GG 11 | Relieve Stress

Relieve Stress And Get Your Goddess Flō Back On With Joelle Rabion

GG 11 | Relieve Stress


With so much stress in our lives, we are always searching for calm. It would be great to be in the flow and take something to help relieve us instantly, if not even for a moment of stress. Join Karen Pulver and her Goddesses as they talk with CBD wellness and holistic nutritionist, Joelle Rabion to learn about the benefits of drinking a water-soluble product she has developed called flō. They answer all 101 CBD questions and learn about the benefits of adding this to one’s daily wellness regime. Listen to Joelle’s Goddess journey, where she recognized the need to create a unique product, to learn more about how CBD can help lessen brain fog, stop inflammation and seizures, and improve your mood.

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Relieve Stress And Get Your Goddess Flō Back On With Joelle Rabion

CBD Benefits To Create Balance And Calm

I wanted to ask you about your experience with CBD. Have you tried it? Have you used it in lotions? Have you had it in any type of drink or anything? We’re going to go around and talk about it. Dena, can you start?

I have very little, next to no experience with it. I have tried a lotion for a muscle ache, but one time and that was that. I’ve tried it for my dog too. I got them as dog treats.

Did you see a difference? Did you see any effect at all on yourself or your dog?

I used it one time and I don’t have chronic muscle stops, so I have a little experience. My husband has much more experience. He uses it. He likes it.

Rachel, have you had any experience with CBD products?

I have. I used a tincture for a period of time and I struggled with a lack of energy. I feel like I could take a nap all the time. I know a lot of people say it calms them down, but I’m looking for something to amp me up. I didn’t get that sensation and I stopped taking it.

Alyssa, how about you?

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I struggle with muscle aches and pains all the time. I tried a CBD lotion that a friend said, “Here, try this.” I was having such terrible pain in my knee. I only tried it the one time, but since then, my aches and pains are multiplying. It’s been neck and back stuff and I do intend to try the latest and greatest CBD lotions that are on the market and see if that helps. I’ll try anything.

For me, when CBD came out and then there were stores popping up everywhere, I was like, “What do I do? Which one should I go to? Does it work?” Where I get my coffee, they had CBD shots to put into your coffee and it jacked up the price of my latte $5, so I was getting $15 lattes and it was ridiculous. I was also wondering too about the effect of having an upper, like a coffee and then the CBD, which is supposed to be calming. I was wondering if it balances it out. I have many questions about that. Did I feel a difference? I’m not sure if it was a placebo effect or if I truly did feel it. Obviously not right away, but as I had it for about two months until I realized this is way too much money to spend on my coffee. I saw a difference when I stopped. I felt a little calmer, but I am curious about the effect of having it in your coffee or in something that would be more of a boost of energy type of thing. We’re going to explore that in this episode. We’re going to explore the CBD, the benefits exactly what it is. We’re going to talk more about it because we see all these stores and all these products, and we want to hear from someone who can help us with that.

Our guest is Joelle Rabion. She is an integrative health and wellness consultant. She provides individuals and groups the tools they need to feel great in their bodies every day, nutrition-based holistic approach, impacting all areas of a person’s life that affect wellness and personal growth. She’s the coauthor of a book, Good Food, Better Life. She’s also an entrepreneur. She’s a culinary nutritionist, holistic wellness consultant certified through Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, 2007. She’s a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, an avid yoga practitioner. I met Joelle years ago when she hosted two Grateful Goddess events. One was a nutrition-based one and one was yoga. She came to my house to clean out my pantry, which was eye-opening because I did not realize that I had products in there that I was feeding myself and my children that were not good for them. Her specialties include nutrition, dietary counseling and wellness, including self-care, meditation and yoga.

Her clients discover ways to take charge of their high blood pressure, high cholesterol, manages their weight issues, IBS, macular degeneration, diabetes, depression and malaise. Flo is a venture that she is a part of. It offers a unique all-natural hemp beverage and other unusual delivery systems to provide comic relief for the body and mind. It’s called Flo Foods, which is a new venture that Joelle is a part of since 2016. We’d like to welcome Joelle to help us discover more about CBD and its benefits. Joelle, come join us.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to meet with you guys.

