GG 15 | Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation With Sharon Saevitzon

GG 15 | Guided Meditation


Everyone has a safe place where they can access intuition and higher selves, release negative energy and open themselves up to infinite wisdom. Let certified transformation, empowerment, and happiness coach, Sharon Saevitzon help you find your safe place in this guided meditation session with Karen Pulver and her Goddesses. Along the way, you will learn a lot about mindfulness and meditation as the Goddesses pick Sharon’s brain with their profound questions. Sharon also shares her story of adversity and resilience that led her to her passion in mindfulness and meditation. Make sure you sit down for this session – it’s going to be powerful.

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Guided Meditation With Sharon Saevitzon

You Can Always Find Your Safe Place

I have a couple of things that I want to talk to you about. First of all, I decided to be O-natural. What I mean by that is my hair is still wet from showering, no makeup and no bra. I’m doing this because I want to feel grounded. Our guest is going to talk with us about our intuition, connecting to our higher self, and this is how I felt. This is how I wanted to come on. For me, that’s scary because I feel good wearing makeup and I do feel good now. I’ve been outside in nature and in the sun, I went swimming, but it’s a little scary. Another thing I wanted to mention is we are in three different time zones, and this was hysterical trying to organize this gathering. We have Central Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time and Eastern Standard Time. The reason why I’m telling you all this is because wherever you are in the world reading, you’re in a different time zone. When we’re younger and I don’t know if your parents ever told you this, but my parents did and then I told my kids that wherever we are in the world, if you close your eyes or look up at the sky, we can feel that energy that we are together. I’m hoping that no matter what time zone you’re in, you can feel the energy now. If you’re wearing makeup or you’re not, you’re comfortable and you feel happy.

Our guest is Sharon Saevitzon. I have to tell you that I was honored to have a session with her and I’ll tell you why. We just connected first of all, and it was more of a conversation that we had and I felt comfortable and safe. We did go through a Guided Meditation where after, I felt incredibly loved and it’s hard to describe, but that’s the closest I can describe it. I felt like I connected with my inner child and that I was loved by the universe and that no matter what I did, I was going to be okay. That’s the takeaway that I had from meeting with Sharon. I hope that you will get a chance to connect with her and at least dive in a little bit to speak with her and learn all about the wonderful energy healing that she does.

Our guest is Sharon Saevitzon. She is a certified transformation, empowerment and happiness coach. She helps women, teenagers and young adults to break through and overcome their emotional, mental and physical blocks and obstacles facilitating change that leads to a life of empowerment, self-love and happiness. Sharon uses her knowledge, skills and experience in psychology, coaching, energy leadership, mindfulness, NLP, medical hypnotherapy, therapeutic guided imagery and energy healing. She’s worked with both gifted children and those with special needs for several years. Perhaps most importantly, she’s also a mother who has emerged victorious from the trials of raising her own children through challenging circumstances. Sharon dedicates herself to sharing tools and insights for making the parenting journey enjoyable and successful for others, raising children in these amazing but difficult times. Sharon helps adolescents, teens and young adults with anxiety and stress management and leadership transitions between grades and from high school to college and college to post-grads. 

She works to connect each person with their higher power or intuition and encourages focusing on moving towards what you want rather than a way from what you don’t want. Sharon has established her coaching practice centered on emotional health and wellbeing, that is powered by self-love. Sharon strives to honor everyone’s unique qualities and preferences. Her talent is to seek to understand the ambitions of others, which provides her insight into the type of coaching support and accountability each of her client’s needs to thrive. It is Sharon’s purpose in life to help others to embrace their dreams, cultivate emotional intelligence and calm your nervous system.

Welcome, Sharon, to the show.

How are you?

I’m good. It’s good to see you. Thank you for joining us on the show. 

Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here.

I wanted to ask you many questions, even though we just spoke and it was nice getting to know you and then going through a wonderful session. Let me start here, how did you feel about our session? 

I loved that you connected with what you connected with and you’ll hopefully share that. I felt that the intuition that I was given about what needed to happen and take place came to fruition. I thought it was productive and what you spoke about in terms of the love and the safe space is exactly what I try to hold and do for my clients on every level, no matter what age. That is my goal. That is my intention to have that safe space and to have my clients tap into their intuition and to feel that grounded, loving environment.

