keys concert. I was super excited to go to this show with her. We were going to go out for dinner beforehand but then one of my good friends, Yoni. I don’t know if you know him, Karen, from preschool. He was running for a state-elected office. He was having a benefit. I wanted to go and support him.

There were going to be hundreds of people there. He wouldn’t even necessarily know I went. Even though I had a big night planned, I was like, “I feel like I have to go.” I go to the event and I’m able to see him. He whispers in my ear, “Rachel, Lori Lightfoot is coming,” who is the Mayor of Chicago. I love to meet politicians, famous people. I’m all in. I call my girlfriend. I’m like, “I’m not going to make it for dinner but I’ll meet you at the show. Lori Lightfoot is going to be here.” I could see the mayor but there were hundreds of people there. I waited. I saw her. I called an Uber to go to the concert. I’m standing by the door waiting. It’s winter. It’s cold.

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A fellow mom from school but also a politician calls me over. She’s the one, Kelly Cassidy, who got marijuana legalized in the state of Illinois. She sponsored that bill. It had gone through. I was congratulating her on the bill. Lori Lightfoot walks up. She introduces me but she introduces me as a fellow mom from school. My kids go to a private school. I have done a ton of activism for public schoolwork. It’s the circumstance in Chicago, how things worked out but I still am working on public high schools. I was going to meet her and shake her hand but when she introduced me as a private school mom, I felt sick to my stomach. “I am not going to be introduced to Lori Lightfoot as a private school mom.”

I said, “It’s so nice to meet you. I want you to know I have been a community activist for years. I helped turn around the school around the corner from here. I’m working on local high schools. They could use a lot more support. I’m on the board of this not-for-profit.” She said, “You call so-and-so.” My friend, Kelly Cassidy, said, “I’ll write you the letter to her assistant.” I had a meeting and it went. I love live music so much for me to have compromised this opportunity to see this concert to see a mayor from a distance talking. I kept listening to my gut. “I need to do this.” That’s my story.

That’s the whole thing. Trust your inner intuition. That is your most powerful compass in life. The hamster wheel of our head is like, “What if?” Take a moment, sit with your heart and your soul and listen to that because that is what’s telling you the way to go. I’m not saying it’s all going to be roses. I have a message that I’m being guided to share.

This is what she does by the way, readers. She’ll talk to you and then all of a sudden, she’d say, “I have to tell you.” It’s so cool. I’ll tell my story. I don’t know if it’s myrony. Alysha, you’ll have to tell me but it’s after the fact myrony. Is there such a thing?

Your story that you shared on your episode.

Not that one. I didn’t share this one. This is with my husband. It’s so interesting that when we got engaged to then be married, we had gone out for almost years. We discovered many coincidences that we had had over the years. For example, we discovered, this is after years of dating, that he was in the same preschool class with my sister, in fact, standing beside each other for the school photo. That our fathers lived in the same four flat. His dad lived on the bottom floor. My dad lived kitty-corner when they were young. My dad moved out when he was seven. When they were young, they’d lived in the same house. We found this out sooner but they worked two buildings away from each other.

The biggest one and we almost didn’t get married for this, here we are sitting down to write out our list for our wedding with his parents and my parents going through, “Who’s going? Who’s being invited?” They said, “Uncle Sam, we’re inviting him. Where’s his address?” They’re looking it up. My parents are at the same time saying, “Cousin Sam. What’s his address?” It’s the same man so we are related by marriage. At that moment, my husband and I looked at each other and we said, “Your Uncle Sam is my dad’s first cousin by marriage? I don’t know if we can get married.” It was like coincidences after the fact.

That is myrony but I’m so glad that it was just by marriage because you and your husband are the cutest soulmates ever.

Not long after that, I did a past life regression. I was like, “Who is this man I’m marrying? What else do I need to find out?” I found out that in a past life, whether you believe in past lives or not, it was fun to do, he was my gardener. I was some wealthy aristocrat and he would tend to the garden. He makes jokes about tending to the garden but we won’t go there. The point is that he’s back in my life. We have many lives together. For whatever reason, we’re back again and we’re helping each other.

GG 23 | Crazy Coincidences
Crazy Coincidences: Even the smallest sign can have the greatest impact in your life.


I want to go back to your readers and also you if you haven’t heard Only Love Is Real. Dr. Brian Weiss is connected to past life regression therapy. Many Lives, Many Masters, he risked his entire career. He was a well-respected psychiatrist because of an experience that he had with this one patient, Catherine. He ended up writing five other books and this one, Only Love Is Real. This is what happened. This is in my sessions when people want to work with me, not just like a one time. I give the tools of the books that pulled me from the depths of despair and understanding how the different soulmate relationships are.

