Tanys Coughlan: Get In Touch With Your Inner Self And Create Good Vibrations Through Energy Healing Practices


Are you in tune with your inner being? Tanys Coughlan, a registered Reiki Master, Aqualead Master, and spiritual practitioner, opens the world of spiritual energy as she shares her knowledge on the different energy healing practices that helped her get through a stressful period in her life. She tells Karen Pulver and Alysha Myronuk of the Goddesses about Reiki, the art of spiritual and vibrational healing practice that promotes the balance of the human system. It’s a ritual involving the energy that runs through our body and the need to create a free-flowing one to feel our best. She mentions that everybody has these dense pockets that get stuck in our energy field, creating symptoms that affect us emotionally and physically. Find out how you can get rid of these dense pockets as Tanys explains all about our energy and how it affects our wellbeing.

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Tanys Coughlan: Get In Touch With Your Inner Self And Create Good Vibrations Through Energy Healing Practices

Energy Rituals To Feel Fantastic

Thank you, everyone, for joining us on Grateful Goddesses. We’re grateful that you’re here. I’m going to read you a quote from our guest’s website. “Wellness is the realization that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.” This was quoted by Greg Anderson. When I read this, I started to think about my own Grateful Goddess journey and how back in 2009, I was in a place of searching and wanting more. I wasn’t quite sure what it was. From then to now, I’ve realized how much I’ve grown and opened up to many different rituals and different practices, and how it’s enriched my life. Whether you’re out there thinking, “This isn’t for me, what you’re going to talk about,” or “I’m open to this,” it’s okay whatever journey you’re on. What I feel is important to do is like what this quote says about keeping well and keeping a good positive attitude. It’s what we think, feel and believe because if we start to open up to many different avenues in our life, it adds so much richness. Why not? It’s fun to see what things are about. That is why I am glad to introduce our guest.

Tanys is a registered Reiki Master, Aqualead Master, Crystal Master, and Spiritual Practitioner. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and the Reiki Healing Association. She feels that life is full of opportunities to help and care for one another, and is pleased to have found a way to do this with the Twillow Lifestyle Community. After spending over twenty years in Home Healthcare, Tanys embarked on this mission of helping others through her spiritual and energy healing practices. She has a Bachelor of Social Science and is also a Certified Human Resource Professional with a certificate in Human Resources and a certificate in Applied Management. Welcome, Tanys to Grateful Goddesses. Alysha is here as well as a Featured Goddess. I’m grateful that she’s here. She has her own podcast called That’s Myrony. Tanys, you have many hats that you wear in your Twillow Lifestyle Community. Let’s talk about you from the beginning. What was your passion when you first started out?

I would say overall, it’s about helping people. That’s been my focus pretty much my whole life. I was in home healthcare when I first started. I spent twenty years in home healthcare working through and started in the field and ended up in management. That part was all about helping people as well. I went through a time where I started taking Reiki classes and worked through the classes slowly because I have a lot going on in my own life as well as doing management. I was involved in local theater and taking HR management classes and all of it at the same time.

When I was at that period of my life, it was stressful. I went and had my first Reiki session. I had never felt so good. I was like, “I need to learn how to do that.” I started taking the classes. That opened up a whole new world for me. I came to a point in my life where I had to make a decision about what I was doing wasn’t working in terms of career. It became political when I got up into the management stuff. I’m an empath and dealing with sometimes the toxic environment that you end up in was challenging for me at that point. I was faced with making a change and I then started my businesses.

I say businesses because I am an HR consultant as well. I have my own consultancy firm. I started Twillow Lifestyle Community because I wanted people to have a place with a variety of practitioners. That’s my goal. At the time when I started, it was just me and I now have two other practitioners working with me as well. We do cross-referral and stuff like that. They are all in that spiritual realm. It’s the energy realm more than just spiritual. My journey has taken both and I have a variety of stuff that I do. I’m a Reiki Master and teacher. I do Aqualead, which is an energy healing that heals the water in the body. I also do crystal healing. I’m a bit of a crystal addict. I’m also a Celtic, Germanic High Priestess. You’ve got your crystals.

I just grab whatever I feel like. I have a box of gems. I grabbed Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline. I’m holding it. I don’t know why I feel good holding them.

Black Tourmaline is very grounding.

I reached for it. There’s Red Jasper in here. There are many others but I didn’t feel like I needed those.

It’s interesting with your journey and what you do like when you started out. You said, “Which one do you want me to talk about?” They’re interconnected.

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I wasn’t sure how far you want me to go back but they’re definitely interconnected.

