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Kim Chestney: Learn How To Harness Your Radical Intuition

GG 51 | Radical Intuition


How do we discover what it is that we are supposed to do in our lives? What is that one “thing?” We are all in this journey to explore and try out different things for our lives see if they resonate with us or can be added to help enhance our lives. But do you know that we actually already have this intuition inside of us, that is, to know what that “thing” is that we want in our lives? However, it can be difficult to differentiate intuition from fear or anxiety. You need to have a good understanding of your inner-self, your higher self.

Learn how to radically listen to your intuition and gut feelings with your host, Karen Pulver, and her guest, Kim Chestney. Kim is the Founder of Intuition Lab. She is also the author of the book Radical Intuition. Catch Kim in this episode about how you can tap into your intuition Goddess and learn your power! Learn the steps that will propel you forward in life with the power of intuition.

As Kim states, “There is a different kind of thinking that is more powerful than the way you have been taught to think for your whole life. When you discover it, you find the long-hidden keys to the kingdom. You discover that the power of this world does not come from world around you; real power comes from the world inside you.” You have the power all along.

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Kim Chestney: Learn How To Harness Your Radical Intuition

Thank you for joining us on Grateful Goddesses. We’re glad that you intuitively knew to join us. Intuition, what do we mean by that? I, myself, feel like I have followed my gut for most of my life. My dad in his wedding speech at my wedding gave me great advice and he said, “To thy own self, be true and it must follow as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man.” This advice has stuck with me. I am trying to be true to myself at all times. When I feel off the alignment, I don’t feel right. That has happened to me a lot.

When I had my cancer diagnosis years ago, I knew something was wrong with my body. I went to three different doctors. They all told me that I was fine and it’s my imagination but I knew that I wanted to figure out what was wrong. I didn’t have symptoms. I didn’t feel quite right. Sure enough, when I had the tumor removed, which was on my back, it was biopsied as cancer. I wish that I would have listened to that feeling sooner. I did catch it in the early stages but I went about two months thinking I was crazy, thinking my intuition was wrong.

Another example that I wanted to share was when I moved years ago to Chicago with my husband, my feeling was always that I had to move back. It’s like, “When am I moving back to Toronto? This doesn’t quite feel right.” This is why I want to question our guest. I didn’t move back. I stayed. I’m not sure if that’s following my intuition. If I, in fact, should move back. Even to this day, I have that feeling. Those are lots of things that we’re going to talk about.

Kim Chestney is the author of Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power. She is a globally recognized innovation leader and the Founder of Intuition Lab. Her work has been featured or supported by leading-edge organizations including SXSW Interactive, Carnegie Mellon University, Comcast and Hewlett Packard. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Visit her online at

Named as one of the leaders in Pittsburgh’s creative revolution, Kim Chestney has been an innovative force in cultural transformation for decades. Working in both the technology and arts sectors, Kim has led initiatives with some of the leading-edge organizations, universities and tech companies in the world. She created new spaces for intuitive expression, including an art gallery, a creative business incubator and hundreds of cross-sector events. She founded and produced the internationally acclaimed CREATE! Festival, which brought together thousands of game-changing artists and creative entrepreneurs from all around the US each year.

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In 2018, Kim was elected to the Americans for the Arts Advisory Board for her outstanding achievements in the creative economy. In 2017, Kim started up Intuition Lab to teach a new and innovative approach to intuition. Her book, Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power, is the culmination of years of research, exploration and advocacy at the intersection of spirituality and cultural evolution. As the source of all great innovation, ingenuity and creative ideas, Kim recognizes intuition as the driving force of our future as we cross the threshold into the imagination age.

Her groundbreaking work has been featured or supported by SXSW Interactive, Carnegie Mellon University, the Pittsburgh Technology Council, New World Library, Simon and Schuster, New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, International Economic Development Council and Chapman University. Also, European Union, West Virginia University, Penn State University, The Elephant Journal, Sivana East, OMTimes, SIGGRAPH, the Santa Fe International New Media Festival and Americans for the Arts. Kim has evolved to become one of the nation’s top conveners’ champions ambassadors for creatives. She is a trusted resource for entrepreneurs and a sought-after national speaker.

Welcome, Kim, to the show. It’s nice to see you.

It’s nice to be here. Thanks for having me, Karen.

I loved your book, Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power. I’m re-reading it. I’m marking off different pages. What I love about it is not only do I get into explaining intuition and all the different facets of our mind, our body, our spirit and all the different ways that we can feel it. You have actionable activities and steps that we can do to move forward. I took pieces of paper, I did the little billet.

GG 51 | Radical Intuition
Radical Intuition: When you’re true to yourself and live your truth, you embrace this idea of authentic living. That’s when you find your peace in your power and can do all these extraordinary things in your life.


You talk about writing down different things on the paper and I picked one up and I envisioned a stop sign. That was the first thing I felt. All of a sudden, I envisioned an arrow moving forward. Stop and then go. I opened it up. I had written down Grateful Goddess path. Maybe I need to stop and regroup and then move forward. I’m not sure. We’re here to talk with you about all the different ways we can interpret intuition. Let’s start. In your book, instead of, “To thy own self, be true,” you say, “To your own higher self be true.” Can you share with us what you mean by that?

I love that you wrapped that in and that you started with that quote because I’m playing off of that quote. For me, it was solidifying that we wanted to be true to ourselves. The best part of ourselves, our higher selves is that true North within us. That quote summarizes the idea that when we’re true to ourselves, we live our truth and we’re our authentic being then we take that out into the world. We embrace this idea of authentic living. That’s when we find our peace and our power and can do all these extraordinary things in our life.

We all have intuition. You’ve tapped into it or listened to it. It’s interesting because we’ve interviewed on Grateful Goddesses several other people who are quite in tune with their intuition. Many of them say that they’ve either had a brain injury, an accident or something traumatic happened to them in their life that has turned on the switch for them. Is that something necessarily that we all need to happen to turn on the switch for us? What are your thoughts?

The reality with intuition is we all have it. It’s a natural part of our design. We’re born with it. For various reasons, we haven’t developed it as much as we could have. There’s a lot of different ways where it can be activated. For some people, you’re naturally born open to it. Some people naturally have an affinity for it. Other people can develop it with time, attention and diligence over the years. Even in cases where you have an accident or a near-death experience, you can experience these energetic shifts or even biological shifts that open up your intuition. There’s a lot of different ways that we can activate our intuition. At the end of the day, we do have conscious control and the ability to work with that and open up with our time and attention. That’s what we do when we get smarter and develop our analytical intellectual minds, we apply ourselves to it. The same way as intuition, if we apply ourselves to our intuition, that too can get stronger.