That’s exactly how I felt. I want to ask you more about you. How did you get to where you are now? Can you talk a little bit about that? 

I feel like I was born into this. Both my grandparents in Israel were yoga teachers, and my great-great-grandfather was a Kabbalistic rabbi. My aunt is an astrologer and my mother is spiritual. We grew up with Guided Meditation, with new age positive thinking. I was exposed to this. I was exposed to healers and to all of this information. I feel like the universe presented and continues to do that on a daily basis, the information, the teachers, the direction exactly when I’m supposed to receive it. It’s fascinating to me about what I get exposed to. I’ll hear something and I talk about God or the universe, whatever it is that you believe in, it’s something greater than ourselves. I’ll hear something and go, “Don’t have me do that.” I know that I heard there for a reason because this is what’s going to happen to me in my life. I’ve been blessed. A teacher will cross my path. I’d never heard of a Shaman when I came here. In South Africa, we have witched doctors but somebody said to me, “You need to go to this woman.” I said, “I’m not sure why I need to go.” She was profound in my life.

Was that a pivotal point? 

No, because every single thing has been a pivotal point. Each thing that I’ve been exposed to has moved me closer to where I am.

GG 15 | Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation: When you step out of your thoughts and open yourself up, it is truly profound what information you receive.


By the way, my husband joined us in the session but that’s his journey. I wanted to talk about what I experienced, but it was nice to have that connection too that you talked to both of us. You told us both that you get hits or downloads. I found that fascinating. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Is it literally like that you feel like a message coming to you?

Let’s talk about what happened to you. Two times a week of days, you popped into my head. At that moment, you had sent me an email and you answered a question that I was thinking of. Whether it was that you send me the Zoom link and I was thinking, “I wonder if Karen sent me the Zoom link.” At that moment, that happens to me a lot. My clients, I’ll think of somebody and I’ll send them a text and they’ll say to me, “If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 100 times. How did you know to call me now?”

It’s like your ears are burning that saying.

It pops into my head. I worked in a teenage rehab center. I got gifted this job from a client’s daughter, way back. It was one of those synchronistic moments where she asked for me to be brought in to do Guided Meditation. I worked there for a few years and the kids would say to me, “How do you know that about me? How do you know something?” I would say, “I don’t know. I just know.”

You sense it. 

I’m clear sentient mostly, which means that I feel something, which sometimes my kids will say to me, “Use your words. Don’t tell me how you feel. What do you think?” I get a sense. Something will pop into my head that will say, “This is what’s going on. Here’s a word, a feeling and a thought.” I want to tell you, Karen, we all have access to this.

We have talked before, the goddesses and I, about that and trying to tap into that. I’m going to invite the Featured Goddesses on so they can join in on the discussion because we have talked at length about that. In fact, trying to tap into we call our inner goddess, our intuition. Can you talk to us more about that?

I do believe that my clients tell me what they need. I don’t have an agenda when I work with somebody because I listen to what their needs are, and I have tools that I use in order to have their intuition come up and it does. They get what they need at any given moment. It can be a Guided Meditation, relaxation and progressive relaxation. When you step out of your thoughts and your head, and you open yourself up to allowing the information to come to you, it is truly profound at what information you receive. Have any of you experienced that like something will come into your head and you think, “There’s the answer to my question?”

They’re nodding that they want to hear. Tell us about that. 

Usually in the shower, I’m not even kidding. I feel like my spirit guides come to me in my shower. 

What’s interesting about the shower, and that’s one of the tools that I use, I use it as a cleansing ritual. I will tell my clients to use it as cleanse. Imagine that your energy is cleansed. What you’re doing is you are doing mindfulness in the shower. You’re focused on the ritual of showering, which means you’re not focused on ruminating about something.

That’s similar to when we were talking with my husband, and we were talking about meditation and he doesn’t like to sit still. We got into the topic of running because he likes to run, so do I, but he feels that running, moving meditation because he feels that things come to him when he runs.

