GG 43 | Astrological Tarot

Michelle Marie: Astrological Tarot – How Listening To The Stars Can Help You Live Your Best Life

GG 43 | Astrological Tarot


What do the stars tell us? This show’s guest today is Michelle Marie, an astrological tarot reader and Western & Vedic astrologer. In this episode, Michelle discusses with Karen Pulver and goddesses how stars can help us understand our behavior and that of others. When we come to a better understanding of human behavior, we then learn to change to live our best life. Do you want to learn more about astrology and how it teaches you to deal with present-day situations? Then join in the conversation and dive deep into our journey with the stars!

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Michelle Marie: Astrological Tarot – How Listening To The Stars Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Western And Vedic Astrology, Past Lives, Science, Intuition

We are glad that you are here. Ever since I was young and I found out that my Astrology sign was a Scorpio, I was so interested. In fifth grade, I did a project on Astrology signs. Every time I date or have a long-time boyfriend, I would look up his sign. I am a Scorpio and I dated a Virgo, a Gemini, a Leo and I married a Capricorn. I was going through old scrapbooks. This scrapbook, I have from my Gemini boyfriend. Back then, I marked this little section and it said, “When a Scorpio girl meets a quick walking and talking Gemini man, he’ll be there one moment and gone the next, even when she’s arranged a special date. He may even be out with an attractive aquarium.” We dated for two years and he ended up with the Aquarian while he was dating me. If I had listened to this advice I probably could have saved some energy and time but it’s with that that I’d like to introduce our guest, Michelle Marie because she has opened my eyes to so much more about Astrology, not just Western Astrology but the alignment of stars, Vedic Astrology so much that we’re going to dive into. You don’t have to take this into your life but at least opening up to the awareness of it. It may help to explain a lot of things that are happening in your life.

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Michelle Marie is a tarot reader and Western and Vedic astrologer. Her practice is dedicated to helping her clients understand the spiritual lessons and avenues available to them through astrology and tarot. Astrology, tarot and Vedic studies provide the keys to questions regarding career, relationships, family, finances and anything else involving your current or past lives. Because she has experienced the healing power of Astrology and Tarot firsthand, she is dedicated to sharing these valuable and insightful tools with others. Thank you and welcome Michelle Marie to the show.

Karen, thank you so much for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Thank you. You are a Leo, correct?

I’m at 9 degrees in Leo.

GG 43 | Astrological Tarot
Astrological Tarot: Babylonians had such a great understanding of how the stars related to the human genome, society, culture, and events because they lived in a valley with no mountains around it.


You talk to me and you did this beautiful reading for me. You talked 9 degrees and those types of little extras that you’re adding to what I’ve grown up with is reading my daily horoscope, finding out compatibility with that type of thing. There’s so much more to it. For someone who is reading, that was like me growing up and only knows their sign, knows their spouse or their partner sign, their children sign and what jives with them. Can you explain Astrology 101 for us?

There are twelve houses and all of those have different meanings. The first house represents the self. The twelfth house if you go all the way around represents the psychic world, the hidden things. You have your houses, degrees, signs, transits and planets. There are also asteroids, invisible points, the ecliptic and nodes. There’s a lot to a person’s chart. When they say, “I know my Sun sign. I know my husband’s Sun sign and we’re not supposed to get along.” I asked her, “What’s your moon? What houses are your planets in? Do you know about this or that?” There’s a lot more that goes into Astrology than your Sun sign. You can get deep into it especially in Vedic Astrology where there are sixteen Varga charts in addition to your Rossi chart.

There’s so much more to just saying as the Gemini. That it’s so interesting because he did end up with an Aquarian which is I don’t know if they get along or Scorpio and Gemini aren’t supposed to be together.

If you look at sextiles and trines, they tend to transit that gets along. Trine means they’re within the same element. That would be Aquarius, then Gemini and then Libra. Those would be your air signs. If you want to go sextile, air signs get along with fire signs and fire signs get along with air signs. They are sextile to each other. Earth and water signs are sextile. Trine is the same element. Sextile is a complementary element.