As a school teacher and a mom, I see children’s imaginations fly especially in dramatic play and with imaginary friends. Both my son and my daughter had imaginary friends. My son used to have this guy named Uncle Buck. Where does that name come from? Uncle Buck was in our home. He would sit down and leave a space for him to eat. We embraced it. At first, we were like, “Uncle Buck is welcome in our home.”

I then had contacted a psychic-intuitive individual here in Chicago. Everyone has different definitions of what they think. She summarized that was a spirit in our home that we needed to release. She had suggested that my son say to Uncle Buck, “Go to the light.” Here I was telling my 4 or 5-year-old son to walk around and tell Uncle Buck to go to the light. He said, “Mommy, he doesn’t want to go to the light.” It made it like, “My house is haunted.” How do we distinguish among children who have a keen sense of imagination? There’s that, “Is this for real? Is this spirit?” Especially, people who are in tuned with the spiritual world and talking with angels might say that that’s what it is. What are your thoughts?

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I’m glad you brought that up about children because they are naturally open. We come into this world with an openness and a connectedness to the higher vibrations and the more subtle vibrations of being. That wears off over time. It’s also conditioned out of us by normal life and how we’re supposed to experience the world. It’s common for young children to talk to people you can’t see and to know things that should be impossible to know. They’re still tied in deeply with their intuition. That’s wonderful. I love hearing stories about this. I’ve had my own experiences in my own family with situations like that.

At the end of the day, that the reality is there are all kinds of life out there. We know that when we die, once we are in touch with our intuition and our inner being that this isn’t the end. We know that it’s not over. There’s a lot of different dimensions of life. This is the physical dimension. We’re living in this world of stuff we can touch and feel. There are many finer levels of life around us. There can be ghost life. These are all terms that we’ve embrace because we’ve heard them through all the years. There can be different ways of talking about this. We don’t have to use the words ghosts and angels and things like that. It’s this life beyond this dimension, multi-dimensional life and children can perceive that.

I would say you have to use your intuition when you’re thinking about Uncle Buck or when you’re feeling Uncle Buck. If Uncle Buck is something that makes your kid feel weird, uncomfortable or is causing any dissonance then I might look at it. Uncle Buck could be a guardian angel or a friend. There are a lot of different complexities around that. That’s when our intuition comes in. We get to put it to ourselves and how it makes us feel inside.

I feel like all of the social judgments and expectations do restrict. I feel bad because both my husband and I were like, “There’s no Uncle Buck. He’s not here.” I wish we didn’t do that because we said, “It’s a spirit. It’s not here and now he’s gone.” I’ll have to ask my son if Uncle Buck is living with him. You never know. He could have returned. I’d like to bring on our Featured Goddesses, Camille and Michelle, to join us. Camille, your daughter had one too.

She did. Her special friend or imaginary friend was Peter Pan and he was amazing. I didn’t ever want him to leave. I was sad when he did because anytime she did anything wrong, she was like, “Peter Pan did it.” Anytime there’s mischief, “Peter Pan did it.” She’s an only child too. I would hear her sometimes come up with these elaborate things that she and Peter Pan would do together. Being an artist kid and a film kid, I loved it. We would go into the magical world together. We’d watch every Peter Pan movie. I’ve seen every version from Peter Pan being a woman to a man and all the things in between. It’s great.

I’m sad that you were told to get rid of them because he would be flying above our car as we were driving to different places. He was always there as an emotional pet but spiritual. I can’t think of the right term. People have pets that they can carry with them like a therapy dog. Peter Pan was her therapy friend. I asked her about them as she’s older. She stopped talking about him. She’s like, “I knew he wasn’t there. He helped to make it not lonely sometimes and he made it more fun.” I don’t know when she knew he wasn’t a real person or not or how that worked.

You didn’t tell her to stop.

Also, we went to acting school. I remember the teacher making a point of saying that school will try its best to kill the creativity inside of children in the sense that they want them to be able to assimilate and be good students. Being a good student doesn’t necessarily mean being the most creative and open to your higher self and so on. I was aware of that and wanted to make sure that she was able to hold on to that as long as possible. I don’t know how that might add up later on in life. We’ll see. I do love hearing that. Maybe it was like an extra angel taking care of her and looking out for her.

GG 51 | Radical Intuition
Radical Intuition: There’s a lot of different dimensions of life. People are living in the physical dimension where they can touch and feel, but there are so many finer levels of life around us.


That’s the thing that I want to touch on, how do we distinguish between intuition, fear, anxiety and getting that gut feeling but then thinking, “I’m not sure. Should I do this?” The logical mind and the other side, how do we distinguish?

It’s true. When we’re starting to work with our intuition, one of the most important things we have to do is differentiate that intuitive voice from all the other voices in our head and all the other feelings that we have. It can be tricky. That’s one of the reasons why intuition is misunderstood because it can express itself in many ways. It can be a gut feeling, a knowing or even a psychic experience. There are different ways of perceiving reality.

It comes down to getting to know how your intuition feels, how you experience it. That’s why practicing with our intuition is important, those little exercises that you did at the beginning with the billet. Getting to know what real intuition feels like is crucial to the process. In the beginning, we always hear situations or someone would freak out about something like, “I have this bad feeling about something.” You don’t know if it’s your intuition or if it’s something that’s like chatter or some irrational fear.

In the book, I have this nice little checklist that goes through the basic qualities of intuition. It comes down to a few simple things, which is your intuition always comes from a place of peace and power. If your feathers are all ruffled, if you’re all freaked out, that’s more likely your ego, fear or your mind talking. Even if your intuition is telling you something that you have to do that’s uncomfortable, you’re still going to have that place of peace and power that it’s coming from. There will be a solidity to it behind all those other things. There’s a different feeling involved with intuition.

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Intuition is above your mind and your emotions. It’s like your higher heart and your higher mind. It’s your wisdom. It’s the way that we’re moved through our heart, not so much those feelings and fears. Intuition takes us above all that. If we’re in that calm place of peace, that silent inner voice then we’re more likely to be using our intuition than if there’s anything related to our ego, emotions, thoughts or worries and anxieties.

You relate that to artificial intelligence and how artificial intelligence is never wrong. It’s a machine. It’s a computer that spews out the answer. It has no emotion, no feeling involved. That’s how intuition is if we can learn how to tap into it. Let’s talk some more about that. Michelle, you have some questions for Kim.