When we get too attached to the way that we want things to be, we suffer whenever we don’t get what we want. Share on X

I do believe that we need to find what works for us. No one shoe fits all the same way that no one diet fits everybody. We have to figure out what works for us and do more of what works for us. We’re all different. Whether it’s a walking or sitting meditation, whether it’s five minutes, half-an-hour, whether it’s standing in the shower and doing mindful showering, it’s finding the things and rituals that work.

You and I also talked before even when I first spoke to you, and I found it interesting and I wanted to ask you about this. You had told me about some of the life challenges that you have, but you didn’t go into detail and I respect that. You said to me, “I don’t even want to go there. I know that those were some difficult times and that’s it.” I said, “What do you mean? Why?” You said, “It’s because it brings in negative energy.” Can you talk about that a bit? 

First of all, there were a couple of things. Number one, I feel that when we have a situation, the first thing we have to do is to honor, acknowledge and validate that we have gone through something, which is what we were talking about a little bit here. We have to acknowledge that something doesn’t feel good or that it’s hurtful, stressful, scary or whatever it is. There’s a place for that. We have to figure out what it is that’s coming up for us and hold a loving space for me. Do whatever work needs to be done in order to move forward. The thing that I believe is that if we take away all the faces and we look at every situation, then everything and everybody is a messenger for a lesson we need to learn. They’re stories to learn the lesson. I say to somebody, “When you look at what’s taken place, what can you take out of the situation that is the lesson without the face?” To go back to what you asked me, and I’ll share some of the things that are not necessarily about me. I can share someone else’s story where I was a part of what took place. It’s not my story. Your husband’s thing was your husband’s journey.

I came from a challenging childhood and my parents were divorced. I had weight issues, issues around food, self-worth and self-love. I was a dancer and I was overweight. I then immigrated. There were things around immigration and some fear around what was taking place and getting out green cards. I had seven miscarriages. I went through a divorce, which was less than desirable and it continued for many years, the aftermath of the divorce was challenging. Raising two kids, I have a 25-year-old son and a 22-year-old daughter and there were things around that. My son got septicemia and was in the hospital and had a thirteen-hour surgery. There was that. They’ve been things that triggered the nervous system that kept me in fight and flight. The work for me has been around calming the nervous system and the mindfulness and teaching mindfulness to teachers, school children, parents, and also the self-love part, doing a lot of work around the self-worth, self-esteem, self-love and that’s been the journey. When I say, “I don’t necessarily want to bring it up,” it’s not because it brings up the negativity, but it’s because I feel like unless I’m sharing and I’m happy to share. When I went through the seven miscarriages, I became involved with resolve because if I can help somebody do something a little quicker than I can, that for me brings me so much joy to help somebody not take as long.

You use your experience to be of service to others.

I’m a slow learner. It takes me a long time to get something and I truly believe that it’s what’s given me my patience. I’m supposed to be the way that I am, so that if I see somebody having a little glimmer of hope, I’m all over it. I will not work with somebody that I feel is trying. I’ve thanked everybody in my life for the lessons that they’ve taught me. Thank you for putting me through that because it’s made me a better practitioner and who I am but also the fact that I’m patient.

I understand it’s separating the face from the thought, like a sickness when someone has a sickness and then when they recover, that time of being sick is hard and it’s negative time. It’s stressful, physically and emotionally hard, but then in retrospect, you learn many things from it. I’m still married, but I can see friends with divorce, when you’re going through that grieving time, that anger, that worry, once you’re done, you can look back and learn from things. Have you learned anything like that from anything you’ve been through, Alyssa, Rachel or Dena?

I have to acknowledge the fact of losing a husband at a young age. To Sharon’s point, I still can get in that flight and fight mode from that time and triggers. I work through the anxiety with breath and talking out of my head and knowing they’re fine, “You’re not having a panic attack, it’s going to be fine.” It’s always there. It’s something I always have to struggle with. It’s not always there in my face, but it creeps up on me and sometimes it’s creeping up when you don’t expect it to. You’re always in that mode of when’s it going to come up?

Dena has remarried a wonderful man, but yet you still have those feelings.