When you were a little girl growing up, you said you’re an empath. A lot of empaths who we talked to say that when they were younger, people thought they were crazy or they would think they were crazy. They weren’t quite sure where they fit in the world. Tell us about that.

I remember growing up with people telling me I was over-emotional. I don’t quite fit in with everybody. I was always an outsider and got bullied. Those kinds of things. In school, I tended to have 1 or 2 close friends until high school. In high school, I came out of my shell a little bit more. I found more of my soul tribe with a group at a community center near us. Things opened up in terms of me being much less shy and self-conscious at that point. We haven’t talked about this yet but I’m intuitive as well. I didn’t realize that I was intuitive at that point. Although, when I look back at it, I was. I just didn’t know that’s what it was. I can remember sitting in class. I’m supposed to be focusing on math. I see a picture of a horse in my head and I’m like, “Why am I thinking about that? I should be thinking about this.” I feel that there’s a lot of people that get diagnosed with ADHD and stuff that are probably quite intuitive as well.

You’re saying that the horse that you envisioned was probably someone near you that you were picking.

It was a message of some kind. There was something about the horse that I needed to know at that moment. The guides were sharing it with me but I wasn’t aware that that’s what was happening.

It was a myrony, as Alysha says. If you’ve listened to Alysha and her podcast, That’s Myrony. She talks a lot about serendipitous events and taking action. Alysha, you also are intuitive. You share this with Tanys.

It’s that whole thing of when your gut, heart and soul is telling you something, truly listen to it. We all have these gifts. It’s just whether or not we can fit into them. Karen, you’re tapping into it more and more.

That’s the thing. I feel like the floodgates have opened. That’s what I want people to understand. I’m not taking on all of these dogmas, philosophies, beliefs, thought systems. It’s not like I’m saying, “Oh yes,” but I’m opening up like I always say wine tasting. This tastes good. I will add that to my life. For me, each day, I am picking up much on all the myronies that happen, which I do want to get into. Tanys, we talked about past lives. When I tell some people about the session I had with you, they are like, “That’s crazy.” I was telling my sister about it. I said, “Don’t you want to find out about your past lives?” She said, “No, my life is too much to handle so why would I want to know about my lives in the past?” What do you say to people that are out there saying, “This is crazy. I’m not open to this. It’s too much thought. I want to be in this life now and deal with things moving forward on a more practical level?”

That’s the 3D view of our lives. That’s totally fine. Everybody is in their own space on this journey. We all have different roles and different missions to play along the journey. It’s not for everybody to focus on the same things that I’m focusing on. When people come and talk to me about it in a way, I usually refer them more to the energetic perspective of things because there are two ways to look at what I do. One is energy. We are all energy. This is science. The earth vibrates and we vibrate because we’re on the earth. The earth has a baseline of 7.8 Hertz on the Schumann resonance scale. Even NASA tracks this live. When we look at that, we vibrate.

GG 42 | Energy Healing Practices
Energy Healing Practices: As an empath, dealing with the toxic environment that you end up in can be challenging at some point.


When you vibrate, you create an electromagnetic magnetic field around you. This is what people refer to as the aura. This electromagnetic field creates what’s called the energy system. The energy runs through our bodies in a system that’s much like the circulatory system but it is the energy system. We have chakras that go right down the center of our system. We have seven main ones and we have a bunch of transpersonal ones as well. What those do, they act like the heart of the circulatory system. They’re vortexes of energy that run the energy through the body.

The meridians that you hear I talk about are much like the veins of the energy system. They run the energy from the central channel all the way up to all the other parts of the body. When I’m talking about energy, I’m talking about lifeforce energy. This is the same thing when you hear about Tai Chi, Qigong, Prana and yoga. It’s lifeforce energy. It is that energy that creates us, matter, everything. That is what the whole practice is based on. You’re running energy through the chakra system to create that free-flowing energy. We also get dense pockets stuck in this energy field that’s around us. Your aura has layers to it. Put your hand down until you feel a little bit of resistance. It’ll feel almost like a little jelly. Do you feel that?

Yes. Also, when you rub your hands and then you go like this. When I was younger, I used to do that. You feel that resistance.

This part from here to about here. It actually goes all the way through but you’ll feel it is there. It’s like a jelly blueprint that creates our body because of our body’s energy. That jelly blueprint is what creates the shape that we’re in. If you look at scarring, for instance. What creates the scar and leaves it there? Actually, our cells are rejuvenating. Why would we still have a scar if all the cells are replaced? It’s because the jelly blueprint has a scar in it. It’s filling it up all the time. The cell is reproducing and filling that jelly blueprint, which creates how our body is formed. That’s why we have scars after things because the jelly blueprint is damaged.