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The Virgo, Gemini, Leo or Capricorn would be the best side although I already admitted I married a Capricorn.

Capricorn is excellent for you.

We won’t go down that road of, “Which one? Did I marry the right sign?”

You did.

I’m very happy with my strong-headed organized Capricorn. I would like to invite our future goddesses because they also have many questions about this topic. Alicia has had a reading from you as well. Welcome, Camille and Alicia. I never asked you what your sun sign or your Western sign is. Camille, what are you?

I’m Capricorn sun which is funny. Moon in Taurus. Moon in Taurus Ascendant, Aquarius and Uranus in my ninth house. I don’t know how far you want to go with it but I have all of that. My husband’s Gemini. That was funny that you mentioned that.

Capricorn and Gemini are different than Scorpio and Gemini.

True but what are the odds?

Alicia, what are you?

I’m a Virgo. I haven’t done much of my Western sign.

You did your Vedic. Because you had that reading with Michelle, can you explain a bit about the Vedic chart and Alicia perhaps some a-ha moments you got from doing that with Michelle?

In Vedic Astrology, it’s called Jyotish and it’s the science of light. What that represents is it’s our lives, our journey in Astrology provides the map. The focus is on Dharma Artha Kama Moksha. Those are the life paths that we can take. Each lifetime we have a different path that we take in order to reach realization with the divine source which is where all of this came from, plus some. Dharma is doing the right thing. That’s the niche, that’s fulfilling spiritual responsibilities. Artha is an activity on the material playing desires on a practical level. It’s goal-oriented, it’s a dedication to a religion that would be an example of Artha. The Kama, that’s passion, creativity, children, a pleasure, just enjoying life. Some people do that in their souls’ journey. There’s Moksha, which is the highest degree of perfection. It’s a spiritual realization. It’s the final destination of eternal bliss. It’s devotion to the all-pervading Ātman within.

The way that we get to that within each lifetime is through the Koshas and there are five Koshas. The five Koshas in Vedantic Philosophy enclose the incarnating soul. In Christian text, it would be called the Holy Spirit that’s within. It’s probably a different terminology in Kabbalistic Literature but it’s the Spirit of God with on the human soul. We have to chip away at those layers or coaches to reach the divine. Vedic Philosophy isn’t a religion. It’s the idea that we’re all one spirit and there are many paths to the divine source. The true soul gets hidden by the many issues represented by the planets that the planets represent. The birth chart and its Varga. The Varga are the sixteen charts that I talked about. You have your first chart which is your Rossi. It’s like going and looking at the outside of a house that you’re about to buy. You get down to the sixteenth Varga. That’s the sixteenth chart. You’re looking in the junk drawer of that house. It’s like looking under a microscope and starting macro and then going micro into a person’s life.

Kosha means sheath. The five sheaths are known as Panchakosha, 1 of the 5 coverings of Ātman or the inner self which is that Holy Spirit I was talking about. This Kosha System refers to layers of subjective experience that hide the true self that range from this dense physical body that we’re all into subtle levels of emotions mind and spirits. The divisional charts are the Varga help analyze the Kosha and identify any blocks that we have. The first sheath is the Annamaya. That’s the food sheath. That’s what we’re walking around in these things, these bodies that we’re walking around in. That’s the D-1 to the D-12 chart. You can look at health, at children, at family, what you’re set to do in this particular incarnation. This life here.

GG 43 | Astrological Tarot
Astrological Tarot: Once you get interested in a subject, drill into it until there’s nothing to drill into anymore.


You go to the Pranamaya. That is the vital breath sheath. If you’ve ever done Pranamaya exercises that’s a way to break into that sheath and to make yourself aware beyond the physical body sheath. There’s the Manomaya which is the mental sheath. You can breakthrough that through what’s called Yanayoga. That’s the study of the Scriptures of texts like the Bible the Gita etc., trying to connect to the divine in any way you can through mantras. There’s the Vijnanamaya. That’s the knowledge sheath. That’s when you take all of that Yana knowledge and you start to infuse it into your belief system, your soul into each lifetime as you develop as a soul. There’s the Anandamaya which is the bliss sheath. If you had that you wouldn’t be here or you’d be Jesus, Krishna or you’d be spiritually realized. You’d just be walking around in bliss and connected to God.

