“You had the power all along my dear”

— Glinda the Good Witch

You are infinitely valuable and have abundant potential. There are roadblocks everywhere that will bombard you and convince you otherwise. We empower each other to embody our true nature as Grateful Goddesses.

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Hi, I'm Karen Pulver

I have many roles that define who I am...

I am a teacher/mother/ wife/daughter/sister/psychology major/facilitator/model/actress/ motivator/ lover of fitness, nutrition, yoga, dance,spirituality, fun, meditation and wellness/cancer survivor/founder of Grateful Goddesses 2009.

I moved to Chicago with my husband in 1991 from Toronto Canada. I graduated with a B.ed in Education K-12 and a BA honors degree in Psychology. I’ve raised three children and worked teaching off and on while they were growing up. They are now young adults and I will be an empty nester soon. I am back at work teaching and I model and act as well. I am a graduate from The Second City of Chicago Improv program. Over the years, I have been involved and served on various civic and health care service boards in addition to being part of the educational team for Surge for water non-profit organization. In 2011, I had a cancer diagnosis where I received treatment and am now cancer free. I am on “watch and wait” so I am monitored closely. While my kids were growing up, I loved playing with them, and having the privilege of staying home. I am aware of this and I am grateful. I have made many connections and friends while living in Chicago whether it be through my children’s school, classes I’ve taken or plain old meeting people over the years. Along this journey I always thought about one thing...

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  • Rachel

    Community Activist and Builder. Mother of 3 teenage boys. Connector. Lover of music, yoga and racket sports. Grateful Goddess.

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  • Dena

    Early Childhood Teacher. Business Owner. Stylist. Mom of 3 Teens. Art Enthusiasts. Grateful Goddess.

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  • Alyssa

    Recovering Attorney. Community Volunteer. Mom of 2. Aspiring Risk Taker. Grateful Goddess

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