That jelly blueprint is your etheric layer of energy. It’s more physical and it feels a bit spongy or a bit jelly-feeling. We then have a layer that goes out as far as where your hand if you have your arms outstretched. That has inner layers as well. The main part of that or the main focus of that is your mental and emotional body. That part deals with emotional wellbeing. You then have another layer that goes out about 500 feet. That’s your spiritual layer or your connectedness layer.

We get dense pockets stuck in those layers. If we get dense pockets stuck in the different layers, we end up with different types of symptoms. If you get a dense pocket stuck in a layer about there, you’ll probably end up with some physical pain in your wrist. If you get a dense pocket stuck here, for instance, you might have some anxiety, some emotional distress that’s happening. If you can clear that, it helps the energy run clearer. If you got a dense pocket stuck in that spiritual layer, you can feel disconnected and not able to connect with people as well. You don’t feel connected to a source or universe or that life force energy that comes down.

Basically, what a Reiki master will do or a Reiki practitioner will go in and remove those pockets of dense energy. You can also have dense energy stuck in those meridians throughout the body, which as we know with the circulatory system, if you have dense pockets stuck in your veins, you’re not getting good circulation through your body. It’s the same with the energy. That is similar and helps to piggyback onto the concepts between energy and that spiritual side of things. The energy itself is quite scientific. What happens is you bring in the light energy which is high vibration energy and it dissipates those denser pockets that are lower vibration. That’s how I explained it.

Everyone can say that they feel people’s energies. When you’re in a room and someone walks in that’s called draining, they’re draining your positive energy somehow. I’m not sure how maybe you can help explain but at the same time, I run into people that are warm and you want to spend all day with them because they’ve got such a positive aura or energy. Is that what you’re discussing? Is that what you’re saying? How do we pick up on those types of people?

That is more or less what I’m talking about. We are all vibrating. As healthy humans, we usually vibrate between 63 and 75 megahertz, in general. When we have negative thoughts, it brings them down by twelve. If you have a positive one, it brings it up by ten. What we do and what we think and feel affects our energy. To put that into context, the reason we want to keep the vibration up is if we’re down around the 50s on a consistent basis. We all do this all day, but if we’re consistent in the 50s, that’s when you start to feel rundown. You start to get colds, flu and stuff like that.

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That’s what you said when the body starts having symptoms. You start having the dis-ease.

If you’re down in the 40s and stuff for consistently long periods of time, that’s where you’re more susceptible to things like Epstein-Barr, cancer and those kinds of things.

I have to say this. When I had my cancer diagnosis out of nowhere, I was feeling positive and great in my life. I felt stress-free. Similar to what every mother has, raising their kids, nothing out of the ordinary. I was in good physical shape. I remember when I got it and looking up at different sources of spirituality why I had it, I couldn’t explain why.

The other thing to think about is there are other components of that. It’s not just about your energy. You notice they said you’re more susceptible. That doesn’t mean you’re going to because there are also the physical component and the mental-emotional component. If you look at those charts of the three circles and that centerpiece where they all intersect, that’s where we are. When we have something, we have to look at not just the energetic or the spiritual aspect, we also have to look at the physical aspect. We also have to look at that mental-emotional aspect. That’s where you find the sweet spot when you’re looking at all three. I’m not one of those practitioners that thinks that everything is based on energy. There is a component of all of those things. It opens you up to it.

Alysha, what would you like to ask?

I also want to bring in the concept of our higher selves. Sometimes the challenges we go through. We may be in great physical health but Karen, if you hadn’t had this experience, would you be on this journey now? That’s one of the questions. Tanys, you may agree with me on that. It’s those things that we can’t explain from the place of dis-ease or things along that line. Maybe we wanted to go down a different path in another way so it would open another door of understanding. My big thing, Tanys, is I want to get into the Aqualead side so the readers get to know that.

I have never heard of that before. I thought when I read it, it’s like you’re in a swimming pool.

Energy has different qualities depending on what your challenge is. Reiki people often describe it as feeling warm. It’s like a warm hug when they’re having a Reiki session. If you have Aqualead, it’s great for inflammation. If someone’s got arthritis, I use it a lot for that stuff. It’s great for any of that inflammation stuff. People describe that as feeling like there are waves coming over their body when they’re on the bed. Reiki is done usually on a bed similar to what I have back here. The person’s laying down fully clothed and everything. I can either be touching or not. It doesn’t matter.