We’re excited for you to teach us about all the benefits and health benefits for CBD, but we don’t understand it. Tell us about your journey because it’s been years since I saw you and since you hosted those events. What have you been doing in those years?

I continued to counsel people in Chicago on their health and wellness issues. I was writing the little Good Food, Better Life book with my partner at the time, Martin. It’s called A Purposeful Guide for Health and Wellness, and it’s a cute little book. Ultimately, I wound up working with a segment of high-achieving women who were mothers and attorneys had so much going on in their lives. They had a hard time negotiating their nutrition and finding a way to keep their energy levels steady and strong throughout the day because there were many demands on them. We went through the whole nutrition program, including yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, and all that was super helpful, but I want it to be able to hand them something that they could take when they’re stuck in traffic, when their kid’s having a meltdown, or before they go into big meetings. Something that they could drink and immediately decompress and get their mind in a space where they can think clearly and function at their maximum.

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I was traveling, I was in a plane on an international flight and it’s a good space because nobody can interrupt you with phones or what have you. I was reading this article about CBD and it was like the light bulb went off over my head. Once I got back from the trip, I started looking into it. By now, I had moved from Chicago. I wound up marrying a wonderful fellow who got recruited for a job outside of Washington and came with him here. I didn’t have a client base here. We could work remotely, but it was much harder to recruit people. Everybody here seemed a little bit less interested or maybe they had already achieved all that they needed to achieve in terms of their nutrition.

I started focusing on how I could create this product that I could hand to someone. Right away, I looked at what was out there and I knew that I needed to create something unique because already at the time, even though it was in its infancy, it was already a cluttered market and confusing. It’s a product that’s not easy to describe because of the complexity of the cannabis plant. This is one aspect of the plant that most people associate cannabis with getting high, and CBD doesn’t get you high. There was a big learning curve to understand how this molecule works the way it does and why. I had to find it. The purpose of my being able to hand somebody to drink to feel better is so that they could feel better right away and all of the products out there use the oil.

I knew from my nutrition background, anytime you ingest oil, it has to go through the digestive tract, depending on whether you’ve eaten or not eaten, it’s going to take a long time to go through your body. You then never know how much you’re absorbing and you don’t know when it’s going to hit. There are all these other factors that come into play when somebody needs relief. I found a way to render it water-soluble so that the body could immediately bioavailable so you could feel the effects of it within 5 to 10 minutes. That was the first thing that made my product unique, and I wanted to make it all-natural and something convenient that you could put in your pocket.

I developed four of them. They’re all the same, but they have slightly different flavors and called it Flo. It goes with the flow, but also not to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He is a philosopher who coined the notion of flow. When you get into that zone where you’re feeling your absolute best like you’re writing a paper. You feel like nothing can get in the way and you lose track of time because you’re engaged with what you’re doing. That’s what I feel my product can do. I wound up formulating it.

It’s good because we need a one-on-one on this. A lot of people do feel when they see CBD, especially when the stores first started popping up, that it was high-related or THC-related. When it is isolating the CBD portion of it, learning about the oil, that’s probably what was in my coffee and not water-soluble and that it works right away. We’re all curious about how that works. Maybe even a little, this is great learning this lesson about cannabis and understanding the plant. We were talking before and you were saying there are many parts to the plant that is important to look at. You honed in on one specific part, is that correct?

Exactly. My product is the CBD, so it had to be extracted from the hemp plant and then isolated as one compound. The cannabis plant is complex and it has over 800 cannabinoids. CBD is one cannabinoid along with THC. Mine comes from the hemp plant and not a cannabis plant. Hemp plants are grown industrially to make things, fiber and sales. You can make a combustible fuel and all kinds of things. It has 25,000 different uses, but under no circumstances would you ever get high. There is no psychoactive component in hemp. I made sure of that. You can also get CBD from a cannabis plant, but I made sure that mine was from a hemp plant. There was no ambiguity and there is rigorous testing. Anyone who’s selling a legitimate product should have a place on the website that shows the certificate of authenticity.