Dena, I’d like to address that because I chose to revisit. I’m always learning. I did a fully intensive coaching course. There was a man who had created another coaching course and he was gifting coaches this course. I thought, “Six weeks, I’ll do it.” The thing that I love about what he was saying and the way that he put it, and he spoke about himself but he was a professor at Stanford and Yale. He was sharing also that it’s not to say that we don’t have those moments. It’s not to say that we’re never going to have those moments. I had them too and I preach this and I practice it and I teach it. It’s about how long we stay there. The key is to say if you’re putting your hand on a hot stove, how long are you keeping your hands there? It’s acknowledging that something’s come up. Are we going to love the story for an hour or a day? Are we going to have it come up, acknowledge it, give it space? I do breathing around love, compassion and space around it and saying, “It’s here,” then letting it go. There’s no judgment around the fact that it even comes up.

Alyssa, what were you going to add? 

That’s the key. It’s not just acknowledging, but it’s also how long are you acknowledging for and how quickly can you let it go? I feel like there were times in my life where I couldn’t let things go, that it would fester and you have all this negative energy and whatever it was that was causing that pain or the sadness. I’ve gotten better at it as I’ve aged. I don’t know if it’s maturity or there are 50 other things going on, you get busy. I’m also good at compartmentalizing things like that, which is not always great, but sometimes you have to put something on a shelf and let it go for a little bit. The more you can honor and acknowledge, but then release. The key is the releasing part that is easier for some than others.

GG 15 | Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation: If you want to work on something like anxiety or shifting your mindset, you have to practice it over and over again.


I’ll address this and I’ll tell you something that I know because it takes me a longer time than it does other people. Because you say so doesn’t make it happen. It’s a muscle. You’ve got to practice it. Whatever that practice is whether your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and perceived. If you are practicing a behavior in your mind, you’re still practicing it, but you cannot go to the gym and expect to build a muscle. You can, if you visualize it because there are studies that have shown that, but you have to at least do mental work. You cannot say, “I’m going to change,” and just think you’re going to change. You have to actively practice it. If you pushing away, that’s one thing. There’s a place to say, “I’m going to choose not to think about that depending on whether it’s something that needs to be addressed or not.” If you don’t address it, at some point, it’s going to come back either in the same form or in a different form. That’s something that needs to be looked at, but it’s practice. I know that for absolute certain, if you want to be working on something like anxiety or shifting your mindset, you have to practice it over and over again.

Do you mean that it’s going to come back to a disease? 

There are a lot of things about the disease thing. I do think that our negative thoughts are not helpful to us. More and more research are becoming available to show that stress does affect the body. It has a physical component to it. From a spiritual perspective, it starts off in the spiritual body. If we don’t change and we don’t create different thought forms, then eventually it will sit in our physical body. When I said it’s going to come back, it could come back as a lesson with interaction with somebody else. It depends on specifically what we’re talking about. If you don’t learn the lesson here, it’s going to show up somewhere else.

Is that when we talk about past lives? I know we’re getting into many different things, but I believe you do past life regression. 

I also do something called a timeline. I do go back. It can be either, it can be past lives or it can be done. With timeline, you go back along the linear line, which can be this lifetime, past lives, whatever it is to clear a specific emotion without embodying or embracing the actual specific events. What we do is we go back to clear. Let me explain this. If we have something that happens to us and it makes us angry, then we have something else that happens to us and it makes us angry. When the third thing happens, we’re bringing the anger from the first thing and the second thing. Have you ever heard the saying, “Let the punishment fit the crime,” and you reacted to something that’s inappropriate for what the situation is? It’s an accumulation of all of the times of what we’ve experienced that’s pushing that specific button. When we go back along the timeline, let’s say we’re clearing anger, we go back to the first time our soul ever experienced anger. It’s an abstract concept and we go into the event and we clear the anger all the way along the timeline to the now. Not to say that a minute later, you aren’t going to get angry, but the difference will be that you won’t bring everything from the first time your soul ever experienced anger to that next event.

We go back into past lives and there are a few things about past lives. It’s beneficial to do it if it helps you in this life. For a practitioner to turn around and say, “You are a gladiator or you are Tutankhamen or whatever,” how does that help you in this life? I feel that when we go back and we bring it into this life and we can identify with it and we can see how it can help us, I love that experience. I’ve seen it be helpful. Often what will happen is I’ll take somebody into a past life. I did a lot in rehab with the teenagers. We went back into their past life and then we change the outcome of that life. We had a different outcome than they brought forward, which felt like there was a little bit of release of burden.