Alicia, what were some takeaways when you had your reading?

I can’t even express how incredible it was and especially being able to look at it from the connection to past lives. It went so much deeper. The spiritual experience that I had back in 2015 connected many things. It was just unbelievable. I would recommend to everybody to get their Vedic done.

We didn’t do that but you did allude to some past life experiences. You’re saying with Vedic, you go even deeper?

I don’t tend to start with a person’s Vedic chart. Alicia was a unique case. I start with the Western chart to get them into how astrology works. It’s what the houses are because I’m not giving them a description of their chart. I spent a couple of days going through all of my books, looking up celebrities, finding things that might help them understand what I’m saying so that they don’t get confused. The Western chart is an introduction. I can go deeper with the clients to the point where we’re talking about past lives and karmic blocks and things like that.

I liked that. I’m on the same plane as Demi Moore. How would you describe that? She’s one of my celebrities.

You have the same Pluto as her and possibly the same Venus if I can recall that correctly. I’ve done a few charts between you and Demi.

Demi if you’re out there we’re like sisters. Camille, what are some of your questions? What is your experience with Astrology and Vedic or Western Astrology? I was curious what made you first get into it? The first time I was introduced to Astrology was through magazines, looking in the back and like, “Capricorns are this and I’m supposed to be like this. I’ll act like this.” I’m wondering what made you go further into it and make it all the things that you do with it now?

It started when I was nine. I was in a Girl Scout troop and we were getting our astronomy badge and they set up all of this equipment out. We were to get our badge, we had to identify the different constellations. While we were doing that my best friend at the time an Aquarius turned to me and said, “I’m an Aquarius.” I’m like, “What’s that mean?” She goes, “That’s Delphinus, that’s that one up there.” I go, “What does that mean?” She told me a little bit about it. She goes in, “My stone is Amethyst.” She opened my mind to this whole new world. I started going to the library as a kid and looking this stuff up because I had a little bit of a problem connecting with people back at that age.

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We moved a lot. I’ve moved 33 times in my 37 years of life. Especially going from school to school as a kid you’ve got to make friends easily. That was my icebreaker with people is I tried to guess their signs and ask them questions. They didn’t mind if they were personal because I was telling them something about themselves. Looking back that’s pretty advanced for a kid but it was my way through the social anxiety. I’ve always been a big reader. I got in trouble for reading. I read so much. Once I get interested in a subject, I drill into it until there’s nothing to drill into anymore. I finally found one that if I studied for my entire life, I wouldn’t be able to drill to the bottom of. It’s perfect for me. It keeps me endlessly curious.

I’ve moved around a lot as well. I’m curious what made you move around so much because mine was military and film-related. What’s yours?

I grew up in the military. I went to college. That was a transitional experience. I struggled a lot with domestic violence. I would get into relationships with guys that weren’t so great because I didn’t have the best home environment. I was projecting in the same way that I did in my home environment that I did with these guys. I get kicked out of the house. I was homeless for a while. I eventually broke that cycle. I went to a therapist who helped me immensely. I removed a lot of the projections and things that I started setting boundaries. Those boundaries allowed me to attract better people, healthier people, good people into my life. It was then that I was able to bloom and become who I am and start this.

Thank you so much for sharing that because I’m sure you weren’t planning on going in that direction. When this was originally started.

A friend of mine took me to the YWCA and they have volunteers there that will be your court advocate. That’s what saved me was I had someone to hold my hand in court when no one else would because I didn’t have my family support. They weren’t coming to support me. That was a huge step for me. I encourage you if you’re in this situation to reach out, get out. Don’t be afraid to seek help.