We were wondering about that because it’s like, “Who do we trust? How do we know what products?”

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That’s what happened because it was an unregulated market. This had never existed before. The FDA was trying to get involved and everyone was trying to get involved to start to regulate it, but the horse had already left the gate and all of these products were out on the market. I agree 100% with you. It’s almost impossible to discern what’s legit and what’s not. I would say because in Illinois you had the advantage of having a recreational cannabis market. You can go into an illegal dispensary and only you would only find legal products in the dispensary. I would direct you there and then if you heard from somebody about a product, I would first research it. Look for its certificate of authenticity and if they don’t provide it, then that’s already the first red flag.

I think the most impressive and well-reputed product on the market is called Charlotte’s Web. It was created after the little girl, Charlotte Figi, who unfortunately died, but it was the one product that allowed her to live seizure-free. This was the original discovery around CBD is that it helps with epilepsy symptoms and many people, children and adults like to use it to keep their symptoms in check. Under a circumstance like that, it’s crucial to get a high-quality one because you’re going to need a lot of it to keep your body balanced.

Rachel, you were asking about finding something that helps with energy because you said you can sleep a lot. What was your question for Joelle?

I know many women are high anxiety and they go, and I long for almost a little bit of that because I feel that could lay down at any minute and take a nap. It’s funny when you were talking about your nutrition, I’m like, “I think I could use your advice on a lot of levels.” It sounds like how you’re describing these shots, they sound amazing that they balanced you wherever you need to be. Can you talk about that in like if someone is looking for more energy?

Balance is one thing and energy is another. The way that the CBD molecule works in your body is that it creates homeostasis. It’s whatever is a little bit off and it is things like stress and anxiety. If you have inflammation or things like that, it will calm those things, but CBD is not a product that’s going to help with your energy. It might help serve to eliminate the brain fog and provide a little more clarity, but it’s not going to give you an energy boost. It’s interesting you bring that up and I’m not tooting my horn, but part of my thing, there’s a long story attached to the Floshots and I decided to make them more functional. There are berry flavor, green tea lemongrass and lemon citrus. I’m adding an isolated terpene, which is another part of the cannabis plant for energy. This one is going to be called Lemon Bolt. I’m in the process of having it formulated and it’s going to bring you about 3 to 5 hours of brain energy, like brain boost. It’s cool.

Brain fog is what makes me tired. I shut down and I don’t want to do all the things that I feel like I should be doing. I work out almost every day and it’s not like I’m a sedentary person.

We can talk about this. It might be more dietary, to begin with. It might be something like gluten. Gluten can get in the way of a lot of things, and brain fog is one of the number one symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

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Rachel, I can fall asleep anywhere. My family makes fun of me. I have to put my head back and they take pictures of me. There are tons of pictures of me everywhere falling asleep with my mouth open drooling. I love to take a nap too, which I’m not sure how naps are effective. I always ask experts about napping. Some say not to, some say to, but that’s interesting. I would love to try that bolt when you finally get it on the market. Dena, do you have a question specific to Joelle on what she’s doing?

Are the drinks safe for kids? Is it not recommended at a certain age?

It’s an entirely safe product. One of the things that were challenging in bringing this to market was the fact that it comes from a cannabis plant. It immediately comes into this whole other area where you have to hire attorneys and have a third-party payment processor and have all of these people involved because of cannabis, even though there is nothing psychoactive in it and it could never hurt anyone. It can only help you. I have to say, when you enter the website, it’s only for adults and not for children or women who are pregnant or lactating, even though there’s no evidence to show the contrary. It’s a legal thing, but it would never hurt a child. It is perfectly fine for a child.

I have to let you know because I had never done anything like this, I want to give you this quote from Pablo Picasso, “I’m always doing that, which I cannot do in order to learn how to do it,” and that’s my life. As an entrepreneur, I serve gone through my life that way because this was a first-time effort, I want to put a best used by date on it. I was passionate about this product. I’m like, “Everyone’s going to buy it. I’m going to put the date a year from now, even though it certainly is still active now.” Because I stamped it with a date, I can’t legally sell it anymore. I have a whole bunch of this product that I can’t sell because I’ve put that date on it. That’s another reason why I’m reformulating it. That was a good lesson to learn.