I have a mentor in my life and she’s been on the show, Wendi Cohen, who said, “The brain may know or look the other way but the body never lies.” Honestly, I’ve been learning in the last few years how to tap into my intuition. I’m going to give a strong example. My ex-partner had been cheating on me. It was a bit of a pattern. At one point, I got sick. I got Scarlet fever. I was in Chicago at that time. I threw my back out for a couple of months and I had a pain in my groin that nobody could figure out, which miraculously and funny enough went away. Sure enough, a couple of months later, I found out that he was unfaithful. I realized that my brain maybe couldn’t handle it. It was a long relationship and we had kids together, etc. My body knew. How do you explain that? I’ve noticed that within me at other times too. I’m pretty good. I’m always trying to learn more. How do you explain that?

That is such a common thing that happens. Our bodies are the first place to process intuition sometimes. Especially if there’s a barrier that we don’t want to think about it or we don’t want to feel, it’ll go straight to our body. I’ve had experiences like that too. I know what you’re talking about. This is part of why in Radical Intuition, I came up with this new model of intuition. I wanted to understand it in the full spectrum, not as these little ways that pop up every once in a while that we don’t understand. I wanted to understand the pathways that it comes through.

I figured out that it comes down to the same cognitive functions that Jung is talking about, the basic elements of human beings, body, mind, heart and spirit. These are the pathways that our intuition comes to us from. It guides us with our minds. We have our inner wisdom. It moves us with our hearts and we feel things with our bodies. Each of us has different pathways that are naturally open or naturally closed. If it’s something that we don’t want to know or don’t want to be aware of, it’s going to come through another pathway. With all those red flags, the body is there calling out, “Pay attention, something’s up.”

Especially if you relate these to the chakras, you can look and see. You’re talking about your groin, that’s the area where you’re connected with your partner. That Sacral Chakra is a real love connection, a passionate connection with your partners. The fact that you’re having pain in that area, you can see how it comes together in terms of a lesson. That then went away when you move through that. It works out. We can touch with that and understanding how our body is talking to us and paying attention even to those energy centers and which ones might be off can help us to open up space, our minds and our hearts to situations and then work through them.

That makes a lot of sense. I want to go back and read about the different chakras.

Even with the simplest understanding of it, you can get the basic energies that are contained. When one’s blocked, if it’s not flowing through intuitively, that shows up and manifests as some imbalance.

GG 51 | Radical Intuition
Radical Intuition: Serendipitous moments don’t need to be life-changing. It’s those high fives or pats on the back from life saying, “There’s something important going on here.”


When I moved to Chicago, I thought I was only going to be here a few years. I always thought I was going to move back with my husband when he finished school but we stayed. For a long time after I had this gut feeling, “This is not the place I’m supposed to be living in. I’m supposed to go back.” Michelle knows. I’ve talked to her many times about it. I’m feeling sad and emotional about it. My heart would ache over it. I can’t live here. I love it now. I’ve accepted it. It’s built into this beautiful life here. I would say for a few years into living here, I was always wanting to go back. I couldn’t leave my house unless I left my husband. I wasn’t going to do that.

I also want another level that people can relate to is I would have nightmares about plane crashes. I would often, before flying, get this feeling like, “Don’t go in the cab to the airport.” To the point of sweating where I then get on the plane and breathe and say, “I’m going to die now. It is what it is.” I’d then be fine. With those examples, I’m sure people have other ones, what’s the best path to take when we have to go somewhere, we have to stay somewhere or we have to be with someone in a certain meeting? Something like that situation.

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Those are two good questions and I want to attack them one by one because they have different answers. First of all, regarding the place and location, I love Toronto. I used to live there too. I understand why you want to go back. A lot of times in life and I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s experienced this, we do have a purpose and mission to fulfill in different places even though it may not be our forever home in terms of living. Chicago may not be where you’re meant to spend forever but there’s something you need to do that’s why you’re still there. There’s a purpose. There’s an impact. That’s why we’re drawn to different places. Maybe there’s some karma there. Maybe there’s an opportunity there. There’s something that you’re there for a reason.

Trusting in that process that when the time is right, the shift will happen. The door will open. There’ll be a sign that it’s time to make that move or carry on. Being in that place of acceptance, “I’m doing work here that I’m meant to be doing.” That’s all we can do because part of us always know. We have that inner knowing that this might be a place of dissonance. It might not feel like the perfect place because there’s work to do here that might be hard, emotional or might help us break through some blocks that are uncomfortable. We know that Toronto or wherever the place that we’re called to is a place of ease and a place of comfort. We’re going to naturally want to return to that. Ultimately, maybe that’s the calling but the calling isn’t always answered exactly when you have it. Sometimes you have to hold it for a while, trust and wait.

It’s interesting you say this because I had an astrological reading in karmic. When I brought it up, she said, “If you were to have stayed in Toronto or in that other place of your birth, you wouldn’t have accomplished your purpose or what your soul needs to do. You need to do that by moving. It wouldn’t have mattered where but you went to Chicago and you’re fulfilling that part of your soul’s purpose.” She didn’t say I’m moving back there. I don’t think I’m moving back there. What about airplanes or stuff like that?

That’s a classic example. People have that experience a lot. We have that moment. We have that bad feeling, “I shouldn’t do this.” This is important because a lot of times, we have a bad feeling and then nothing happens. That’s a good indication that was our emotions, feelings or fears and not our intuition. Intuition comes from that place of peace and power. If you’re not meant to get on a plane, your intuition is most likely going to somehow redirect you to something that’s going to come up. You won’t be able to get on the plane. You’ll have a feeling like you don’t want to take that trip but it’ll come from a calmer place and not this place of panic and freaking out.

If you’re freaking out and panicking about something, you can be sure that your emotions are involved with that. Emotions are kryptonite for intuition. They can’t exist together because intuition is up here. It’s higher. If you have all these emotions in here, you can’t get to intuition so there’s a block. Usually, when you have those experiences and you’re freaking out about them, it’s some fear or worry. You then get yourself all caught up in it because you had it and you’re not sure and then it creates this cycle of you don’t know what’s going on.

If you’re moved to not get on a plane, if there’s a force inside you that’s saying, “Don’t get on that plane,” from a calm place of stillness and power and you’re like, “I know I’m not supposed to get on there.” It would be a knowing feeling. That’s the ultimate intuition, it’s when your heart and your mind are united. You have a knowing feeling. It’s not raw emotion. There’ll be this sense of, “I’m not doing this and I’m calm about it. I accept this.” That’s how intuition will feel.

GG 51 | Radical Intuition
Radical Intuition: One of the big misconceptions about intuition is that you have to rely on your crystal ball and tarot cards. Those are great development tools in building intuition, but you really want to be flowing all the time.


You write in your book about how a lack of self-care can interfere with your intuition. That’s probably what happened to me. What are some things that you can do to practice better self-care so that we can learn to trust our intuition more?