You did also just touch on a little bit of your childhood. You did say that you always had this passion but you needed to hide it. Can you talk a bit about that?

I was raised in a southern military Catholic family with a narcissistic father. I would say he was more psychopathic and my mother was sociopathic. My therapist told me was psychopaths are born and sociopaths are made. My mother catered to him for money. I was raised in this highly controlled environment that allowed zero freedom of choice. It was all about them. Everything we said, did and had to go through what my father thought, what he felt, what he needed. There was no us. Otherwise, we were severely punished.

I simply did everything he told me to do until it almost killed me. At that point, I had to get away. Once I was able to do that I thought of extensive therapy, I call my mind and I began studying this on my own. Astrology helped in my healing process especially Vedic Astrology because I have gone deep into their charts as well. I found that this is just part of their path and their lessons and I’m not responsible for their actions. I’m not responsible for their lives. I can move on and put myself and my healing first.

Thank you for being so vulnerable. Having this awareness will help a lot of individuals. When we talked and you talked about karmic contracts that my soul had made or karmic debts I needed to pay. It made many things clearer to me about relationships that I have with my children, my husband, my friends, my extended family. This scared me at first. I’ll be honest, you said that in several past lives, I had been murdered and raped.

I was trying to speak my truth to people I was very intuitive in that realm, trying to help individuals and I was punished for it. In this life, I made that karmic contract to suppress and to not allow because of fear of being killed which is so interesting. I’m speaking all of this truth and the Grateful Goddesses and I’m open to it. I feel so much better and in alignment. I wonder if that was why. I don’t know what pushed me to do it but I just felt like I had to. Can we explain a little bit about the karmic contracts? How can people push beyond it or what remedies they can do?

In your Varga and your Vedic chart when Ketu and Rahu, Ketu is the south node. Rahu is the north node. Your south node like I said was in Scorpio and that’s what pointed to all of those past lives. You have a stellium in Scorpio. It’s even more pronounced because your south node is so integrated with the rest of your planets. Your north node is in Taurus which is the opposite. The Rahu and Ketu south node and north node are always 180 degrees apart. The reason for this is the south node represents your past lives in the western chart. Your mission in your north node is the mission that you have in this particular incarnation.

In your Vedic chart, your south node could represent Moksha which is Ketu, it’s a headless being and Rahu is the head. He’s like a genie. He’s like why you’re here, your attachments. They have varying meanings but basically what I found in your chart is that this stellium in Scorpio is something that made you incredibly psychic, incredibly intuitive, very much unafraid to go deep when it comes to your emotions and to feel the emotions of others. What your north node is telling you is to create those appropriate boundaries to protect your material sheath too. That’s what Taurus is, the material.

Taking steps to make your voice heard, create boundaries and not go and hide. The scorpion hides in his little cave, he comes out and goes stings and it goes back. In your case, you weren’t even stinging people. Once you get past that, once you’re able to say no, you can start coming out and voicing your opinions and seeing things in a more detached way which is your mission. The next step in the Scorpio transformation it’s like the eagle.

What eagles do when there’s a storm coming is unlike chickens who are down in the coop, who are famous for pecking and killing each other during a storm because they’re all freaking out. An eagle will rise above the clouds and wait until the storm passes, hovering above the clouds. Once it’s done, land. That’s the lesson for Scorpio, is not to allow your emotional state to be in contact or be a sponge for other people’s negativity, it’s to rise above it. Once you master that you have a phoenix moment. That phoenix moment is you died itself and you transform into this big beautiful being. In Vedic Astrology, it’s a Gandanta. My Ketu is in Scorpio and my Rahu is in Taurus. I’m going through the same cycles as you Karen. it’s just in a different way. I don’t have a stellium.

It made sense to me about setting boundaries. I’m in my mid-50s and just learning this now. I wish that I learned this earlier but I needed to go through that process. Understanding this helps to explain so many things about me. I enjoyed it. I hope that people reach out to you for that to help with clarity in many aspects of their lives. Alicia, do you have a question for Michelle?