Is it not available for people to order?

It is available through me. You can send me an email, but on my website, it’s sold out because I can’t sell it by law because of that little date.

Do you recommend it once a day or as much as you want?

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With CBD, you take it as needed. If you are somebody who is prone to anxiety attacks or you’re having a moment where you can’t pull it together and you need to calm down, that’s when you take it because it acts right away. The same for pets. It’s a useful product. I started making pet products because I know many people in the area who are dog walkers and cat sitters and that is important. Pets have a lot of emotional considerations too. A lot of them have separation anxiety or super aggressive. CBD is amazing for pets and helps with as they get older with arthritis or any joint issues.

I love that quote, Joelle. It is tapping into your inner goddess, which we talk about. Some of the guests that we’ve met try things out. They’re curious. They leap. They jump in and try things. If it doesn’t work, they’ll try again. It sounds like that’s what you’re doing, which is incredible because you’ve made your living and learning. You realized with the date that happened and now you know what to do to. We learn from our little glitches. There’s never a mistake. It’s a happy accident. I think the painter, remember back in the ‘70s with Bob Ross. He used to do paintings and he said, “It’s a little happy accident.” Whenever doing the little trees and the snow on the trees, “Don’t worry, friends. It’s not a mistake.” Alyssa, you had some questions too relating to a CBD in this product.

Earlier, I was talking about how I had tried a CBD product, but it was a topical application for muscle aches and pains. I know the product that you’ve created is you ingest this product. Is CBD more effective topically or does it not matter how you’re using the product? As a follow-up, if you do have these aches and pains, and I walk in the corner of my home, down the street there’s a CBD shop. Let’s say you’re looking at all of the products on the shelves. How do you distinguish one from another? Let’s say you’ve got terrible back pain or arthritic neck pain or whatever. How do you distinguish among these products and know not only in what form to take it but five different products? What am I looking for to know which would be most effective?

There are two things. Topically is by law the only way to sell CBD. That was another challenge for me because the FDA decided once I got involved that ingesting it was illegal. They didn’t have enough information on it to determine it’s safe. You would never go into Whole Foods and find something like this because you can put it on your skin, but you can’t put it in your body. When you put something in your body, you’re going to feel the effects of it more right away. A topical is literally that it’s going to sit on the top of your skin. It’s going to penetrate the epidermis to a point, but it’s not going to get into your bloodstream.

These topicals, you will find some relief from them depending on how much CBD is in them, but they’re not going to be a deep relief because they’re sitting on the surface of your skin, but not penetrating through the layers of the epidermis. I would look at the entire ingredient list. Some people like the eucalyptus type effect from a topical, like a Bengay type product that has that sensation as well. If you don’t like that, you would probably look more for lavender or something else that would be more appealing, not only to the nose but also in general. Lavender is a soothing herb and that could help put you in the space to receive the benefits of something that’s meant to be helping with aches and pains.

I look at the full ingredient list, find out what the order of the ingredients because the number one ingredient is the one that’s most prevalent. There needs to be quite a bit of CBD in a product like that in order for you to feel the effects of it.

How do you feel about it going along with other medications that someone might be on? If someone is on anxiety meds or depression meds, is it an add-on to that? Do you feel like it could replace that?

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It depends, and this isn’t another area that’s why I said this is a complicated molecule. If a person is using a blood thinner, for example, it’s best not to use CBD because CBD is also going to thin the blood. There is another enzyme that it interferes with, so certain antidepressants have this enzyme and there will be a conflict. It’s specific to the type of medicine. Google the item to look into if the CBD interferes with the absorption of X medication.

What I had mentioned before is about adding it to coffee or something like that. I’m curious about that.