I know Rachel has had a past life regression. 

I have and I think about it all the time. A few couple of lives, at least that she explored, I was a ruthless ruler and thought that I knew best. There are people in my life now that make sure that I am a kind leader. It’s made me think a lot. It’s funny because I’ve been a PTA president trying to help turn around to Chicago Public Schools. I’ve learned my lessons. I grew up with a lot of anti-Semitisms. I was 1 of 5 Jews in my school and people did not like me for that reason. I also felt different. I love that you’re a spiritual journey and your awareness of spirituality started. It was part of your being in your childhood. I have started taking spirituality classes. I have been doing this exploration of, “What is the sign? Why did all of these things happen?” I finally feel that I reconciled my childhood of feeling like an outsider almost all of the time, to being someone who all I want to do is build community. I never want someone to feel excluded or left out, and what a beautiful thing, but it has taken me a long time to not feel so much anger for those kids growing up.

I wanted to see if our goddesses had any specific questions for Sharon. 

Sharon, I know that grounding work is much a part of what you do and what we’re trying to do, and I know that there are certain tools. I don’t know a lot about it other than I know you can smell, touch and feel things around you. The reason I ask is we’re living in these times that there are so much anxiety and anxiety-producing things happening all around us especially in 2020. I’m wondering, what does that do those tools of grounding yourself? How does that help us with our anxiety?

If you think about the fact that if you’re being present and you’re grounded and you have an awareness of being in the now, then you’re not spending your time worrying about what’s going to happen. As we’ve seen, we don’t have a lot of control over a lot of things. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me or not, but that’s one of the messages that’s apparent that we don’t have a lot of control. We’re trying to control our lives in the way that we want them to be without expectations and yet at the end of the day, anything can happen at any moment.

We can only control our reaction. 

Let go of the expectation of how everything has to fit into a little box because it sets you up to fail. Share on X

We can only control our reaction and our thoughts. This for me is about being introspective, relinquishing our attachment to what we believe is important in this life. I’m not saying don’t strive for things. I’m saying, at the end of the day when we are attached to the way that we want things to be, we suffer over our loss or not getting what it is that we want. We’re suffering over our suffering. It’s a good time for us to be able to look around us and say, “How are we leading ourselves? How are we showing up for ourselves? What are we doing to ourselves?” One of the things that I say to my clients that are mothers are not about blackmail but, “Would you talk to your daughter the way that you talk to yourself? I want you to yell at your daughter the way that you yell at yourself. I want you to say things to your daughter or to your child, the way that you say things to yourself. How are you leading yourself? How are you taking care of yourself and managing what’s going on? What are you modeling for your children? How are you showing your children that we can be resilient?” In actual fact, through all the courses through Yale and Berkeley that I’ve done and all the research and everything else, it’s showing that we are much more resilient than we think that we are.

Even when we’ve been proven wrong, we still predict that we are not going to be as resilient as we are. Research has shown that these kids, no matter whether it’s a test or a driver’s license or whatever else, predict that they will be unhappier than they are if there’s a failure. What if this is an awesome opportunity to teach resilience, to teach that we will be fine? If we have an anticipation of something or we want something to happen and it doesn’t, we’ll be okay, something else will come along. The grounding is letting go of the expectation of how everything has to fit into this little box because it sets us up to fail. I’m not saying don’t set goals. I’m also not saying think positively. We have to be resourceful. We also want to look at the obstacles. I always say let’s think of all the scenarios. You want to look at what could go wrong. You don’t want to go, “I’m going to think positively.” No, what could the obstacles be, either internal or external? Does that answer your question?

Yes. That’s fascinating. I always thought about being present, mindfulness is also about being present. I never equated that to a way to decrease one’s anxiety. It was, for me, appreciate the moment and where you are at this time in your life and with your family and your loved ones, but it is a way to not be as anxious. That’s not how I ever thought of it.

You can’t have two thoughts at once. You can’t be in anxiety and be focusing on breath, gratitude or anything else.

Sharon has a little treat for us. Our audience, find a comfortable spot and Sharon is going to take us through a Guided Meditation. This is what I did with her.