The Aqualead is the same. It’s a quality of energy that I’m bringing down through. As I bring that life force energy down, I can program it to be a certain type of energy. That’s the difference between the Reiki energy and the Aqualead. I also have another modality that I teach and it is grief-relief. It is very much about healing grief or trauma at a cellular level. We have fluid, the cytoplasm that’s in our cells that gets programmed with grief energy. That grief energy can be reprogrammed. That’s what this does as well. It reprograms that grief energy. I don’t know if you have heard of the Masaru Emoto study, the water study?

Energy Healing Practices: When we have something, we have to look at not the energetic or the spiritual aspect, we also have to look at the physical aspect and mental-emotional aspect.



This was a groundbreaking study for this work because it showed the effect of intention or energy on programming water. He’s a Japanese scientist. What he did was he took a big sample from a polluted dam in Japan. He took half and he froze it. The other half he took and had it prayed over by some monks. He then froze that. Keep in mind that this is the same water from the same place, the same sample. He then looked at them under a microscope to see whether there was a change. The one that had no prayer was like a globular structure. If you look it up, you’ll see lots of pictures on the internet about it. There’s no order to the structure of the molecules. The other one was a beautiful snowflake. The only difference was the prayer that was put into.

That’s the same with plants, I noticed. I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences with houseplants and I saw something similar to that about talking to your plants, and caring and not just watering and walking away. I do that. I’m like, “Good morning. You look beautiful.” Someone would think that it’s nuts. Why not? It’s life and I’m talking to life. We’ve had a plant for almost 30 years because I’m sweet and kind to it.

If you’re looking at the dimensional frequencies and where life sits on that, crystals are first-dimensional beings. They have their own consciousness. You’ll notice that if you pick up two crystals and you hold them for the same amount of time. One will get hot and the other one will not. There will be different temperatures. You need both of those. Pick up one of the other ones and see how it goes. If you hold those, one might get warm and the other one won’t. That’s because the warm one is like, “She needs that energy. I’m going to activate.” It gets warm and starts to vibrate. The other one is like, “No, she doesn’t need me. I’m going to sit here.” They have this consciousness.

It’s cool to me. If you’re like, “I don’t want that. I don’t understand that.” Try it. You never know. I’ve been told with crystals, sometimes I’ll put them in my pocket. You and I talked. I put them in my bra. I’ll wear them on jewelry and I’ll go about my day. At the end of the day, I’ll be like, “That wasn’t hard,” in terms of dealing with someone or dealing with the situation. I’ll realize, I had the crystal in my pocket. It was like a little sidekick helping me out. It’s interesting. Why not try it? I find it cool.

Also, what I wanted to say, to circle back to for me with cancer. By the way, this one’s getting warmer and my right hand, as I’m talking to you. I’ll open up my hand in a minute. I agree with Alysha. I had done Grateful Goddess Gatherings for three years before cancer started. When I was going through the treatment and dealing with telling my family and friends, I had my goddess toolbox. I was able to open up and say, “I’ve done meditation. I’ve learned about healthy eating. I’ve learned about dealing with toxic people.” All of those three years of Goddess events helped prepare me for that.

We never know in life what it is that we’re going to face. All of these lessons on our journey help us to prepare for those events. Had I not had all that, it would have been a lot more difficult. Looking back, I can share with people to add this breathwork into your life. I had to sit still when I was having the radiation and then they’d have to come in and say “No, you moved.” I’m like, “I didn’t move.” I then learned to breathe, just be, think of beautiful thoughts and it was over. All of this breathwork, meditation and stone energy are all interrelated and helpful. I wanted to talk to you about your work on Zoom because it’s interesting. We had a beautiful session and you were able to help me in many different ways, especially with the energies in my home. How are you able to do that? Through Zoom, you closed your eyes and you felt that there were some different energies in my home that needed to leave. Can you explain that process and how you felt that?

When you get into consciousness, there is no time or space. It’s a man-made concept. What happens for me visually in my third eye, what I do is I take a piece of my consciousness and I put it there. It’s like astral travel but I’m only doing a piece of it. With astral travel, you’re totally leaving your body and you’re going elsewhere, which we all do at night. That’s what dreams are. Not all of them but a lot of them are. We’re doing astral travel at night. It’s not that foreign for people. We just don’t call it that. Have you had those experiences at night where you wake up and you’re it’s like a big shock? That’s a tough reentry into your body.

Is that what it is when you feel like you’ve fallen? I’ve always wondered what that is.