I want to comment Karen about the fact that Michelle came up with the same thing when you had your Akashic Record read. It’s like the confirmation of that murder and the rape of the past lives. Readers, Michelle did not know about that conversation at all. Michelle, can you explain the scientific side of this because you know so much when we start diving deeper into the realms that are of the unknown? If you could share why that is your passion. Because of that, it’s being science-based in the way that this modality is done.

I have a Mathematical mind. I didn’t realize it until later when I started taking more Advanced Math classes. Astrology made sense to me because I understood the charts, degrees, transits. I could look at a person’s chart and see exactly what was written down next to it and connect the two. I did have my Akashic Records read by Dianne. She said that I was a sorceress in places where they practiced heavily in Astrology. I’ve probably done this in a few past lives which helps. I have a few scars as being an Astrologer.

GG 43 | Astrological Tarot
Astrological Tarot: Setting boundaries with toxic personalities is so important. If someone is tearing you down, you need to start sending some very clear messages and set boundaries with that person.


She’s wonderful, I highly recommend her. It’s a way to blend science with soul. It’s a way to help people that may be a little more skeptical about it, see the patterns. If you have a more scientific mind and my Venus is in Virgo which is very analytical. You tend to want to see it. You can point to a chart and say, “Here it is.” You can point to a beta chart. You can point to a Western chart. Ptolemy wrote something called the Tetrabiblos. He studied the fixed stars as they were analyzed by the Babylonians. The reason why the Babylonians had such a great understanding of how the stars related to the human genome, society, culture and events is because they lived in a valley with no mountains around it. They had a pure view of the night sky. Every time there was a new ruler, a major event or an earthquake, they would look to the stars and make notes. This lasted for thousands of years. They had all this great material that Ptolemy took and turned into a Tetrabiblos. When you see this fixed star on someone’s East point, Chiron, moon, you can drill even deeper into that particular energy in their incarnation. It’s a science in itself. It’s not a mystical thing that works been done. We’re looking at the chart and imparting the knowledge.

I love that this is all science than the database. I was talking to someone about the lack of images of women being portrayed as scientists and so on and there’s a new documentary coming out about what do scientists look like. How do you suggest other people that may be interested in going the path that you went and got into astrology? How would you suggest they start? You’re saying it’s math and science. Do they need to be good at that get started with this?

It’s a lot of geometry. If you have a basic understanding of geometry, degrees, angles that helps. The passion alone can help with the understanding of it. If you talk to most sciences, male and female of any creed, they will tell you, “I got into this because I didn’t have a choice. I wanted to get into this.” The passion and the curiosity and a lot of the blocks that especially girls have is there aren’t a lot of role models until recently that are coming out of the woodwork through these films. They’re like, “NASA was run by a team of black women. Thanks.” They didn’t even get to use our bathrooms but some of the best mathematicians in the world. This stuff is still coming out. There weren’t a lot of role models even in my generation of female scientists and I grew up in a very misogynistic community where it was difficult to feel safe learning.

I know my experience isn’t like everybody else’s but there are women out there where they were told they were stupid, they would never get it, they just need to go have babies or fill in the blank, “You’re so pretty. Why are you working?” That’s still around. It’s so outdated and toxic. I hope that we’re moving past that but it’s around. I want to let any girl, any woman, reading this that those voices that you’re hearing in your head, “If you’re interested in this, they’re not yours.” They’re your haters. The reason they hated you is that they saw the potential in you. They saw that smart beautiful woman who had all of this potential and they tried to snuff it out. Don’t let them do that. Don’t be afraid of this. It’s not rocket science but even though there are a lot of female rocket scientists as we found out. If you have a passion to do this, dive in. If you have to take it slowly at first then do that and be gentle with yourself as you’re doing it.