It’s not like to your own higher self be true but to your own higher self, let it come first. You have to put that part of yourself first and then your life will fall into place. The simplest thing I tell people to do to start their intuition awakening or to enhance it and to start developing this relationship with your higher self is to simply create more whitespace on your calendar. Give space for yourself and do what you like to do alone whether it’s to go for a walk, take a bath, take a run or a bike ride or anything that you love doing, enjoying your yoga. Spend some time with your higher self in that stillness, in that space and opening up to what comes to you.

How many times have you had a great idea in the shower or when you’re zoning out and driving to work in the morning? It’s because it’s that calm, open space that opens up your intuition. That’s the first step, slowing down. Turn off your social media. Take a break from that. Limit your social media time to a certain time of day. Instead of going to social media, when you have a few quiet moments, take those moments and be still. Have a cup of coffee or tea and be. Enjoy the stillness. That creates this openness for this life of insightfulness that I keep talking about, living every moment with insight and having those little ideas and inspirations when you need them. They come through that gap between our busy thoughts.

That makes a lot of sense. I know in the past couple of years, I have tried to practice more and more self-care. My intuition hits me like a ton of bricks. I feel it to the point where I know I have to let something go, “We’re not doing this.” It’s strong. I’m going to ask one other question to further that. There are times where I know my intuition is right but I don’t necessarily know why. For example, we talked about Toronto. I grew up partly in Toronto. My heart is also there. Since I’ve been divorced for a few years now, my dear family and friends have tried to convince me to go back to Toronto. My heart was always there like Karen. My intuition strongly tells me not to but I don’t fully understand why. I feel that hard push not to go back. I honestly can’t name it but I know it’s not for me.

You hit the nail on the head with intuition because that’s what intuition is. It’s knowing but not knowing why. Often, we don’t know the reasons with intuition. We have to embrace that and understand that and say, “That’s okay.” Remember, we’re not working from this place of the analytical mind and the “thinking” mind. We’re coming from this place of simply knowing. This knowing doesn’t need reasons. You know it even though you don’t know why you know it. When you get into the space of trusting that, that’s part of that self-trusting, honoring that and following it. The more you do it, the more you get these validations like, “That is my intuition. It’s come through for me.” It becomes easier to get into that uncomfortable place of trust.

At the end of the day, intuition comes down to trust. Trust and knowing within us without having all this information. That’s the thing. Our intuition has all the information. Our intuition is that direct access, that cloud of data that is pervasive throughout the universe. Even though our little tiny consciousness can’t wrap our minds around it at all our intuition knows. Trust in that part of us that knows everything, “Let’s do that,” because it knows more than we do. Even if we don’t know why, the beauty comes in trusting what does.

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One more thing on that note, you made me think and that’s why I have a smile on my face. Several people have asked me how I can trust in a relationship again given that, sadly, I was with somebody who cheated for many years with different people. Here’s my answer and it brings such a beautiful smile to my face, which is I don’t have to worry about trusting anybody else because I trust myself now. I’ve come to that place where my intuition is strong. I wanted to share that because it feels like such a beautiful thing for me.

Thank you so much because that’s what it’s all about. It’s trusting yourself. It’s not trusting in some outside force. Your higher self is within you. It’s your connection from the inside. When you can live and trust yourself, trust those callings, trust those knowings, trust those inner feelings, you can’t go wrong when you follow and trust that inner feeling.

I’m thinking about our readers who are thinking, “What about this and that?” I wanted to bring Camille in because she has a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou she’d like to share and have a question about it.

GG 51 | Radical Intuition
Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide To Using Your Inner Power

Dr. Maya Angelou is known for this quote, “When someone shows you your red flags, believe them.” For women, it’s such an issue because we are taught from a young age to always be prepared for that man that’s going to come around the corner whether it’s the kidnapper, rapist or date rape. We’re always in that fight or flight mode when we’re out in public, even when I think of Breonna Taylor in your home. You don’t know where your safe spaces are. Sometimes, that intuition comes more so like a muscle memory where you’re always like, “Maybe the steps coming behind me are coming faster.” If it’s an uncomfortable feeling then it’s not your intuition. At what point do you know that a red flag is a red flag and not your fears from past experiences or even past fears that you were told about whether it’s about the killer that’s coming behind you in every horror movie?

To piggyback off of that with meeting people in general or in terms of friendships, I’ve learned from my parents that you have to give people the benefit of the doubt because you don’t know what’s happening to them on that particular day. When I meet someone and my first impression is bad because they’re acting funny or strange, I always give someone another chance. Many times, I give them 3, 4, 5, 6 chances and then I’m like, “That’s it. They showed me themselves the first.” Sometimes, it works out the other way. It’s distinguishing between all that.

That’s true. Oprah talks a lot about intuition as a survival instinct and as part of our built-in protection. There’s a wonderful story in the book, Radical Intuition, about my friend Jessica who lives in DC. I want to share this with the readers because it’s relevant to what Camille said. She had a situation like that where she was walking down the street after work at midnight. She closed down the bar. She was a yoga teacher and also a barista. She’s walking down through the Dupont Circle area of DC, which usually a pretty well-populated area. She was walking to her house and she had this feeling that something was off.

The short answer to this question is going to be to trust your first impressions whether it’s a feeling or thought. The first thing that comes in is to remember to trust that. She had this feeling. There was a police car she saw up ahead and she had this thought that she should go up and ask for a ride home. It came to her out of nowhere. That’s what intuition feels like. It comes out of nowhere, doesn’t seem to make any sense and then she started talking herself out of it. She was like, “They would think I was crazy. I’m not going to do that.”

She noticed around this time that there was a man was walking behind her. She started having this inner dialogue and talking herself out of doing that thing to go up and talk to the police officer. She went over on her way and soon, the footsteps got faster and closer. He ended up attacking her and she got pretty seriously hurt. Luckily, there was a neighbor that came out. She didn’t lose her life but it was a serious situation. While she was having that inner dialogue, she told herself that the universe would protect her. She gave herself all these reasons, “I’ll be fine. I’m a kickboxer. I’m tough. I can defend myself. The universe will protect me.” All these different things to help talk her out of that first insight which was to go get help.

The thing that we look back on this that’s most powerful about the situation is had she gone and got the help. She would have never gotten that validation if there was a reason for her to get help. She probably would have gone the rest of her life thinking that she was crazy asking that cop for a ride home. Unless I happen to attack someone else and that was in the news. She wouldn’t have gotten that validation. She wouldn’t know. She would have had to go out on that trust doing something though she didn’t know why. “My intuition told me to do this and something doesn’t feel right so I’m going to do it,” that could have saved her this horrible experience. She asked herself, “Where was the universe? Why wasn’t the universe protecting me?” It was with your intuition, with that first insight. That was the universe protecting it.