Here’s the myrony. He had two patients that he realized were soulmates through their therapy. They didn’t know each other and what was he going to do. It is the most beautiful story of love. Michelle, I would highly recommend you read this book if you haven’t read this book. We do your session after that so we can go even deeper dive that way. It’s so powerful when we can look at how amazing life is and that if we trust the divine design that interweaves us together.

There are two messages. The ever-seeking soul finds wisdom and understanding. The mundanity of life evolves spiritually and is blessed with progression as lessons are learned. That which needs to be learned is not always readily apparent. Lessons can be smaller grades but they must be learned. Karmic debts must be repaid along the way. This is the one I wanted to share. Unfortunate occurrences and “bad luck scenarios” are often required to facilitate higher learning and accelerate a progressive life cycle that is not evolving. Positive life-changing events confers manifest as personal disasters but are the necessary precursor to understanding and obtaining the awaiting miracle.

I firmly believe in that.

I believe in it but it’s hard when bad things happen to good people.

There’s a reason when we can start looking at it from that higher perspective. I think one of the most powerful things is that when we can say from our higher selves, we chose it, then we keep the power. We’re not the victims of anything that happens in our life.

What’s your advice to the younger generation who might be reading or children like my children who are young adults? I’m in my 50s. I understand this. Perhaps the other women here have a better handle on it. We’ve been through a lot in life, bad times and good times. The younger generation that’s like, “That sucks. I wanted this to happen and it didn’t happen.” They can’t see what’s on the other side.

I introduced them to this way of thinking. I did this with a family member when she was twelve years old and she was not in a good place. I did what I do in my sessions with her on a different level. She got it. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter about age. It’s our soul growth. I know I’m bringing Dr. Brian Weiss into a lot of this. There’s more than I do with Dr. Brian Weiss. I think the wisdom that he has enabled to show is that he was given a vision of earth being a one-room schoolhouse and we’re all at different grades. It’s powerful. When we can say someone’s acting “bad” or a horrible person, maybe they’re in their terrible twos. They don’t know.

If anybody had the awareness, they wouldn’t be that way. When we can start coming from a place of compassion versus a place of judgment that is a powerful place to be. We can show the younger generation. That is my goal. My little cute word of my myrony, I hope will have the biggest impact in this period of time because of bringing this awareness. I would not have loved this information when I was a preteen or teenager.

We must come from a place of compassion instead of judgment. That is a powerful place to be. Click To Tweet

Learning to surrender and to know that with the down will come the up. It’s a cycle. Does anyone have any further questions for Alysha?

I did want to ask. Did you read the book, Your Soul’s Plan?

I haven’t read that one.

I’m sure it’s more of the same but that book also changed my whole view about past lives, our purpose on earth, why tragedy happens and how it’s part of the plan. That made the shift for me.

Have you ever read Conversations with God?


Can I tell a funny story with Conversations with God? How this book showed up in my life, remember I said 08/21, I challenged God. 08/22 was when God showed up. I didn’t get to say this as much. Coming up on years ago, I had a profound spiritual experience and it’s starting to come out. I’m putting it out publicly. I’ll put it publicly here. I know it sounds crazy. I spent 24 hours with God and the story that I’m bringing out to the world. If anybody wants to hear those deep dive, it’s on my friend’s super spiritual show, Sense of Soul. We can hear that. When I had this experience, it’s so profound.

For us to think that we’re not communicated, it’s silly. The thing that was so funny about Conversations with God is that I didn’t know about this book. I heard about this book one time but I did not know who the author was. I was woken up in the middle of the night to look at Facebook. I’m like, “Why am I looking at Facebook?” I have pictures of this. This is one of the things that I have done. My higher self was like, “Take these pictures of random things. At some point, you’re going to put with the puzzle pieces together.” I go to Facebook and no joke, there’s this author, Neale Donald Walsch, 822,000 followers.

I’m like, “What’s up with 822?” I click on it. It says, “Conversations with God.” I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I go to Amazon to order the book. I have six minutes if I want to get the next day. Six is my lucky number. I’m like, “What is up with this book?” This book is beautiful, so profound. I believe there are foundations we need to build before we can truly appreciate the beauty that is shared in that book. That’s what I like to do is show people wherever they’re at. Even if you don’t believe in anything, take the chance and read Many Lives, Many Masters. Dr. Brian Weiss was completely agnostic.