What’s nice Camille is when you have your chart read, Michelle explains things. I would say, “Can you explain this? Can you explain that?” If you want to know you have to contact her and get it done because then she’ll go through it. I didn’t just sit there and listen. I asked many questions. You took that extra hour with me to explain things because when you go on about this, I’m like, “What do you mean it was highly predominant in the sector? What does that sector mean?” I needed it explained one-on-one. I like that about what you did. There’s no judgment, you just listen and you answer so that we understand so that we can use it to help us, which has been fantastic. It’s astrological tarot. You work with tarot. Can you explain that to us?

I got into the tarot after I got into astrology. I started getting into it when I was going through my divorce because my intuition was gone. I came out of this abusive relationship and when you leave, that is the most dangerous time for you. I was in constant fear. My ex was breaking into my house, he had weapons, it was a mess. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I had my Bible, I had the Gita, I had other texts that I was relying on for spiritual support but I needed something to help me with my day-to-day to tell me what was going on.

I got a deck and every single day before I started the day, I would give myself reading. I did that every single day for 365 days and I made notes. I had a journal and it helped ground me because I have an Aquarian mind. I’m air. I need to be brought back down to earth now and then. It helped me process what was going on at a more practical level especially legally. I’ve never been through the legal process before. I didn’t have any support in the legal process like my ex did with his family. It was a way for me to get answers because I didn’t trust my feelings at the time. I was in a heightened state of fight or flight. I kept practicing. That was in 2013.

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I give readings online. I just did an email reading for someone. I create reports for people based on what my Oracle cards are saying to help them through their process. No one contacts an astrologer or a tarot reader because their life is rainbows and butterflies. They’re suffering, they’re struggling to understand something or they’re going through hell. I take that energy that I went through and I go, “This is how they’re feeling. Let me see how I can help.” I’m the middleman toward their intuition. Everyone has it, women have it, men have it but at times stress and trauma can affect it. That’s why people rely on Oracles, on tarot readers, on astrologers because they could be in a place in their life where they can’t get past that block. We can give them that push from the outside or that encouragement that they need to get past it.

Are you able to pull a card for each one of us?

Yes, I have my Karma cards. These are the planets and the houses.

This will help demonstrate what you do. Do we have to ask you a question or a timeframe?

You can ask any questions. These are created by the celestial architect Monte Farber. I’m waiting for a Vedic deck. It’s a gal named Claudia based out of Canada. Her name is @Dharma_Malas and she’s creating a Vedic deck. I’m going to start giving those readings once the deck is created. I’m so excited about it.

Alicia, you go first.

I’m going to let Michelle say what she’s supposed to say to me. I want the readers to know that Michelle is incredible and you want to have a reading with her. She confirmed this experience that I had back in 2015. She told me something that there’s no way she would have known and that was my sign to dive deeper in. I’m so grateful to have the connection with you, Michelle. I’m excited to see what this card says.

I got a pair for you. I first pulled Aquarius and then I pulled Uranus. Uranus rules Aquarius and they also rule the eleventh house together. The eleventh house is finding your tribe which you’re doing. It’s connecting with like-minded people. Grateful Goddesses are part of that. It’s also innovation and detachment. Learning to protect your boundaries as you put yourself out there because I know you’re a very psychic spirit and you can take that on. Putting those boundaries up, that detachment rules the mood La Hora which is a block for you. Doing grounding exercises, keeping yourself centered and here and present. It also represents the tower and the star card. It means going through what the tower card is two people that are falling from a tower after it’s been struck by lightning. It represents a very destructive time in our life.

The star which is part of this thing behind me represents the aftermath of that and the beauty that can arise from the ashes which is very much like Alicia’s life. It’s very inspiring. Going from that tower moment and into the star moment which is also very Aquarian, you’re finding your tribe and your voice. You’re telling people, you’re sharing your gift with the beautiful world. Stuff comes out of her that’s so Vedic, it’s 7,000 plus your knowledge. Some of these texts that I have is almost verbatim. It’s amazing, very Aquarian, innovative and needed for this time too.

Camille, what question do you have?

I’ll follow Alicia’s lead on that one. I’d rather see what she pulls for me.