We can’t do this wrong. There’s no wrong way. Whatever comes up, go with the flow of whatever it is.

We’re going to have a chance to do this, so get comfortable. Hopefully, we can share our little group here about how we felt and everything after. Go ahead, Sharon. 

Go ahead and allow your eyes to lower or close, whatever feels comfortable, and become aware of your breath. Imagine that there are roots from your tailbone going all the way down your legs, into the ground, into the core of Mother Earth grounding you. Imagine a pink light in your heart center filling your body with love and peace. Imagine a pillar of white lights on the top of your head going all the way up to the heavens, connecting you to your highest self, your intuition and the universe, whatever you want to call it. Take a deep breath in and exhale on your whole being with love and light. Take another deep breath in, hold it, and as you exhale lie yourself to go a little deeper into relaxation. I’d like you to imagine if you see, sense or hear that you are in a special place. A place that you feel calm, happy and safe. If it doesn’t feel safe or happy, change the place. It can be made up or it can be somewhere that you’ve been. You can find a place to sit. Take a look around you and become aware of what you see. Notice the details of everything that’s around you. Go ahead and notice if there’s anything you can smell. If you hear anything, are there any sounds?

Be aware of how you feel in this place. Are you calm, relaxed, happy? Everything, bigger and brighter, embody and embrace this place. I’d like you to allow a wise being to form in front of you. It can be anyone or anything as long as it’s wise and loving, it can be somebody that’s still on Earth, somebody that’s passed. Let me know when you have that in front of you. Ask this wise, loving being, what it is that you need to know in order to move forward? What information they can give you that will help you in the future? Let it come to you in whatever form it does. Can you hear and say something? If there are any other questions that you’d like to ask this wise being, go ahead and ask them. When you’re ready, thank the being for coming. If you’d like to ask them if you can call on them again at a later stage or when you need them, then go back to being in your special place. If you’d like, you can anchor your special place by putting your finger in your thumb of one hand together because you’ll be able to use this at a later stage. The more you use it, the quicker you access the special place. Take a deep breath in, being aware of all of your senses and what’s around you. Hold it and then as you exhale, release your fingers. Whenever you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.

I see some tears. All of us, I don’t want to put anyone on the spot. I want you to feel safe in this place. I know it’s a show, but if you feel sharing, remember this will help others. Does anyone want to share?

For me, the person I was talking to in the meditation was my dad who passed away. Having the conversation and speaking to him, that’s hard.

Can I ask what he said to you? What did he say to you? 

GG 15 | Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation: If you’re being present and you’re grounded, then you’re not spending your time worrying about what’s going to happen.


Words of encouragement. That was my dad’s way. In his mind, his children, I have two siblings, we could do no wrong.

You spoke to him because he comes to you, have you had this interaction with him before? 

Not really. I see little signs of him, we’ve talked about this cardinal that comes to visit me and he loved red cardinals, and it comes in its home. It’s in a tree in my backyard. We call it the Pana bird because that’s what my kids called him. They couldn’t say grandpa when they were little. Every day, the Pana bird comes then. There are things like that. I haven’t done this type of exercise and I haven’t had conversations with them. We had a guest who talked about how she’s talking to all of these people who have passed on every day out loud, walking around in the world, having these conversations, and thinking that people walking by thinks she’s nuts or something. I don’t have conversations like that.

I’d encourage you to do more of that. If you have questions, go back and revisit this. Go back and see if he’s there to help you and he’ll give you information.

Anyone else like to share? Do you have, Rachel? Do you want to keep it to yourself? 

I’m curious, can you invite different people at different times?

Absolutely. I wanted to make this quick, but you have access to this. Do it. You can specifically invite people. The thing with people that have passed on is you want to let them come to you versus needing them to come to you, so that if they want to appear, they will appear versus striving forward even what I was saying a little bit about life in general. Play with it, hold the space and invite them and see what happens.