When you have those little moments, they are sacred moments. Those little insights, callings and red flags. Even if you meet a person for the first time, you have a red flag. Honor that. Maybe you can’t kick them to the curb the first time you meet them because they’re in your social circle and there’s all that but you can still distance yourself from them. You can still respect that you have that intuition without discarding it or talking yourself out of it. The short answer to that question comes in those magical first impressions, red flags and drop-ins that come to us in these moments and holding on to them instead of rationalizing them away.

I’m glad you brought that up. My aunt did this video one day in our car talking and she went through the same things Michelle went through with her previous spouse. It was about that sometimes the universe will give you a hammer or a scalpel.

The whole idea was that if you don’t listen to that then you’ll start hitting yourself with a scalpel. Maybe it’s a chainsaw that it has to take to get rid of that or something to that effect. It was a visual of a thing where you have to protect yourself. Otherwise, the universe is going to keep coming at you until you’ve learned that lesson and it’ll get harder until maybe it’s a Mack Truck that hits you with it.

Does this apply to what I had asked with first impressions with meeting people or even when I give a bad first impression? We all know like, “I wasn’t feeling well that night and I met someone at this party. I was not on my A-game and I gave such a bad impression but that’s not who I am. I wish they give me a second chance.”

That’s more the mind than intuition. We all have days where there’s dissonance and that’s normal. If someone is using their intuition, they will see through you having a bad day and they’ll see that deeper connection.

That makes sense for even how I feel about people. That’s right because when I meet some people, I’m like, “No way. Stay away.” Some people are like, “That didn’t seem right. I want to get to know them better.”

It’ll come and leapfrog that stuff because it can see past our bad days because we all have one.

That’s cool. I never thought of that. Thank you for sharing that. I wanted to bring up serendipity. It happens to all of us. It’s that whisper that you talk about. My husband and I keep seeing on the clock 7:14 whether it’s in the morning or the night. He’ll call me on his way home from work and he’s like, “Look at the clock.” In the morning, we wake up, “Look at the clock.” I’m curious. You talk about in your book that when that happens, you need to stop and think about what were you thinking about and doing at that moment. I started to practice that and do that with him and we both were thinking about his mother who had passed one time.

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We thought, “I wonder if that means something.” In conversation, we remembered she used to say to us when we were first married, “Always take care and help each other.” I’m wondering maybe that’s what it is. There’s no clear answer but I love how you say that. Can you elaborate on all of those serendipitous moments people have? Do you girls see certain times or numbers? What do you see, Camille?

I always see 7 and 6, which is the year I was born. I had 3,706 followers on one thing and the other one was 367. It’s like all these different numbers that either are multiples of 6 or 7. It’s weird. When you even said 7:14, I’m like, “That’s two sevens. It makes fourteen.” I don’t know if you guys subscribe to Young Miss back in the day. YM magazine, I used to get that magazine. In the back, they had numerology and I was always obsessed with numerology. My maiden name was three sevens and my best friend’s name is three sixes. He’s a drag queen and his stage name is Six. My husband’s birthday is the same day as my half-brother’s. One of my good friends is the same. It’s funny, those angel numbers. They call it different numbers. Whenever I see those different numbers, I try to call that person that I think of with those numbers or reach out to them to see how they’re feeling. It gives me an excuse to call people other than random text messages for no reason or random TikToks.

Michelle do you have numbers too?

I have the classic 1, 11 or 11, 11. I’ve been noticing it and it’s wild. The other thing I have is I intuitively know what time it is. I’m not a great sleeper. I get up in the night but I’m sure I knew what time it was and I do that. When I finally did get up, it’s the same thing. I have this ability. Even throughout the day or whatever, I know.

That’s your superpower.

I want to say my birthday is 1/11. That’s crazy that you said that.

Michelle, if you can know that before you wake up, why can’t you know anything? Think about that. You can know something before you look at it. That’s a tiny little example. I love that so much. For years, I never use an alarm clock because I could wake up whenever I wanted. If I said, “I want to wake up at 2:35 AM,” I’d wake up. You start to have these little moments like this. A lot of times, it’s wrapped around sleep because sleep is a place where our rational overthinking mind is turned off. We’re in this place of openness and an intuitive place. It’s easy for us to connect to these things.

Think about what she said. She knew what time it was before she looked at the clock. That is a classic example of this ability to know something you shouldn’t be able to know. You didn’t look at the clock, you didn’t know that but a part of you was connected to the world and gave you that information. Those are fun stories and should be little validations. It doesn’t have to be some great use in life. That’s what all these little serendipitous moments are for us. It’s not that it’s anything life-changing but it’s those high fives or pats on the back from life saying, “There’s something important going on here. Life is bigger than what we realize. You’re supported. You’re connected.” There are these little validations that point us to the higher ability and potential that we have and the wonder of life that we don’t forget about.

In my house, we call these Godwin numbers. I love everybody’s stories. All of you have such cool stories. Numbers can be powerful. I remember growing up being in a Math class. I was like, “Math is so boring.” Now that I understand numerology and the philosophy around these numbers, I would be much more interested in Math class because they are fascinating. We have to remember what intuition is. Intuition is about our attention. As Karen was talking about, we’re drawn to these things for a reason. As Camille said, “Maybe I need to reach out to a friend.” I see her Godwin number. My daughter is always 555. Whenever I see 555, I’m like, “That’s her. I’m going to check on her.” It’s the same thing. That’s a wonderful practice. It is a powerful way of giving us those little validations in life that allow us to remind that there’s something powerful going on.

GG 51 | Radical Intuition
Radical Intuition: The brain may know or look the other way, but the body never lies.


Every July 14th because it’s 7/14, on that day, I’m always attuned to what’s happening on that day as well. I don’t know 7/14 could mean many things but if I turn that switch of being more open and aware to it, maybe the message will become more clear to me.

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I do want to say something about that because you’re right. Some of this can also connect us to people who have transitioned or on another dimension. It can be their way of saying hello. I love this 7/14 number for you and your husband because of what Camille said. 7 and 7 are 14. That’s two becoming that one number. If 7 is half of 14, it tells you guys to be there for each other. It’s is a nice symbolism that the two 7s make up 14.

I’m getting many a-ha moments. I considered myself into knowing about intuition but I’m learning so much more. What you talk about in your book are actionable steps, actual activities. I wanted to dive into those. You did talk about creating more whitespace and putting it on your calendar for daily practice every day. You talk about meditation and you give meditations in your book, which are beautiful. Billets, that’s what these are. You can explain these but I also wanted to share that you talk about Mala beads, which are cool if you can share that as well as showering. In terms of showering, what are you thinking about? Intuitively picking your clothes, food and journaling. I and our readers would love to know more about actual activities to help us bridge that gap of understanding our intuition.

