GG 58 | Soul Records

DeeAnne Riendeau: Tapping Into Your Soul Records To Enrich Your Life

GG 58 | Soul Records


Have you ever made a family tree? Have you gone further and taken a 23andMe test to see more information about your ancestors? Wouldn’t it be nice to know about how you came to be, who your ancestors are, and how you can learn from all they have gone through in life? Imagine being able to take a “spiritual 23andMe,” where you could tap into your past and learn all about any past lessons and how you can use those to create the best life for today. Our guest DeeAnne Riendeau will explore past lives, accessing one’s Akashic records to help individuals bring to the surface experiences that can help explain so many “why’s” in our current life. See how the beauty of the records can be like having a life coach in your back pocket that you can access. These allow us for a deeper level of reflection so we can ultimately transform ourselves. DeeAnne teaches us about energetic boundaries to protect ourselves through intentions and shares a daily practice to help clear negative energy that doesn’t serve us.

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DeeAnne Riendeau: Tapping Into Your Soul Records To Enrich Your Life

Have you ever done a 23andMe? I’ve not done it. My son has done it and he called me. He was excited to tell me about our past ancestors. When he went through all the different lives of what our ancestors have lived and how we’ve come here now, it clarified a lot of things that both he and I had been thinking about with our present life. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do a spiritual 23andMe? Our guest does that with her Akashic readings. We’re in for such a treat. She did a reading for me and it helped to clarify so many aspects of my life that I’m living this life of different things that I’ve been doing or searching for or even my purpose in this life. Wouldn’t that be great if you could tap into that?

Here on the show, we’re going to have an opportunity to unpack some cool experiences that I’ve had in my past life and learn how to decipher them in this life with our guest, DeeAnne Riendeau. She is a thought leader in spiritual and business development whose mission is to elevate how we think and live. She’s known as the modern-day Willy Wonka for giving away her six-figure company called Your Holistic Earth, which is the first holistic healthcare system of its kind.

She’s also the owner of Rose Hope International in which she helps those who are seeking more joy, love, freedom and a deeper meaning in life. Experiencing a life of chronic illness and near-death experiences, DeeAnne rebounded with twenty years of health education and a diverse healthcare career, including six health businesses.

She has spoken at Harvard University, appeared on Shaw TV, Global Television and CTV. She has been recognized as a visionary and business leader, having been nominated for numerous awards, including RBC’s Woman of Business and Alberta Business of Distinction. Along with being an entrepreneur, DeeAnne is a mom of two bright kids, publisher, public speaker, and international bestselling author who uses her heart and her head to guide others to create their best life. Welcome, DeeAnne, to the show.

Thank you for having me here. I’m delighted to be here.

Thank you for coming. That reading that you gave me brought up some things that I didn’t want to know. Once I heard that and got over that initial shock, I had to look at the interpretation like it’s a story and not so much affecting me and happening to me right now. I was able to understand. To clarify, DeeAnne had told me that in several of my past lives, I’d been brutally murdered and seen as a witch where I’ve had these abilities to be quite intuitive and help individuals. It’s gotten me into trouble because I’ve opened that door up by being intuitive and showing it in past lives that I’ve been killed for it.

When you first told me that, I was shocked and I took it personally like, “Am I going to be murdered in this life?” I had nightmares. I emailed you and I said that I’m having nightmares about either being murdered or having no control, being put underwater or something like taking an exam and I wasn’t prepared, that kind of thing. From reflection, you emailed me right away, which I thank you. You said, “You have to look at it like a story and look at it in a way that can help explain how you are now.” Can you elaborate on how people can then use it towards looking at their purpose and what’s going on in their life when they hear this?

To expand on the Akashic records, it is your soul’s library. When we bring things up around the past, the soul’s history that you had, it’s not to bring up old traumas and wounds. It’s to bring to the surface these experiences to help us deepen our understanding about why we feel certain things or why we have had certain dreams or cyclical patterns in our life. The intention with knowing some of the histories of our lifetimes is around how we can take that information. How can we use it? How can we leverage it? How can we be the most whole being that we possibly can be in this lifetime using that information?