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I’ve had that too, Alysha. Usually, I punched my husband accidentally when that happens.

That’s because you’ve been out of your body and then it comes back into the body or your energy comes back into your body. Usually, we do it gracefully but sometimes we’re not so graceful.

You send part of your energy to my home and I had sent something by my front door for years, the negative energy and you sensed it as well. You then directed it to leave. How did you do that?

Because that’s on a different vibrational frequency. You’re talking about frequencies. I’m sending my frequency there. I’m then directing that frequency to leave because if you think of everything as energy, that’s what it is. It’s energy.

What did you feel when you did that? Did you all of a sudden feel like there’s a soul, there’s a person who had passed away? Do you remember?

I’m not sure because, in a lot of my sessions, I’m doing what’s called mediated channeling. I’m getting a lot of messages as we go. That’s usually what I asked for is, “Please help me to say exactly what needs to be said.”

You said something and it felt like that stagnant energy that had been there for long had left. You said, “This is a tricky one because it didn’t want to leave.”

I’m also a medium. It’s part of my mission here, if you want to talk in that spiritual terms, is to crossover spirits. I often get them coming. They’re hanging around until I realize they’re hanging around. I then have to cross them over. I send them into a pillar of light. I call on the angels and have them escort them so that they’re not alone.

That’s exactly what you did. You called an angel because this was a stubborn spirit. It was a little boy spirit. Maybe he was scared. What was interesting was every time we had company over, I was telling you that it’s this energy because things would break at every single time like an ice maker or the garbage disposal, stuff like that. The lights would flicker. It was almost as if a little kid was laughing playing tricks on us. I would always say to my guests, “It’s the spirit.” They would be like, “Come on. Your fridge is broken.” I’m like, “No, it’ll start working tomorrow. You’ll see, and it would.

GG 42 | Energy Healing Practices
Energy Healing Practices: The part that’s uncomfortable is that physical reaction that goes with the thought, that’s what creates the feeling in our body.


While you’re talking about that, I’m remembering the energy. It’s playful. The stubbornness, do you know what a kid does? He’s like, “I don’t want to go.” That was what he was doing when I said he was being a little bit stubborn. He liked playing at your house. He liked playing with the family because it was fun for him. There was fear there for him too because he didn’t know what was coming. He also liked playing. That’s what he realized was happening. After the angels came and took him along, he was fine.

I felt a lightness after a few days. It was like one of those things where you change something in your life and in your body. You then take it for granted later that it’s been changed. I didn’t realize that it had gone but I realized that things were running more smoothly in my home. I was like, “Tanys has removed that energy.” Alysha, have you ever experienced anything like that?

I helped release a spirit one time. There was this experience in my old place, in my bedroom that was ice-cold and my cats would freak out and all this. I had a friend who was a medium and this was when I was first tapping into my father’s energy and I was discovering that I had mediumship abilities. She’s like, “You definitely have something here.” Another person who was on the phone with me felt it too. Things started rattling and shaking. It was crazy what was going on and all of a sudden, it’s gone. From that moment on, that coldness was gone. I understand that sometimes those energies get trapped because it’s almost like there’s a story that they want to have somehow come out. A lot of energy like if it was due to a tragic death or something like that, that’s when those energies can get stuck. Now I know exactly what that is.

Don’t we all have the ability to do that? If someone who’s out there is feeling negative energy in their home, space or workspace, how can they use this technique? What can they do?

I do have specialized training in some of this. There is a lot that we can do on our own. There are some that you do need somebody to come in and help because the ones that are a little more stubborn don’t go easily. You then want to make sure that there’s psychic protection that needs to happen. There are magic circles in the ritual part of things that need to happen. That’s for someone like me who would come in and do that.

I had told you that I saged my house because someone told me, “Tell the spirit to go to the light. I had done that. I’d walked around and said, “Go to the light.” I opened the windows yet, it’s still stayed here. If a person’s reading this, if you’re still feeling that, then it’s time to call in the big guns. That’s something that you would do to help which I highly recommend. Not only that, you talked with my husband about the pain in his body. Without him even telling you, you were able to focus on his lower back, which is his hip area, which he’s been having difficulty with. You did something. You said some things to him. It was funny because a few days later, I asked the same thing, “How’s your back?” He said, “It’s been good. I didn’t even think about that.” That’s like when you get a tooth pulled or something changed, and then you get used to it and you forget that it’s even been changed, but everything’s better. That’s how he was. How are you able to do that?

It’s the same technique in terms of doing the healing aspect. The other piece to that is that I’m also a physical empath.