I had an uncle who had passed away come to me that I was not close with at all. It was strange because I was a little disappointed, but at the same time questioning, “Why are you visiting me?” There are many other people that I would have wished to come to my door because I was in my childhood room. He said, “I have to tell you something. I wish that you would call on me more. I feel like I have a lot to teach you.” I was like, “Let’s talk.” I lived in a home for almost 40 years of my life and then my parents sold it but I haven’t lived in it for 29 years. However, because I grew up there, it was such a prominent I had the same bedroom and everything. It was a safe bedroom, a safe place for me, and I think about that a lot. I think about that home and the fact of it being in Toronto and I live in Chicago and missing home and he said, “This will always be here for you. It physically isn’t here. You’re not in this space, but it will always be here.” His advice was to release it and let it go and live in my home now, which is something I needed to hear that.

Go back and embrace those times in your mind. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between perceived and real.

It’s interesting to me why he came.

I’ll tell you this and I’m not sure that this is the case. I was listening to one of the rabbis talking about people coming to their loved ones in a dream, and that they didn’t come to somebody that they were close to their love. They went to somebody else because they didn’t want to frighten or upset the person. They went to the friend with the information because they didn’t feel like the person would hear the information because they were going to be too emotional and having experienced the actual person.

I agree because when I opened my bedroom door, he was there. I was nervous about opening the door who’s going to be there. I did this and it was a whole different scenario, but I was nervous, “Who’s coming?” It wasn’t scary. It was questioning like, “Thank you but why are you here?” How do you feel about what we did? 

We have to have love, compassion, and kindness for ourselves. We're perfect the way that we are with everything that we have. Share on X

Can I ask a different question?


You were talking about the language that you speak to yourself and I feel like this has more of the moment. I have noticed during this period of quarantine, the shift in schedule and there are silver linings than time with my family that’s wonderful that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I feel like I can look at it that way, but I feel like I have been beating myself up way more than I normally do. This is a feeling that I’m never doing the right thing that I’m supposed to be doing. I’m either not productive enough or I’m not focused enough on my family. Now, I would say the luxury that I’m not working for money. Everything I do, I do because I choose to, and there’s not this need to support my family financially, but at the same time I have three teenage boys. I’m emotionally for sure taking care of my family. A lot of other things that I feel my internal dialogue is, “I can do nothing right. I’m not taking care of myself and others enough.” In both ways, I’m wondering is that a sense in the world that you’re seeing?

That’s the reason that I’m supposed to be doing the work that I’m doing because I look at these successful, amazing, beautiful women, and we’re all doing the same thing. My journey of being put in this isolated place to do this work and to bring it to fruition is because our society teaches that we need to be doers. We’re human doings, not human beings. It’s never enough and it’s never good enough. There needs to be a shift about the fact that we’re all awesome and we’re beautiful, and we’re doing the best that we can. We have to have love, compassion and kindness for ourselves.

The thing that I’m encouraged to tell you is why don’t you ask the people around you if they’re getting what they need from you? Instead of trying to be a mind reader, ask them, “Do you feel loved? Is there anything you need from me that I’m not doing for you?” Not to say that you can or are able or willing to do it, but we don’t have enough information. We make assumptions about things from our own belief system, but ask them specifically, “What do you need from me?” Trust that what they tell you and tell them, “I’m going to assume that what you’re telling me is the absolute truth.” You’re teaching them a skill that the words need to be congruent with their thoughts.

That’s excellent advice and excellent lesson for all of us to do with our significant others, children and parents, not make assumptions. 

To have compassion and love for yourself, you are perfect the way that you are. There are things we can do differently. We want to look at it and go, “I can do more of that. I can do more of this. I can do less of this.” It’s not about beating yourself up. It’s about looking at it and saying, “This isn’t working or this is working.” We are all amazing. We’re perfect the way that we are with everything that we have.

We are all goddesses.

Think about this energetically. If you’re beating yourself up energetically, that gets transferred to your children and to the people around you, because energy is profound. It’s more profound than words because we exude it. Not to lack at you and not to put you on the spot, but to say to you, what would happen if you managed your self-love? Because then you’re modeling self-love and self-worth to children, boys, or girls. What would that look like? What needs to happen? Do you have to go back in time? Is there something that happened in the past either in this life or in a previous life, that was an incident that needs to be dealt with, loved and released? Often that’s what happens is we need to go back and whoever the person, the situation or that incident was, it needs to be released in order for us to be able to free ourselves from what’s taking place so they could work around there.

Thank you. If the audience wants to work with you, how can they reach out to you? 