I was intrigued that you brought that up because I too started seeing people put in coffee and I had the exact same response as you. I was like, “Why? Don’t you take it to calm yourself down? Why would you put it in your coffee?” I talked with people who used to regularly use it and they say it takes the edge off coffee. If you would over-caffeinate and you get to that point where you’re feeling jittery and you can’t focus because you’re over-caffeinated, CBD will counter that.

That’s what I felt. When I drink a lot of coffee, I talk fast and I wasn’t talking as fast. That’s interesting to know that it would take that edge off.

The point about the placebo effect too is well. With cannabis, there is no placebo effect because either you’re high or you’re not. Whereas with CBD, it is a nuance. It’s not something you feel you would if you got high. It’s a subtle feeling, clarity and calming. The placebo effect isn’t a real thing.

Does anyone have any other questions specific to CBD and the Flo product?

Does CBD have any positive or negative effect on your metabolism? I’ve seen reports that it may be good to speed up your metabolism and therefore, weight loss. I’ve seen other reports that say that it is not proven. Do you have any information on that?

CBD is amazing for pets and really helps as they get older with any kind of joint issues. Share on X

It hasn’t been proven. I’m getting my Master’s in Medical Cannabis, Science and Therapeutics. We’ve studied some of the molecules, and CBD is still one that’s challenging for scientists to understand the way that it operates in the body. It’s not like a THC molecule where you can trace it and see exactly where it becomes psychoactive and why. The CBD molecule is still quite ambiguous. We all have an endocannabinoid system and their receptors all over our bodies. Some receive the CBD and others don’t. It’s still not clear what is proven. For seizures, it’s a great medication and for inflammation, it’s great for reducing inflammation but beyond that, they can’t say 100% for sure. It’s still early. All this stuff is in its infancy.

I would love to try these bottles. I would love to see how my body responds. Is it once a day? What would you recommend?

I’ll send you some. I still have clients who buy it regularly. I have clients in Chicago, Milwaukee, Texas and locally who still use it. The fellow here who uses it is depressed and he finds that it’s the only thing that lifts the spirits. The person in Texas was coming off of chemotherapy, and she finds it useful for all of her symptoms. My Chicago client uses it for the malaise. He gets into space sometimes. He has a big company and wants to get them back on track. The Milwaukee girl is also a super high-achieving woman who wants to combat her stress. I send them big orders every couple of months so that they have it. One of my friends mixes it with a cocktail. There are many things you can do with it, but it’s also great on its own.

Like a lemon boost martini. If our readers want to contact you and want to order from you, how would they do that?

You can send me a note at [email protected].

Do you still give nutrition counseling, Joelle, to people if they reach out to you or are you focused on Flo?

I will absolutely give nutrition counseling.

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Also pantry cleanups, virtually. I remember I had Pop-Tarts and you said, “No.” You suggested a different snack for my kids, and it was a whole grain bread toasted with peanut butter and some banana. I started to make maybe a little cinnamon. I started to make that after school for my kids and it was a life-changer for them. Thank you for all the amazing information about CBD and nutrition. People can now reach out to you. We cannot wait to try your Flo Shots when they come back out.

I would love to hear your feedback.

We would love to try it and I will no longer put it in my coffee or maybe, we’ll see. I’ll prefer to put it in a cocktail. I like the idea of a lemon boost martini. I think we should do that. Thank you so much.

Welcome to Favorite Things with Joelle Rabion. We’re going to go through and talk about things that make us feel joy and happiness. It could be a product, an object or anything that makes you feel joy. Rachel, how about you start? What is your favorite thing that you can talk about?

I am wearing this dress. It’s a Jonathan Logan dress. I love vintage dresses and I did my big switch in my closet from summer to winter. When I saw you ladies, it was the first time I’ve worn a dress in a long time. I love these vintage clothes. Jonathan Logan’s dresses were in Mad Men. My stylist and the owner of the vintage store that I love to shop at sent me something, and I’m going to read it, “Jonathan Logan was one of the largest ready-to-wear brands by the 1960s. They wore his pieces on Mad Men. His clothing was top notch. He had fourteen different brands such as Bleecker Street fashions and Butte Knit. He also created the Scooter Dress, Shady Lane and Maxi Dress line. He used amazing colors and styles. I would compare his stuff to Marc Jacobs.” I’m always giving a plug for vintage stuff. I think it’s fun to hear the stories.