You’ve got a gazillion hats here.

The physical empath and the empath have the same ability. It’s clairsentience. It is a clear feeling. It can be a clear feeling as in physical sensation, which is physical or feeling as in stuff. Early on in my practice in Reiki, I realized that I was a physical empath because I would have this guy coming in and we were trying to get a handle on his pain. He was into sports. He was an older man and done all the sports injury things. He would come in and he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I get him on the table and I’d be doing my Reiki. All of a sudden, he would be like, “My shoulder is so sore while I was doing the Reiki.”

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At the end of the session, it was fine. He would say, “My shoulder feels so much better.” I called my Reiki Master. I’m like, “What’s going on?” She said, “You’re a physical empath.” What happens is that the pain that’s in somebody else’s body, I often will feel it in my own. I know where to direct that energy. That’s what happened with your husband when I tuned in. I also want to say there’s ethics behind doing this stuff. I want to emphasize that. I don’t ever purposely tune into anybody’s energy if I have not asked permission always. That’s a big thing.

If I’m talking to you about a friend, you need to say, “I need to get permission for that if they wanted to know more?

That’s right. The guides will take care of it.

Also, you’re not a medical doctor. You did say to my husband, “This is what I’m sensing. This is what I’m helping to remove this pain, but you should still go to a doctor.”

That’s that three-prong approach that I talked about.

Yes. It makes sense.

We also talked about the Ho’oponopono.

Let’s talk about that. Alysha, do you know Ho’oponopono?

I do but not greatly. Please elaborate.

GG 42 | Energy Healing Practices
Energy Healing Practices: Energy has different qualities depending on your challenge. Reiki people often describe it as feeling warm, like a warm hug when they’re having a Reiki session.


It’s the most beautiful experience that I’ve had. I still haven’t done it on cancer but I’m going to. Please explain.

I found that Ho’oponopono quite early in my journey. It’s funny because I learned it at a spiritual circle, and then didn’t use it or anything. I was sitting on my bed one night, meditating. This is where past lives come in. This is a good story for both of those things. I had always felt like I had blocked something for myself like there was something that I wasn’t remembering. I sit down on my bed and I intuitively picked up these two crystals not knowing what they were for. As it turned out, I was picking up celestite in my receiving hand, which is my left hand, which was asking to receive angelic assistance. That’s what celestite and the metaphysical properties gets there. In my right hand, my releasing hand, I had a meteorite, which was about past lives. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was asking for angelic assistance to release past lives. At the time, I grabbed them, sat down and started meditating. As I was meditating because I’m clairvoyant, I was seeing a movie playing in my head in what people refer to as your third eye.

This movie is a little bit graphic. I was being held down on an old wooden table by four men. It was like medieval times and being raped by a fifth man. I intuitively knew that the fifth man was my boss. I was like the scullery maid of this house or the housekeeper or whatever you want to call it that time. Scullery maid is what always comes to mind when I think of that. The whole thing was upsetting. It was like being there again. It was like my whole energy experienced it again because I was sobbing. When I came out of the meditation, I was quite shaken. Intuitively, I was told to use the Ho’oponopono. I started using the Ho’oponopono.

Let’s explain what is Ho’oponopono.

The Ho’oponopono is a forgiveness mantra, originally from the Huna tradition. There have been some modifications to it, depending on the tradition that you’re following and stuff. In North America, they don’t like the way we do it, but the energy of it changes. It’s an ancient practice but the energy of the Earth has changed. When you’re tuning into the Ho’oponopono energy, you’re tuning into that consciousness of forgiveness. The original one was tuning into universal love. For people, sometimes that universal love piece is a little bit harder to tap into. It’s four phrases and I’ll explain why. When you do it, you’re using it as a mantra. You can feel the energy block in your body is released as you do it. Let’s do one just so that you get a feel for it. People can do it at home. What I want you to do is I want you to go to a happy place. Close your eyes and think of a happy place. Something that you’re relaxed about. I want you to take three big deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

What I want you to do now is a little body scan, looking for areas of tension in your body. I want you to get a baseline for when you’re relaxed. I will say here before we get into this that my version of the Ho’oponopono, I do it a little bit differently. It will be different from the original. I want you to picture somebody in your life that you need to forgive. I want you to picture their face. I want you to scan your body again. I want you to notice the changes. Where are those areas of tension that you’re feeling? What I’m going to have you do is continue to picture their face and I’m going to have you repeat after me.