They can go to my website, which is They can email me at [email protected] and they can call me on (818) 744-5859.

Sharon, thank you for sharing your energy, healing with us and all the amazing work that you do. Giving us a little taste test of a Guided Meditation that brought all four of us to tears, which means that we connected, which is amazing to feel and to talk about. We hope our readers had that opportunity as well and will reach out to you. Thank you for joining us on the show. 

GG 15 | Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation: Your mind doesn’t know the difference between perceived and real.


You are all beautiful. I feel privileged to be here and I’m sending you all love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Welcome to Favorite Things with Sharon Saevitzon. We’re going to go around like an adult show and tell and talk about our favorite things. This is my favorite part of the show. Dena, would you like to start? 

I brought my favorite self-tanner, which brings me a lot of joy because I am not a sun person, never have been. I like a perfect 72 degrees, but my legs definitely need a little color. This one is from the organic pharmacy. I like to use clean products when I can, and this is one of them. This one I got from Credo, but they also have it at Amazon. It’s easy to use. You don’t mess up or turn orange. It makes me feel tan like I’ve been somewhere and I’m not going anywhere. That’s my favorite thing.

Especially when it’s hot outside, you don’t feel like going outside. 

I did some tanning at the park. I thought, “You’re crazy.”

Alyssa, how about you?

It was interesting when you were talking in the Guided Meditation about this pink light and you’re inside you. It’s funny that you were saying that, I was afraid I was going to laugh during the meditation. I have seven of these in all different sizes and they bring me so much joy. We keep them outside. They’re weatherproof and you can make them different. I’m going to try this to make this a different color with blue, purple and red. They can flash. We keep them outside because it brings me joy when we’re sitting outside and it’s dark and we’re in the city and there’s not much to look at.

What are they called? 

I got them on Amazon. It’s depending on my mood, I pick the color and I sit outside at night sometimes with a glass of wine.

It looks like pink bubble gum. That is funny about the pink light. Sharon, you were telling me that the pink light is the heart chakra. 

Pink light is the heart chakra, but also I use it a lot with diffusing energy. I put it to harmonize. If there’s a conflict somewhere, you put the pink cloud to bring in harmony, or you put yourself in a pink bubble to feel the self-love. I use a lot of pink light. If something is going on with you, Alyssa, imagine all of you. Imagine yourself inside the bubble, you’re sitting in the middle of this beautiful pink light and you’ll feel the love and the calm.

Rachel, what did you bring?

This is Beautycounter. It’s a lip balm and it has peppermint in it and it has no color. I put it, it’s a sheer little bit shiny, but it’s minty. My lips tingle and Beautycounter is also all-natural. I have one of these little things everywhere. I have one in my car, in my purse, in my bag and in my makeup kit. It makes me happy and I put it on multiple times a day.

I want to try that. I want to see what your reaction is to my favorite thing. I came without a favorite thing and I thought it would come to me because of the topic and it actually came to me. As I’m sitting here, I am enjoying not wearing a bra. I am braless. Before the show, I was talking to some of the goddesses. It was funny because I said, “I’m not wearing a bra, I have no makeup and my hair is drying from swimming.” I’m like, “I’ve got to stay like this because you can’t see that I’m not wearing a bra.” I have to tell you, it is freeing. It feels good. I can go braless in terms of how I feel. The look wise isn’t the greatest thing for others, but for me, it feels good to be braless. If you’re out there wearing a tight bra, take it off and see how you feel and you might find it’s a favorite. Sharon, what is your favorite thing? 

My favorite thing is a rose quartz heart. I carry this around with me. I also take it with me to the beach where I do my mindful walking. I allow it to bring universal love, self-love and embrace. Rose Quartz is for love and self-love and for universal love, and I embrace the color and the energy of the stone and allow myself to be with one and try to send it to wherever I am. I use this as my intention.

I feel like there’s a little bit of a theme with the tanning cream, rubbing it on ourselves, the lip balm, the pink and the freeness of a braless body. That all helps us to feel good, to feel grounded and to connect with our energy and our intuition. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing that with us. I am glad that we met. I hope to stay in touch. 

We definitely will. Thank you to all of you.

Thank you for joining us on the show. 

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