There are many things that we can do. I always say, “Be alone like it’s your job.” We have so much pressure to go out, do things and create things. Let’s look at this process of developing our interconnection as our job. Let’s spend time with ourselves like it’s our job. Our job will inform everything else we do. All of those practices are wonderful ways to start flexing those muscles daily. We want to be still, get comfortable with ourselves, and pay more attention to those drop-in insights and things that come out of nowhere.

One of the key things is starting to train yourself to be on alert for the thoughts and impressions that come out of nowhere. That is the distinguishing factor of intuition. You don’t think it up. You don’t figure it out. It comes to you. That’s simple. It’s the easiest form of knowing. Start to honor those. Start what I call a Godwin journal. Write down those times when you see those numbers and what you were doing and what you were thinking about to gain clarity and listening, “What came to me when I was in the shower? What ideas?” You start to see patterns emerging. You start to see that there are themes that are coming from your intuition that are guiding you for this moment, your next steps and where you’re going. Get into that habit.

I always encourage people to create what I call Sadhana. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s creating a ritual in the morning to spend time with yourself even if it’s sitting, having your coffee, doing some quiet time, yoga or a ten-minute Qigong exercise. Something simple to tune your energy, body, mind and spirit. That gets you into this space for the whole day. Even doing some intuition work is great. If you want to use the billets, which are fun little cards where you write down things on them, you pull a card and take into your intuition.

Those are fun especially in the morning. If you do something like that in the morning, you can say, “Let’s see how this plays out throughout the day. I’m going to pick a card. Give me a card for something that’s going to happen throughout the day.” We can get validation. You pull a card and then you can see how this little billet relates to something that happened throughout the day. Doing stuff like that daily is a great way to start building validation and confidence in your intuition, knowing how things feel and working with it every day. You want it to be part of your life.

One of the big misconceptions about intuition is that we have to sit down with our crystal ball and our tarot cards. We don’t. We want that to be flowing all the time. The tarot cards are a great developmental tool as you’re starting to work with your intuition. I have my Insight Cards, which are a little different. That stuff is wonderful. You’re going to want to do what works for you in your unique way so that you love it, enjoy it and you want to do it all the time.

I did do your Insight Cards. Readers, Kim offers on her website her Insight Cards. She sells them in a pack.

You can use the interactive one.

Tell us about those. We can try it. If you hold up a card, the three of us can think about it. Let’s do it. Let’s put this into action. That’s what Grateful Goddess is. That’s what we do. We act on things. Go ahead.

Let’s take a moment. The first thing we want to do is we don’t want to dive right into intuition work if we’re all stressed out or any negative stuff. We want to shake all that off. Typically, I’d say we do a little meditation but we can take a deep breath, close our eyes and relax. Let go of anything that might be creating any tension or stress. Stretch out your muscles a little bit and relax into the moment. Take a deep breath, exhale and then greet yourself with that gentle smile. You have a smile on your face that lifts naturally and your energy. Let’s get into this place and then ask for a little bit of guidance for this moment, for each of us on our journey or something that life in the universe would like us to know at this moment. You can open your eyes and I’m going to select a card.

Insight Cards are a little different than tarot cards. We’re not going to try to look at the card and understand its meaning. We’re going to go to that first impression. Remember, we talked about how important our first impressions are. Using these cards is a metaphor for how we use our intuition in our life. We want to go to our first impression on the card and let that singular small symbol speak to us as a metaphor for something in our life. We’ll follow throughout the rest of the card and let the rest of the cards support that and unwind some guidance from the cards.

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All three of you can use the same card and get three different responses from this card. This is why intuition is wonderful and unique because it’s personal. That’s why I wanted to make sure everybody could see the card. When you look at the card, I want you to write down the first thing you see on the card. That’s all I want you to do when I hold up a card and the first thing you notice on the card. Did everybody get it?

Put it to your intuition. How is that symbol? How does it connect to something in your life? Does your intuition immediately connected to anything that you’re looking for, any bit of guidance or direction? If you have any ideas, jot them down. You don’t have to have all the information. Jot down anything that comes to your head. I’m going to put the card back up and then I’m going to ask you to look around that symbol and what’s happening around that symbol for some deeper guidance, wisdom and awareness. Notice any colors or anywhere that your intuition takes you. Don’t think about anything outside yourself. Think about how that card speaks to you for this moment on your path. That’s what I like to see.

You don’t understand. Wait until I share it.

I don’t understand but I like the sound of it.

I’m not kidding. Our regular readers are going to understand when I talk about this symbol because it’s recurring in my life.

That’s how these cards work. There are symbols in there and these little a-ha moments. The sound that Karen made was the sound of an intuition being received. It’s like when the angels get their wings, the sound of that epiphany and connection. That’s the sound of intuition making its connection and it’s a wonderful feeling. Go with that resonance. Do you want to share your process and what happened, Karen?

The first thing that I saw was her hand, the one that’s lowered down. I then noticed she was dropping something. I can’t see what it is. A flower, maybe but the very first thing I saw was the hand and it was nonchalant. It’s just drop things that don’t serve you. I wrote down the word rest, it’s okay where you are and relax. I looked at her and I felt like she was a goddess. That’s on my mind all the time. I felt like it was not necessarily me but it could be me if I sit on the throne and enjoy who I am at this moment in my life. I noticed the nature that that’s important to add to my life. I noticed her cup and I felt like it was full. It’s a lesson that I need to fill my cup. What gave me a-ha moment was the cardinal. The reason why the red cardinal is because my husband and I always say that that’s his mom who passed giving us messages. Whenever we see a red cardinal, we always say, “Thanks. We think about what we’re doing.” Especially that she’s on the shoulder of the chair, perhaps that’s a sign that she’s always with us. The Cardinal is hidden in the card. That’s why when I looked, I’m like, “My gosh.”

It blends in almost like a spirit in the background. You know what happened if there is real quality to it.

Michelle and Camille, can you share?

The cardinal is our state bird. That stuck out immediately to me next to the crown because I feel a lot of times I’ve been saying a lot like, “Heavy is the crown. You should see many crowns.” I’ve been wanting to compete in different things. People automatically assume certain things about people that are at a certain level in their lives. Little do they know all the sacrifices. I was thinking that Meghan Markle in the way where everyone assumed she was living this perfect life with the prince charming tucked away, life would be better and only to realize she was in a deeper prison longing to be that bird that was free.