In your case, it brought up a lot of things to the surface. When we bring the things to the surface, the magical piece of that is then we can clear that energy away. We can start to understand why that happened in that lifetime and why we’re being blocked around something in this lifetime. We can then allow that energy to clear, to move on, to shift or transform so that we can step more deeply into our power. Although for some people, it can shake things up a little bit. What it’s doing is opening up possibilities and pathways for you that were locked before or restricted by some soul contract or limited belief.

That’s what I finally understood. It took about a week but I meditated on it. I emailed you and I thought, “In my past lives, I’ve been punished for allowing my intuition to surface and to be used and help others.” Perhaps in this life, I can tell there are times when I might feel something and I say, “No.” It’s about being able to open up. In fact, on this Grateful Goddesses journey that I’m on, along with our followers, I’m opening up to different areas and taste testing different aspects.

I’m being drawn to more of the spiritual. There’s spiritual in everything that we do, including makeup application, fashion and eating. It’s the mind, body, spirit connection. I’m learning about myself on my own intuition. When you mentioned, “That’s why you feel blocked sometimes,” I’m like, “I get it. That makes sense.” That was helpful. It definitely opened my eyes just like this 23andMe that my son had done. Do you find it similar to a spiritual 23andMe?

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Yeah. There’s a spiritual thread in all things. I have a saying, “When spirit calls and spirit always calls,” because spirit is calling us in all different ways and all different opportunities all the time to explore and to be curious. Something like 23andMe, what it does is it helps us reflect on our ancestral lineage as well. We’re not just talking in the Akashic records about our soul’s history. We’re also connecting with our ancestral bloodline history and the things that we are carrying ancestrally from generation to generation.

When we do things like that, it often creates a deeper discovery and a deeper exploration into who we are and the cycles that we have or the things that we keep experiencing in this lifetime. A lot of people are like, “Why does this always happen to me?” The reality is that life is happening for us, not to us. When we can start to understand and put some of these puzzle pieces together, all of a sudden, we have this broader lens from which we’re looking at our lives. We can move through our lives more gracefully and with more flow when we have that deeper understanding both ancestrally and on a soul level from history.

Also, the people that are in our lives right now. If you have someone that’s driving you crazy like a family member in your life, you can go back to the records and see that person has been with you for several lives. In this life, you need to distance or you need to learn that lesson of not getting engaged with them. Is that correct?

Absolutely. In all the teachings that I’ve read and the learning that I’ve done around soul connection, family members, friends and loved ones oftentimes came back in the same circles but with different roles to play. There are these deeper lessons of learning and discovery with these people that are in our lives. Think about when you run into somebody or you meet somebody for the first time and you feel connected to them. We’ve all had that happen. We were like, “Why do I know this person? Why do I feel comfortable or safe?”

Also, the opposite of like, “This does not feel good at all and I don’t know why.” There’s no logical reasoning why. You just feel it. These are soul-level connections or people you’ve had experiences with on a soul level or even ancestors you’ve had an experience with. That vibrational frequency still exists. We can recognize it. Our role as human beings is to step back and pause a bit to be able to discern what is intuitive versus what is ego so that we can make better decisions for ourselves.

We’re going to talk more about that, especially the ego, and how that can disrupt or sabotage a reading of your records. I’d like to bring on our Featured Goddesses. Alysha is joining us as a Featured Goddess and she has her own podcast, That’s Myrony. She has encouraged me to look more deeply at the science, myronies, synchronicities and motion that happened in your life. I’ve been doing that and I found that by tapping in, grounding myself, and being open to these synchronicities, they certainly helped me to clarify a lot of things in my life. I love for her to start with her questions.

Thank you. DeeAnne, it’s wonderful to see you. Thanks to Myrony that we were connected and are now all connected here. I’ve done a lot of this work but I was divinely guided. It was incredible how that all came about. I met DeeAnne through a networking group. It was the first time I had joined this networking group and she happened to be the one talking. We were supposed to talk on this one day and it ended up being canceled and changed to an earlier day. Everything was divinely guided.

I did her incredible course to learn about how to read the Akashic records. I did everything based on this feeling. My confirmation started on my birthday and ended on my dad’s birthday, who passed away. That was the highest divine myronic confirmation I could get. For those that don’t understand the Akashic, I do love how you’re saying that it’s the spiritual 23andMe. How do you introduce people to this? What’s that first step? What would you say is the best way to bring that to people?