We’re going to do the four phrases and we’re going to do them in sets of three. Picturing their face and repeating after me. “I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you.” Deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. We’ll do one more round. I want to make sure that you’re going to be able to feel the difference. Continue picturing their face. “I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you.” Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. I want you to do a body scan while you’re picturing them, checking in to see those spots that were tense before. If they started at a level of ten for instance, what would you say those spots are at now? I’m asking you to look into it. You can open your eyes now. How did you find that? Did you find there was a difference?

I did this with cancer because I was going to do that anyway. There was no phase. It was a tumor, which is what I had. It was like a dark mass of blood-red. I felt a tightness in my throat. When I was doing it, it was still tight. It loosened up. What was interesting is that feeling when you have a Vicks Vapor Rub or a cough candy menthol. It felt like a menthol feeling in my throat after. I’m not sure what that means but that’s how it felt.

When you’re having menthol, it’s clearing stuff. It’s clearing congestion. That’s what was happening for you was that you were clearing that congestion. There’s still some more. Correct me if I’m wrong, I feel like it was a little bit lower and it’s moved up a little bit. Is that what it feels like?

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Yes, it was lower. It’s here but it was cooler. It’s still there. I don’t know if we can remove that.

We can but it depends on what time you want to do it.

No, we’ll keep going. Maybe after, we can do a little removal. That would be great. Alysha, how about you?

I’ve heard of Ho’oponopono. That was cool to do and definitely felt I have tension in my back. I feel it’s released. Probably at least half of it.

That was just a short session. What you would do if you’re working on something is do it and checking in with yourself in those sets of three. “Where am I at now?” If I was at 10 and that’s 7, good. You then do another set, maybe you’ll be at five. Another set, you’d be down to three, and then maybe you’d be released. You do it until it’s released. That does not mean that’s not going to come up because a lot of our healing is in layers. When you do that and you do it in one sitting, you’re removing a layer. It tends to be that as you move further in, those layers tend to be a little bit thinner like with an onion. The thicker one is harder on the outside, that crunchy layer. As you go further in, they’re thinner and finer. That’s what happens in my experience with this kind of thing. The first one that we do is tough and people will often cry. That’s the other thing. We’re in a situation right where you guys are probably not wanting to cry.

I’ve cried on the show. I was starting to feel a little bit emotional. Probably I should have let go and let it happen.

People in our society think that tears are a bad thing. It’s energy. That was one of the big learnings for me because when I was young, I was told, “You’re over-emotional. You cry too much,” or whatever. As I’ve come down along my spiritual journey, it’s been like, “I’m going to accept that that’s who I am, first of all. Second of all, I’m going to allow myself the opportunity to release that energy in whatever way is suitable for me.” When I get angry, I cry. When I get sad, I cry. When I’m dealing with trauma, I cry. It’s who I am. I accept that I’m going to do that. I know now that it’s an energy release, and it will pass just as emotions pass because emotions are a physical reaction. The part that’s uncomfortable is that physical reaction that goes with the thought. That’s what creates the feeling in our body. If we can allow that to flush through and be a quiet observer with it, it’s much easier to let things flow.

You answered my final question. How do you feel we need to learn how to open and tap into the goddess of energy that we all have? You are definitely the goddess of energy. It’s about feeling and being open to it and seeing where it takes you.

It’s going down that road and allowing the emotions to flow. That’s a quiet observer.

GG 42 | Energy Healing Practices
Energy Healing Practices: When you get into consciousness, there is no time or space. Time and space are man-made concepts.


That’s perfect. Let’s all be quiet observers and see where it takes us. If our readers would like to reach out to you to learn more, perhaps have treatment, how can they do that?

TwillowLifestyle.ca is the website and also on Facebook. The other thing I’d like to mention is that I did start a school as well, the Enersynergy Healing Certification Program because I had a lot of people wanting to learn what I do. I’ve put together a synergy program. It’s called the Inner Synergy. It’s a program that helps people delve into all of these aspects of raising their vibration and doing the spiritual journey. It includes the Reiki. It includes the Aqualead. It includes a therapy surgery, which is what I did on your husband that night and it includes tapping into your spirit guides and all of that intuitive stuff as well. That’s my new initiative. There’s also the Twillow Lifestyle Academy that you can find on Google as well.

I highly recommend that people reach out to you to have a session, even an initial consultation session to get a baseline of where you’re at and see what happens. It’s something else to add to your goddess toolbox to help you on your journey. Thank you for joining us on Grateful Goddesses, Tanys. We appreciate it. This rock has cooled off. I’m not sure why, but it’s no longer hot so I guess it helps.