Like Karen and Michelle, I longed to go back to the West Coast. Moving to North Carolina was supposed to be a temporary thing. West Coast is just for me. Somebody sent me a video from Oregon and I was like, “Maybe that’s where my new home is meant to be.” I loved all the mountains and the beauty of it all. My husband and daughter both love the four seasons of it all. I hate snow so I was like, “That could be a nice middle-ground for us.” I keep talking about it like, “I have to get out of this state or at least away from feeling entrapped.” Everybody assumes everything is great because I have this token life or trophy wife life in that sense. I feel unaccepted that I could relate to the loneliness of the crown and being on that throne.

GG 51 | Radical Intuition
Radical Intuition: Honor your first impressions and red flags instead of rationalizing them away.


That’s beautiful and unique. You see how that was different than how Karen looked at the same card. Your intuition specifically drew you to that point starting with the cardinal and the crown and tied it in your life. That was such a beautiful understanding. That was wonderful.

I’m an abstract art kid. My mom made me do that for a living like naming all of her paintings, “What speaks to you? What do you see?”

You know how to do it. It’s your second nature.

Never have I done it where it relates to my own life. It’s what do I see in the picture and visualizing. There, I felt like a bird by its size. It was so much larger than what it would be if it was a real picture. It wouldn’t be that large compared to her face and head.

That would be a big cardinal.

I was like, “It must mean something.” Following all of that, I felt that she longed to be free and amongst everyone else like that Aladdin movie in that way too. I love Aladdin. I felt that. I was writing down notes. I was like, “The red cardinal and the cat being at the base like her loyal servant always there no matter how she treats it.” You think of cats not being loyal and right there with her. I have a white dog so that was like, “Maybe it’s a Maltese.”

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Michelle, what did you come up with? How did the cards speak to you?

I could cry all of a sudden. The first thing I noticed was the crown. I realized I’ve been stepping into my power. I know it and I’ve done things regarding that so I loved that. I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase, “Everything I need to know is within me.” That came to my head. I have it on a necklace. I then saw the window. We use the term or the expression of the window into our future. I have no idea what my future is and I didn’t see what was within through the window but I love that. I’m excited to know and see what’s going to come my way even though I have no clue. That’s exciting for me. I noticed the cat and that was the last thing. I’m a cat owner. I’m crazy about her. It’s like in the picture. She follows me everywhere.

Animals are intuitive. Kim mentions that in her book. They know when you’re coming. Dogs know when you’re coming. They’re like children.

She follows me. She sleeps in my room. I’ve been told a lot that my energy is good and that I’ve been making all these new friendships and people who seem to want to be around me. I say that humbly. That’s what that made me think of. Finally, when Karen mentioned the cardinal and then Camille followed up with that, I never saw the cardinal. That’s what makes me a little emotional because birds symbolize freedom. I’ve been talking and thinking a lot about my freedom and how I feel free but there’s this one part of me. It is a physical thing that’s been holding me back a bit and I’ve been working on it. What made me emotional was that I want it badly. I have it in many ways and I feel it but there’s this one little small component. Interestingly, I didn’t see the cardinal.

Those little things are important. The things we don’t see can be important too. It can point us to a block or something that was not there.

What’s powerful was that I didn’t see it.

When you do see it after you didn’t see it, you’re like, “I didn’t see that.” I also love what you said about the phrase that came into your mind because that’s another thing that happens. Words, thoughts, phrases will come out of nowhere and we have to honor those. That’s not our mind making things up. This is a sacred conversation that you’re having with yourself when you think about it. This is what is starting that dialogue and relationship with yourself. That higher true part of yourself. These are actual genuine words that are coming there for you.

Jotting them down and remembering them is a wonderful way to seal this moment that we’ve had together and honor it. For me, it’s exciting. I love seeing this happen over and over again. I’ve done an Insight Card with twenty people in a class and it’s amazing how every person has their unique understanding of the same picture based on their intuition in their own life. Thanks to all of you. You guys are all naturals. That was amazing.

Thank you. Are these some of the exercises you do in your Intuition Lab?

Yes. This is number one. Our starting point is working with the cards and first impressions. The most important thing is understanding the process of those first impressions that we have to honor. I can’t say that enough. I’ll keep saying it over and over again, honoring those first impressions but then moving into that state of resonance, “What attracts me? What draws me to the card? What am I aligning with? What feels right?” Also, getting to that third step of discernment where we bring in our rational minds to make sense of it, understand it and come away from it with some insight or guidance. That comes down to that intuitive process that I talked about in the book. It’s natural. It’s what you’ve been doing in your life all along but now you’re aware of how it works.

When you do these exercises with the cards, it’s a metaphor for what happens when you go out and you meet that strange person. You trust that first impression. You then move into that resonance, “Does it feel right? Does it not feel right? How do I follow through?” You move into that state of discernment where you finally decide, “I’m going to invest in this person as a partner or friend or I’m not.” Hopefully, someday you get some validation that you made the right choice.

I need to get myself some intuition cards.

How can our readers contact you, join your classes and order your book?

You can get the book at your favorite bookseller, anywhere, online and in bookstores. I have the cards on my website, I have a free Wake-Up Your Intuition Guide there. It’s a twelve-page little guide talking about some of the stuff that we’ve talked about. I sold out the first deck of these already. I have a second edition coming out. You can also get these on my website. They’re called Insight Cards. If you want to get them, they’re up for pre-order if you want to check those out.

Intuition Lab is my school and that’s global online. We also do in-person retreats in different places around the world. We have courses for pretty much all levels of intuitive development starting. The Illuminate Masterclass is a six-week immersion. We have live workshops with me. I can work with you one-on-one. My passion is teaching people intuition. I love it. I’ve been obsessed with it my entire life. That’s what I’m here to do in any way that I can.

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I was looking at the numbers because I was wondering if it’s going to be something. I want to read page 113. I don’t know if that means anything to anybody out there but I might as well say it. You write this, “When you live, act and choose in accordance to your inner guidance, you are living up to your full potential. You express your real self. You step into your power. When you don’t follow your inner guidance, you go against yourself. You sabotage yourself on an unconscious level. You block yourself.”

On the next page, 114, “This is why it is important to live your truth. Living your truth means living true to yourself. It means not repressing your evolutionary impulse for the conditioning of society. It means not holding back who you are to be the person other people think you should be. It means being authentic and owning all the things that make you different. This is a secret to healing your life.”

You go on and on. Every page is magical. I highly recommend your book to gain an understanding of intuition. As I always say on Grateful Goddesses, as Glinda, the Good Witch, says to Dorothy, “You’ve always had the power all along. You had to learn it for yourself.” Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, lessons and actionable steps. We are grateful that you are here on Grateful Goddesses. Thank you.