The ninth house is ruled by Jupiter. It represents Chiron which is the wounded healer. Chiron was a centaur in the mythology of it. He was well known for going to foreign lands and finding cures, learning different religions, getting out there and developing skills that he then brought home to share with his tribe. Different medicines and healing techniques, different religions, different ways of moving things that represent long-distance travel.

What I see for you is you are molding the way that you see the world and your philosophies in a big way. You’re not a small thinker. You want to think big. You want to expand your knowledge into something cultured and refined. It doesn’t have any real blocks or cultural ties to it. It’s this big way of thinking and doing things. It represents the guru because what it allows you to do is to expand your thinking on a more global level than a local level which is its opposite Gemini. That’s a beautiful thing that you’re doing.

Does that resonate with you?

Yes. I’m a military brat as well. I grew up overseas in Turkey, Germany and Holland. Living in the south, that’s a lot of the things that I want to change. Making sure we can bridge those gaps because I’m joining all these different organizations with the idea that we become the melting pot in thinking and in working. That’s what I tried to do with my podcast and working here with the Grateful Goddesses as well.

Camille is such a big thinker. Both Camille and Alicia have opened my eyes to so many amazing things out there. I’m grateful to them. What do you see for me?

I tell people when they ask general questions, it’s like going to a restaurant and asking for food but you guys are a little different because I know you. You got the south node. You’re working through trauma. The south node is in a stellium with all of your Scorpion planets. It represents the tail of the snake. The head is why we’re here. The tail is a past life. You’re working through some past life traumas. You’re doing a lot of Shadow Work which is excellent.

What is Shadow Work?

It’s dealing with an internal process or an external process. Externally would be setting boundaries with toxic personalities. If someone is constantly tearing you down, you start sending some clear messages and boundaries to that person so that you can respect your light and what you’re giving to the world because I know you’re very empathic and emotional. The other side of that would be if there are any residual fears, anxieties and depression lingering around diving deep into that and going, “Where’s this coming from?” Addressing it. It could be from your childhood, from a past life or anxiety from something that happened last week but it’s not ignoring or looking over those issues. It’s facing them head-on, looking them in the eye and saying, “I’m going to deal with you.”

GG 43 | Astrological Tarot
Astrological Tarot: The secret to the end of suffering is to change, and that takes time. It’s important to be gentle and to love yourself during this process.


I’ve been open to so many different types of readings that normally if I wasn’t on the SCOTUS journey I would just, “That’s cute. That’s fine. That’s interesting.” I’m getting deep, dirty and I’m finding out things that I may not want to know. I’m also learning that these are actionable steps that I’m taking to help my soul to grow, to reach that higher place. Whether you believe in this or not, I’m not trying to force this dogma down your throat. It’s like wine tasting, you’ve to take a little sip. You don’t have to buy that bottle of wine but if you don’t try it you won’t know. If you try it, it could be your favorite cabernet.

Welcome to the Favorite Things Portion with our guest Michelle Marie. This is our adult show and tell where we share many things that bring us joy and happiness. When I poured my tea this morning which I’ll share with you it’s one of my favorite teas. I will say that it has a little fortune or a little message on the teabag. It says, “Give happiness and you will end up happy,” which is cute because this team makes me so happy.

It’s Egyptian licorice. It’s warming and naturally spicy-sweet. What I like about the Yogi brand is it has these little messages on the back that explain. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to this tea. I like the flavor but it says, “The great Pharaohs of Egypt treasured licorice root for its natural sweetness, rich flavor and soothing properties.” This is one of my favorite teas. You don’t have to add any sweetener. I love how it makes me feel. Thank you for reading that. I believe Michelle you said that I am drawn to Egyptian things because I lived in that period. You said I had a very interesting life in that period. Maybe that’s why I like this Egyptian licorice. You never know. Alicia, what did you bring?

I have a little black tourmaline and pyrite bracelet. I was told by another energy healer that I needed to start wearing a black stone. I don’t know if it’s black quartz or black tourmaline but black tourmaline I have a little reading behind it. The root chakra helps one become grounded. There you go Michelle, there’s my grounding that I wear every single day. It shields from psychic negativity, helps with stress and brings a feeling of security.