Rachel has amazing vintage jewelry and dresses. These are girls that we’re getting to know each other and I’m learning that about Rachel. She loves vintage. How about Dena?

I brought one of my favorite candles. We’re talking about sense again. This is Diptyque, which I’ve been a big fan of before the store came to my neighborhood. Now that the store is in my neighborhood is a big bonus. This one is I think is a Baies scent. They make me happy and they smell yummy. They have mini ones that you can buy like a set. I’d like to get those and give them as little gifts or little house-warming.

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One of my favorite things is mugs. We’re talking about smells and, “Unicorn farts don’t smell bad. They smell great.” This is one of my favorite mugs because I love rainbows. In fact, here in Chicago, there was the most beautiful rainbow last time. There was a double. It was a full arch. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies and the song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, because I feel rainbows are happiness and joy. It transforms the unicorn gas into beauty and sunshine. Teaching preschool too, a lot of these little kids are embarrassed when that happens, but it’s a natural part of our body. It helps us stay alive and well. I always say, “It’s okay. It’s like a rainbow.” I’m sure they go home and they’re telling their parents, “That’s a rainbow.” Alyssa, how about your favorite?

It was a beautiful sky. The rainbow and that pink sky and living downtown in a big city. It’s amazing when we can see stuff like that. I am wearing one of my favorite things. This is Aquarius and this is the constellation. There is a hammered metal here on the back that says, “Aquarius.” The designer, her name is Brooke Gregson. She’s British. I came across her while shopping for a gift for somebody else. That’s always when you’re online shopping for yourself instead. I am not big into astrology, but I love some of the things that say about Aquarius and their traits, so I’m going to read because I looked this up. “Aquarius likes fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation and a good listener. Dislikes are limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations, and people who disagree with them.” I agree with most of that about me, not all of it, but there are many Aquariuses in my family and my friend group that I liked being Aquarius. This spoke to me. I’m not wearing a lot of jewelry these days with being at home most of the time, but I do love it.

What sign is your husband?

He’s a Capricorn. We were born three weeks apart, so we celebrate our birthday somewhere at the midway point, but he’s on the other side of it.

Joelle, what’s your favorite thing?

I understood the question from a more global perspective and I’ve always had a hard time narrowing down, even as a child to be like, “What’s your favorite color?” “Blue,” “Pink.” Here’s one of my bookshelves with lots of good books. That’s my curiosity and it’s my favorite thing. It never ends. I’ve met some people who are curious. I’m fascinated by that because I don’t understand how you could not always be asking questions about the world, other people and everything, but I’m extremely thankful for my curiosity.

There are a lot of people who are comfortable being the fish in the fishbowl. I was one of those people for sure for a long time. It is when you can be that fish in the ocean. It’s scary and you could be eaten by the shark. It’s more comfortable in the fishbowl, but curiosity, as we get older, we learn about how important it is to ask questions and not be afraid. That’s what we’re learning on the show and this journey is to continue to be curious. A lot of our guests have expressed that’s something a quality that they have, and we’re learning to continue with our curiosity to learn and to continue our journey. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for spreading the word on CBD and its benefits, as well as your curiosity.

Thank you to all of you. It’s been a fun experience and I would like to stay in touch with you all.

I’m proud of you. You found this whole thing for the first time and that’s amazing.

It was the first time in my life. I was like a dog with a bone. There were many challenges to find a bottle and to put it in those little bottles and to use glass and every step of the way, but I was driven. There was no stopping it.

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Entrepreneur; Culinary Nutritionist, Holistic Wellness Consultant, certified through Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, 2007. Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Avid yoga practitioner.
Specialties: nutrition and dietary counseling, wellness – including self-care, meditation, yoga. My clients discover ways to take charge of their high blood pressure, high cholesterol, manage their weight issues, IBS, macular degeneration, diabetes, depression, and malaise.
Flo FoodsTakoma Park, MD
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