To me, it’s trying to understand why we’re here on Earth, even if it’s true or it’s not true. It makes you feel better. It’s going to help you grow and help others grow. We’re not just for ourselves. We’re here to help others. We’re here to help everyone and lift everyone up by sharing and being vulnerable. Why do we have these experiences? Truthfully, God speaks to everyone. You just have to listen. Your loved ones that have passed, you have to listen.

It’s the listening and then the acting but it’s knowing how to act. It’s feeling in your gut how to act. For example, I see 714 all the time.

That’s hilarious. That number just showed up, Karen. There’s a connection between us with that.

That was my due date.

It’s not just for me. My husband sees it too. Sometimes he’ll call me on his way home. He comes home at 7:14 at night, sometimes later. He’ll call me in the car and I’ll be like, “It’s 7:14.” We don’t know what it means. If you don’t know what this is, you have to trust that it will come.

GG 23 | Crazy Coincidences
Crazy Coincidences: The mundanity of life evolves spiritually and is blessed with progression as lessons are learned.


You have to. It counts in all different ways. It can come in numbers. Mine shows up on license plates all the time. More messages from freaking license plates where I have pictures. My numbers are 821, 822, 08/29 when my dad passed away but then I have a whole bunch of other numbers. I’ll even be honest. I connect them to Bible verses because they’re powerful. That was what I was given. “Check this out.” One of them is Acts 2:22. When I talk about this, I’m not religious. I am all-encompassing of religion in the sense of I believe God has given us this information. People want to say universe. Sure, but God has given us all this information at some point. Maybe a little piece has been taken out of every one. Maybe if we rotated around and started putting it together, we’re going to have the whole piece of the puzzle.

If you want to read one of the most fascinating books of an Aboriginal tribe in Australia, it’s called Mutant Message Down Under. This woman is invited to go on a walkabout. She has no idea what she’s going to be doing. This is the most powerful book of understanding what true faith is in. They manifest everything out of nothing. True faith is when we can let go of fear. I like to say step aside and let God guide. I don’t want people to start questioning their signs. I want them to cross them. There’s a reason why you paid attention. When you hear a song on a radio, you’re like, “That sounds like that’s for me.” Pay attention to it. Our loved ones that have passed, they love sending us signs.

I always say, “Thank you for that.” I used to be, “What? Why? I don’t understand.” Now I open to my feelings or what’s going on in the moment. I’m thinking that I miss somebody and then I’m like, “I have to call them,” that type of thing.

I also want to say why they go through the “bad parts” in life is unless we experienced the ugly, we can’t truly appreciate the beauty.

What happens when we’re going through that ugly time?

When we’re going through the ugly time is I always tell people, “Try to look for that higher perspective. Knowing that for some reason, there is a bigger picture. Are you going to grow from this? Are you going to let this take you over?” I will admit. I can’t even tell you how many times I wanted to kill myself through all this. Besides all that craziness, I had a full hysterectomy when I was 33. I dealt with alcohol abuse. I dealt with prescription drug addiction because of the pain from some things that happened with my fibromyalgia. I lose both of my parents. You name it in a way. I believe you’re only given what you can handle.

I will tell you. There were a few times I don’t know how I made it through but I’m so happy I did so that I can share my story authentically raw for anyone reading, knowing that you are not alone in anything that is happening. We can come together. We can be each other’s support. That’s one of the things that I’m hoping by myrony becoming a word known around the world. We can connect on this. We can share and maybe even be able to lift each other up. What if we hadn’t shared these stories? Look at all the myronys that have happened within the five of us? Even me coming on the call, Camille, you’re bringing up our friend Kamelia Britton, who you interviewed. To find out that Michelle knows her.

Kamelia, when you read this, I’m giving a big shout-out to you too. Kamelia is a big Instagram influencer. She helps build brands for Instagram but she started off as this travel blogger. She went through this incredible triumph of breast cancer and put herself out there. I was guided to meet her. Camille just came out. That’s amazing. I will say if your readers want to hear more myronys of Karen’s and Camille’s on both of your episodes. Camille, you were discovering myronys as we were interviewing. That was priceless. Karen’s episode is Episode 14 and Camille’s is 27. I think that the more we share these stories, the more everyone will be able to start tapping into their own superpowers, which is ultimately awareness.

I was also going to say that many times I use that word as part of my language. I’m like, “That’s so myronic.” My family, my parents were like, “What are you talking about?” I’m like, “That’s so myronic. You have to listen to Alysha’s That’s Myrony Podcast.”

This isn’t my word. I’m just a messenger. I want people to start using this word. Synchronicity is great but it’s long. Most people don’t know how to throw it.