Where did you get that from? It’s so pretty.

I found it on Etsy. It was this Emm & Flow Jewelry. It’s sterling silver with pyrite.

I love that because I’ve been told to wear that and it’s like, “How do I wear the stones? Put them in my bra? It’s pretty to have it in a bracelet.” That’s a pretty one. Camille, what did you bring?

I’m wearing mine. I have allergies. I just got in this new pair of glasses. When I was a kid, military glasses, I couldn’t ever get them tinted. When we moved to America there’s these glass stores pearl. You could buy one and get one free. You could get tinted lenses and I got pink-tinted lenses so being old school and being able to get it. I was like, “I’m getting it.” I’m blind is bad without them to give you an idea. They are medicated. It’s not just for fashion but I’m in love with them. My daughter likes them so much that she’s even getting a pair but I got these from

The rose-colored glasses. I love that you’re looking through rose-colored glasses every day.

I’ve got another pair that’s for summertime so I can go swimming with them because that was my biggest excuse. I wear contact lenses if I lose the lens, I can’t see to drive us home. It happened before where we’ve gone boating and I’ve lost the lens. I also ordered a sunglass pair so in this summer all things available to the beach or go on the boat and I can get in the water without fear.

They look great on you. I love that you love them. You feel great in them. That’s the whole point. You do you look fabulous. Michelle, what did you bring?

This is a Shodasha Varga: The 16 Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology by Komilla Sutton and I’m just addicted to it. It’s such an amazing book. It brings me a lot of joy in my practice especially and I’m taking classes from her and she’s just absolutely amazing. He’s my Vedic Astrology guru. She brings me a lot of joy. I bought the Kali Oracle by Alana Fairchild. If we’re living in what’s called the Kali Yuga. It’s a very dark time. Lightworkers are needed. A lot of the things that I noticed since starting this practice is a lot of women have been marginalized, abused, left homeless, struggle with poverty. Kali is this incredible, take no BS, warrior goddess.

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I do a reading and someone’s like, “That warrior energy is so amazing.” It’s to instill bravery and courage and a lot of the things that we’re told not to be as girls, Kali just says, “Do it. Get it.” I did a reading for someone who I had to make sure it was safe. Especially with COVID. There are a lot of women coming out of the woodwork and talking to Oracle’s and I’m like, “First off, is he in the house? Are you safe?” It’s the real problem. That we’re all indoors. You don’t need an Oracle reading. You need a police report. Once I know that everything is okay. I’ll do a Kali Oracle reading. It’s healing. It’s strengthening. It’s amazing. She’s brought me a lot of joy the messages from Olana through the Kali.

Is that the type of deck that if we were to get that and pick a card each day can help to inspire women to be that strong warrior goddess?

She’s a warrior. She’s amazing. If you’re struggling with fear, anxiety, depression, not feeling as if you’re enough, people who aren’t respecting your boundaries, past abuse, childhood abuse and trauma, the Kali Oracle is for you.

We’re not telling you to go out and buy these things or rituals.

I’m not making any money on this. I paid for this.

I tell all the featured guests and goddesses that everything they share is something that they love. It’s not to promote or that they’re getting any type of money for it. If you do love it and it makes you happy then share it. As women, we want to share the things that bring us joy and happiness because if you hold it all to yourself, we’re all connected and how are we all going to find joy. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, gifts, joy and your beautiful smile. Have a great day, everybody.

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About Michelle Marie

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My name is Michelle Marie and I am a Tarot Reader, and Western & Vedic Astrologer. My practice is dedicated to helping my clients understand the spiritual lessons and avenues available to them through astrology and tarot. Astrology, Tarot, and Vedic studies provide the keys to questions regarding career, relationships, family, finances, and anything else involving your current or past lives.

Because I have experienced the healing power of astrology and tarot firsthand, I am dedicated toward sharing these valuable and insightful tools with others. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you live your best life here, now, and into the future.

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