You got what you needed.

Thank you, Tanys.

It’s my pleasure. Thank you for having me. It’s quite an honor.

Welcome, everyone to Favorite Things with our guest, Tanys Coughlan. She is a registered Reiki Master, Aqualead Master, Crystal Master, Spiritual Practitioner, etc. We loved hearing about all the amazing rituals and ceremonies you do to help people live their best life. One of the things you helped me with was cord-cutting away from the family home that I grew up in. I had wonderful memories but I needed to release them in order to live in the present of where I am here in Chicago. One of my favorite things and I’m wearing it is a necklace that has the coordinates of Chicago. I got it in a store down the street.

I was intuitively guided to the store. I say that because they sell candles. I was like, “I have enough candles.” I decided to walk in and I saw they had a little section of jewelry in the back. I picked it up, put it on, and I was like, “This is it.” I wear it because it reminds me of being in the moment of the place where I’m living. This is my journey and I’m meant to be here for whatever reason, which I’m discovering on my goddess journey. Tanys, thank you for doing that cord-cutting and now helping me to feel grounded here in Chicago. Thank you for that. Alysha, what did you bring as one of your favorite things?

First, I want to say that I recognize that necklace. When I saw you, I noticed your jewelry and I was like, “That’s beautiful.” I loved it. I love the fact that that’s what it’s connected to. I brought a beautiful piece of rose quartz. This is funny, the myrony behind this was someone, I forget who it was, but it was said that I needed to get some rose quartz. Tanys, what is rose quartz? Is there protection with rose quartz too?

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It’s about love and love is high frequency. When you raise your frequency, you’re coming out of the weeds. If it is about protection, it’s about keeping you above the dense energies that are below. It’s love, self-love, universal love. It’s the love rock.

It was funny because I was telling my friend who is the one who told me about Ho’oponopono. He’s the one that would always say this. He had this piece and gave it to me. I see that tying into this episode completely.

I’m holding mine too.

I have some here.

Tanys told me, Alysha, to get four rose quartz and four black tourmalines, put them together and put them in the four corners of my home because it will ground and add love to my home from the ground up. You could do it in certain rooms as well if you want to go crazy. Maybe your bedroom or your child’s room if the child is driving you nuts. Tanys, what did you bring?

I have several things here.

Show us. We want to see it.

Speaking of jewelry, as you were doing that, I’m like, “I should tell my story about this necklace.” This is a necklace where it’s a tree, which is like my willow tree. I have a bit of a personal branding thing. I have these in all different colors and stuff but this particular one is very special for me. I found it in my mailbox one day. It was put there by somebody with an anonymous note letting me know how special the energy is that I hold and that this is a reminder to hold on to that. It’s chakra stones so it’s about balance. The reason I chose the willow tree as my logo was because the willow has healing properties and it’s also known as the tree of knowledge. I bring healing knowledge to individuals and my HR company is also Twillow but it’s Twillow Consulting. I bring healing knowledge to organizations. That’s why this one, in particular, is special.

I noticed that too. You’re saying that you got that myronically and serendipitously in your mailbox, and now you’re making them.

I’m not making them but I wear them a lot. I have all the different colors that I wear. When I’m out doing networking at events and stuff, I always have one so people always know, “That must be Tanys. She’s wearing the tree.” I had people come up to me and say, “You’re Tanys. Somebody asked me if I knew you because you were wearing a tree.”

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What else do you have to share?

A crystal as well.

What is that?

It’s a celestite. It’s all about connecting to angelic energies. I have it here on my desk because I connect with the angels a lot in the work that I do. This one speaks to me. It’s nice and shiny so it’s awake and chatty. It helps me a lot.

That’s beautiful.

You sell stones and gems in your store.

I do. We’re putting it all up online. At this point, I do it by calling me on Facebook or FaceTime or whatever and I do a virtual tour.

That’s great. We love all of your wisdom about Reiki, energy healing, crystals, all of the classes that you offer. Thank you for joining us on Grateful Goddesses and Favorite Things.

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Tanys Coughlan is a Registered Reiki Master, Aqualead Master, Crystal Master, and Spiritual Practitioner. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) and the Reiki Healing Association. She feels that life is full of opportunities to help and care for one another and is so pleased to have found a way to do this with the Twillow Lifestyle Community.

After spending over 20 years in-home healthcare Tanys embarked on this mission of helping others through her spiritual and energy healing practices. Tanys has a Bachelor of Social Science and is also a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) with a Certificate in Human Resources and a Certificate in Applied Management.

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