Kim this was amazing. We’ve had intuitives and I’ve met them separately. The way you explain things, everything spoke to me. Thank you so much. It was wonderful meeting all of you. This was a lot of fun.

Welcome to Favorite Things with our guest, Kim Chestney. She’s the author of Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power. In her book, she talks about this idea that I’m sure happen with many of our readers. If you go into a store even for your wedding, for example, and you try on that first dress or that first item of clothing and then that’s not it. You spend hours looking only to go back to the first. That is my Favorite Thing.

This is my wedding dress. The story behind this dress is my husband and I had a quick engagement. I wasn’t pregnant but we had to get engaged and married. It was a five and a half weeks engagement because he was moving to Chicago for his program. It’s a long story. I had to frantically get a dress. When I first went to this dress designer, she drew out this design and I said, “I love it.” I was like, “I don’t know.” I left her. I went shopping for days and tried on all these dresses only to go back to her to have this dress made. Although it wasn’t the first dress I tried on, it was the first picture of everything that I wanted. I ended up getting the first dress that ended up being my wedding gown. That is a typical example of first impression, first gut intuition.

GG 51 | Radical Intuition
Radical Intuition: Everyone has a purpose and a mission to fulfill in different places.


That would have been such a great example for the book. That’s exactly the case. You knew. Good for you.

I kept dreaming about it. She did the whole diagram but then she gave me a little card with the picture. I had it beside my bed. I kept looking, shopping and thinking like, “There must be something already made like this. There must be something that’s a little different.” I’m like, “This is it.” Camille, what did you bring to share?

I grew up overseas. One of the places I grew up was in Turkey. In Turkey, they have these beads. It’s like a bracelet. It’s almost like a fidget spinner before fidget spinners existed. It was something I would use to an anxiety-type thing and never knew the meaning behind it. One of our previous guests, Lori Ross, gave us these. The stone is for my daughter, which is rose quartz. I have a lot of anxiety about the dentist because my favorite uncle in the world was a dentist. After he passed, going to the dentist was impossible.

There’s a week when I had to go to the dentist and I was like, “Let me get my rock so I’m ready.” I’m finally at a point where they don’t have to give me laughing gas to get my teeth cleaned. I forgot them but because I hold them in my hands frequently, I could still feel them. I could feel the texture. They wanted to do a root canal and I was too scared to do that because my filling broke and that was close to a nerve. I was like, “This is the worst thing I’ve ever gone through.” They’re like, “We might hit your nerve.” I’m like, “This is not the time to not have my rocks.”

Needless to say, I could feel every nook and cranny almost again and that gave me so much calmness to it. A lot of times, people need those things. It could be a scent. It could be whatever it is that brings you back to that moment of calmness. It was nice having that ability to be able to do that and go through that experience. Maybe that’s where the crown comes in because he did mention something about having a crown.

Those beads remind me of the Mala beads that you talked about, Kim. I never heard of them before. There’s a number of them.

They have 108 beads on the necklaces.

I grew up with a rosary even. The beads are 26. This one’s nineteen. It comes in all different colors. This is my mom’s because mine was a lot smaller.

I have them too. I don’t know where they are.

I’ve seen those before, Kim. I thought it was a pretty necklace. I’ve seen them in lots of stores and now I know they’re to help you meditate.

There are many ones like Camille’s that you can use as a bracelet. You can say an affirmation with them like, “I am not afraid of the dentist’s chair. I am strong. I am brave.”

Serendipitous moments are little validations to the higher ability and wonder we have in our life. Click To Tweet

These are prayer beads because it’s part of the Muslim religion originally but we are not Muslims. We used it for anxiety stuff or meditation and so on. In Catholicism, they have the rosary. It’s supposed to be for each year Jesus lived or something, the number of beads. You’re supposed to pray with those because I used to be Catholic too. It’s neat to know how practical stuff can help you. The fidget spinners are original.

That’s cool. Thank you for sharing that, Camille. Michelle, what did you bring?

I was going out, I was curling my hair and I was in a rush. I was using a curling iron that I hadn’t used in years and I burnt my face about an inch wide all the way down my cheek. I was mortified because I was worried it was going to scar. Some people told me to use some things which I already had. It worked out perfectly, which was lavender essential oil, frankincense and aloe vera. Within six days, the whole thing was gone. There’s not a mark here anymore. There’s nothing to see. It was thick all the way down the side of my face. It’s completely gone. These are my Favorite Things.

Natural remedies, I love that. Thank you for sharing that. Kim, what did you bring?

I want to say my things tie into everything you guys are saying. Michelle, I want to say that’s a little bit of a Law of Attraction because we’re gone through a crisis in my family. My daughter was curling her hair with her curling iron and she burned her eyeball. She turned around. It was a big giant curling iron that she started using. She hit the cord or something, it bounced back and it hit her in her eyeball. She has a blister in her eye. Everybody, be careful with your curling irons. That’s the lesson.

Will she be okay?

It’s small. She said it doesn’t hurt. We’re hoping that it’ll work itself out. What are the chances? Who hits themselves in the eyeball with a curling iron?

That’s wild.

It is also interesting because what I’m going to show and tell also has lavender and frankincense in it.

That never happens on Grateful Goddesses. I’m going out to buy some.

What were you thinking when I said that? I can’t even imagine.

I was holding it all in. It also ties in with what Camille was talking about because the scents and this tactile things can be grounding. It can be also uplifting and intuition enhancing. I’m super excited. I have been using it at home. I created these aromatherapy blends and this one has a little crystal in it that I’ve been using when I do in my intuition work. It has Frankincense, lavender, some lemongrass and a little sage in it. All those things are good for high vibration stuff. It’s the stuff to use when you’re having that little minute before you start working with your intuition, using your cards or whatever you’re doing. You can put your little roll on and it smells good. It makes you feel better. When you’re going to the dentist’s office and you’re having that moment of anxiety, it’s such a calming thing to do. I’m super excited because I’m going to sell these in my store. My big creative project is creating some of these botanicals and stuff to help.

Where’s your store?

It’s on my website.

There’s also a stone. I’m curious what stone did you put in?

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The is a crystal. You can put any stone in. I sell these little things that I’m calling Illumination Boxes. This is what’s killing me too with you, Camille because I sell a little pouch with two stones in it and an affirmation that I intuitively select for people. I love your story of holding the stones because I feel that can be such a grounding experience for people. You can put any stone in here that feels right to you. Different people gravitate towards different gemstones. I like the crystal because, for me, that’s aligned with the chakra and all the intuition stuff. It energizes or cures in there with the essential oil.

Thank you so much for sharing your Favorite Things on Grateful Goddesses. Kim, thank you for joining us.

Thank you.

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