If our audience and guests who are joining us, our Featured Goddesses or the readers would like to contact you, there are many ways. How can they do that either for a session or read your show?

You can go to There is my Myrony Mentoring where I give a 30-minute intuitive session to get to know each other. For you, lovely ladies, we’ll be doing an hour. I also want to include it to your other goddesses who aren’t here. Your readers, if they go to that 30-minute, they say, “I heard you on the show,” then I will give them an hour. That’s one way. I’m easy to find on social media. No one has my name. Instagram @Alysha.Myronuk or @Thats.Myrony. I would love to connect however we can connect. I want to hear your myronic stories. I’m doing a compilation book for people to share their myronys. It’s called Got Myrony Life is Good. It’s book one because there’s going to be many in the series.

I hope you’ll be joining us too on GG TV. We can share lots of myronys with lots of viewers. Thank you so much. I know that your sessions. I’m reading here Unlock Your Blocks, which help release what you need to do to move forward and create the life that you all truly desire, all with a little myrony and give a little wink. Thank you for joining us on the show, Alysha. We’re so glad that you’re here.

Thank you. It’s been an honor and pleasure.

Welcome, everyone, to Favorite Things on the show with our guest Alysha Myronuk. It’s quite myronic or my irony is I came into my office and I was thinking, “What’s my favorite thing?” We always talk about, are we going to run out of favorite things but we’re never going to run out of favorite things. I decided to let my intuition guide me. I have lots of books behind me. I do teach preschool. I do have some preschool books up here. I don’t remember this one but it came up. It’s by Peter H. Reynolds. It’s called The North Star. I picked it up. I remember getting this but a long time ago. I’m not going to read the whole thing but I am going to read this. It’s the inside insert. “It is often said that life is a journey and it’s true but sometimes it’s difficult to know which path to follow when signs point in so many directions.”

In this beautifully illustrated book, Peter Reynolds inspires readers to observe, wonder and consider diverging from the well-worn path to follow their dreams. Throughout the story, the little boy keeps going on a different path than what his gut is telling him. He gets lost. He ends up going in the swamp. He’s stuck there. He doesn’t know what to do but then this page says, “‘I’m not sure,’ said the boy. He who looked around at the dark tangled swamp, ‘but I do know that this isn’t where I want to be. I guess I am lost.’ A bird says to him, ‘Ask yourself where is it you want to go and then follow the signs that you already know.'” He ends up on this beautiful journey of everything that he wants in his life.

It resonated with me. I’m like, “This is the book I have to share.” Everyone should read this book or at least take a look. It says, “If only every individual could find and follow his or her own star and be encouraged to do so, how different the world would be?” The North Star moves us in that direction. That’s by Dr. Jane Goodall, which is on the back. That’s my favorite thing. I love children’s books because they’re authentic. They tell what the meaning is. Camille, you were getting emotional about that. How come?

True faith is when we can let go of fear, step aside, and let God guide. Click To Tweet

I refer to my grandmother as my North Star. I started calling my dad that, realizing the transition. I lost her in January 13th, 2020, three days after my birthday. It was difficult. I was a parent. I’m doing an event with a performer. He performs a song called Daddy Daughter Day. The place that he owns it’s called The North. These myronys do not stop. I was trying, not seeing anything.

I’ll let you go next.

I’m obsessed with the ’90s. I did this press release where I had to do the salt-and-pepper thing. Everything that I use has been in my head. During that press release, I was excited about meeting one of my idol, Wendy Williams, not her but the actress that plays her. It was one of the women we were supposed to interview as well. We were with the other press person while they answer their questions. I’m like, “That’s my question.” I was running out of questions. There are five more minutes and they hadn’t gotten to me yet. I typed in the chat real quick. “What was the lipstick you wore as Wendy Williams?” It was iconic. She made a point of mentioning that the guy that was playing her husband in the movie, he picked out the lipstick for her. Fuck the lipstick. She told me what it was. I’m wearing it. Guess what it’s called.

Oh so ’90s. That’s awesome.

I had it. That’s Charlotte Tilbury. It’s a matte lipstick but it’s not drawing. It’s called Brown but in the movie, it looked red. I don’t normally like reds but I like it on her. It’s the perfect brownish-red color. I would have never picked looking on the website. She was 100% right, Ciera Payton who played Wendy Williams. That was on lunchbox they’ve sent me for me not getting to interview her, which was worth it. It’s ’90s I think.

You’re wearing your Tommy Hilfiger shirt too, which is ’90s for sure.

My dad would have never let me buy this as a kid.

