Finding joy and happiness can be found in taking a look at our “favorite things”. This can be almost anything from an object, poem, song, book, experience, color, photo, food… it is endless. The purpose to find and name your favorite things – that which brings you joy and happiness will add so much value to your life. When you say “no” to things that do not serve you or make you feel good, you are taking care and nourishing your soul. Listening to your Inner Goddess when you feel that sense of peace, laughter, joy, happiness, will allow you to attract more of this positivity into your life.  Happiness and health are connected. Positive emotion from experiencing our favorite things, can help us all to live healthier, more meaningful lives. This happiness is a choice that you can make. Join us to discover what our favorite things are that we feel joy and happy about and perhaps along the way, you too can find happiness and discover your favorite things as well! Share with us, in the comment sections below and be sure to watch and listen to the podcast to hear our Guest Goddesses favorite things! 

When you do something everyday that makes you happy, it will lead you to live a life more fulfilled. 

“You had the power all along my dear”
Glinda the Good Witch