Rachel, what did you bring?

My favorite thing is this new sweater that I got from one of my favorite little boutiques in Chicago called Winifred Grace. It’s a champagne pinky color. It’s super soft. I would never have bought this color for myself, but my girlfriend who follows them on Instagram, saw this sweater. She said, “You need to go get this sweater.” I happen to be walking there. I put on this sweater. It is a good color for me, especially with my silver hair. It’s become a good color for me because I normally wear bold colors. I love this boutique Winifred Grace. This bracelet is from them. This is my Wonder Woman bracelet. I have new rings that she designed that are from printing press edge designs, which I’m a writer. It’s a beautiful little store. I love their stuff.

You’ve mentioned that store before. I was going through my favorite things list. I was writing everything down. I have to get there for sure.

It can go off-shoulder like an ’80s Flashdance.

It is seven degrees. I took the dog out for a walk. We froze.

It feels like negative four.

That’s a perfect sweater to be cozy. I’m so glad it makes you feel good. It looks so yummy. I think I might get one. I’m going to take a look. The color does look great on you. Michelle, what did you bring?

Karen, you may recognize this.

I made that for you.

I learned how to play mahjong years ago. Karen came to visit me not long after I moved to San Diego from Chicago. She had made this for me. It may not look like adhere but it’s a mezuzah, which is something in the Jewish face that we put on our front door and then rooms in our house to protect us from any evil that may want to be entering the home. Behind it, this is part of it too. It’s a prayer scroll. She put that inside, which I love. It’s myronic because it’s on with Velcro so it sticks to my doorposts. It had fallen off. I put it on my desk and then I went, “I need a favorite thing because it is.” Thank you, Karen. I love it so much. It reminds me of you all the time. It reminds me of the joy that I get when I play mahjong and knowing that I’m protected.

I was glad you shared that. I forgot about that. You took it with you to your new house.

I did.

I wasn’t sure. You could have left it there but you took it off the door. I love that. Thank you for sharing that. It does bring back great memories. Alysha, what did you bring?

I want to recap on a little couple of myronys going on with The North Star. The show I shared about my deep dive on my personal is my friend Dan McPherson of Dreams ARE Real. He always says, “Follow your North star.” That’s what he says all the time. I love that connection. Michelle, I love the mahjong connection because my mom used to play mahjong where I moved months ago. They play mahjong. I was like, “I think I’m ready to play mahjong. I haven’t learned. I hear it’s a great game.” I love that that came through too. My favorite thing as you can see is a little sparkly coyote. I bought this for my nephew.

I was in Colorado with a friend. She asked me to go to a wedding of one of her friends and then we were going back to the East Coast. I was going to Baltimore. My nephew, unfortunately, committed suicide. The crazy thing is that when Karen and I recorded her episode, it was that day. I didn’t cancel because I wasn’t going to cancel Karen. I kept it in until right at the end. I know I have received messages from him. I know he’s good. He’s fourteen. He’s a sweet soul. I was able to bring this back because he’s always with me.

You were going to be on earlier than this taping. I think you went in for the funeral but you’re here. Thank goodness. I’m so grateful that you’re here, that we got to do this interview and learn so much about trusting the universe, looking out for those myronys and acting on them. If you’re not sure out there, “How do I do this? I don’t know what this means,” please reach out to Alysha. Join her and myself on GG TV. She would love to hear and me too about all your myronys. Hopefully, everyone will look out and have a great myronic marvelous day. Thank you for joining us on favorite things with our grateful goddess, Alysha Myronuk.

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GG 23 | Crazy CoincidencesAlysha Myronuk is the creator of the fun new word of myrony (my+irony) which are the crazy coincidences that happen in life we can’t explain and is also another word for sign/synchronicity.

Her life was fairly normal until she got into a car accident that triggered fibromyalgia at the age of 18 and had to deal with that very painful chronic condition along with many other life challenges including loss of both parents, marriage, divorce, suicide thoughts/attempt, alcohol/prescription drug abuse/addiction and a full hysterectomy by the time she was 35.

Alysha’s strong spiritual connection and tenacity are what helped her through some very dark days. However, it’s actually thanks to those days that allowed her to connect to her superpower that she calls her “Spiritual Spidey Sense”.

She now shares her new concept hosting the “That’s Myrony” Podcast along with her spiritual coaching business “My Myrony” Mentoring where she uses her psychic gift of “knowing” also known as claircognizance to help her clients through Intuitive Sessions she calls “Unlock Your Blocks” which helps release what they need to move forward and create the life they truly desire all with a little myrony!

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