To be honest, I encourage people to experience a session, to dip their toe in and see how that feels for you. That being said, every practitioner does the Akashic records in a different way and brings a different energy to it. I want to ensure that you are making sure that it is in resonance with you. Having that bit of a discussion or exploring the person’s website or asking for testimonials, you want to make sure that these people are stepping in their truth. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are not working in their highest divine good or for the highest divine good of others. You definitely want to do a little bit of research, asking around about the reputation of that person.

I don’t say that to instill fear. I simply say that so that you can be aware of some of the traps. If any of the practitioners are encouraging any type of fear-based belief system around, “If you don’t work with me, you’re never going to find the love of your life,” I’ve had that happen to people before, then they are not working in your highest good. There is a little bit of discernment there and a little bit of research or due diligence that I encourage people to explore.

GG 58 | Soul Records
Soul Records: Akashic records give us the ability to be beautifully honest with grace and allow for a deeper level of reflection so we can transform ourselves.

The next part of that would be then to book a session and feel it out. There are a lot of practitioners that will offer a free session which I do offer a limited amount of free sessions. I always encourage people to dip their toe in a bit, experience it, see if it resonates, and then you can move forward in whatever way you wish. If you feel more curious to explore the records more deeply, you certainly can. It is our own journey. We have the power of free will. It’s one of the perks of being human. We get to choose for ourselves what we feel is right.

I want to make the testament here. DeeAnne is an oracle. She is the most gifted in this work. I talked a little bit about my spiritual experience. My parents came through during my first session. She was like, “You have to do deeper soul work.” I was like, “What deeper soul work?” She was able to get confirmation about the spiritual expression. I was like, “You’re the deeper soul work.” I love that.

That’s interesting because, on this journey, I’m interviewing many different people who I’m having sessions with. I either seek them out or they’ll offer them to me and it’s been amazing. It’s allowing me to go deeper whether I want to or not. I’m uncovering things that I’m like, “Did I want to hear that?” With Grateful Goddesses, it’s all about dipping your toe in the water. If you want to go swimming, you do. If you don’t, you don’t but at least you tried. I’m grateful that I’m trying all of these experiences. If I want to go deeper, I will. I know Rachel has had Akashic records read, not by DeeAnne but by another individual. Would you like to share, Rachel?

Yeah. I would hope that if we’re all in this place, all of us are fairly old souls and have had many lives. The beauty of Akashic reading is that you can learn something every time about a different aspect of your life. When I was having my reading, I was struggling with leadership and struggling with some relationships. All of this came out about how I was a king in a past life, but I wasn’t a good leader and my husband was trying to make me a better leader because I’ve wronged him in previous lives. I think about it all the time. I’m wondering, DeeAnne, in your practice, how does this work? What comes up for you? How are you reading the person? Are there many lives that come up? How are you distilling it? I’m curious about your process.

One of the things that I feel is very important, especially in the spiritual energy world, is an energetic structure. With the Akashic records, what it does is provides this energetic structure. If we open ourselves up to spirituality, it’s like opening a fire hydrant but without a hose. The water is spraying everywhere and we don’t know where to focus our energy or what to pay attention to. If we put a fire hose on that fire hydrant, we can then direct our energy and then we can bring the energy to where it needs to go.

I like to think of the Akashic records as a bit of that structure that allows us to focus on certain aspects of energy and to receive information in a way that we can understand it fully. When I go into the records, I have a number of ways in which the universe communicates with me. I’m clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. For those of you that don’t know, the clairvoyance is clear seeing, clairaudience is clear hearing, clairsentience is clear feeling, and claircognizance is clear knowing.

Here’s the thing, everybody has a certain degree of all of these gifts. They are not unique to me or to someone who’s had some great epiphany. Everybody has access to these gifts. They are innately given to us. The difference is whether or not we want to explore and tap into that. All of us have different strengths in different areas. I started out as being a clairvoyant, meaning I would get visual. I would see things. I would see a movie reel of someone’s history of what they experienced.

As I get deep into my skills in these areas and my relationship with these gifts, they’re all heightened. I’ll hear, see and even feel. If someone’s been stabbed or shot, I will feel discomfort in a certain area. It’s not to a point of great despair or suffering but I will feel something in that area. The claircognizance is the clear knowing. Sometimes I’ll know something and I’ll say it and they’ll be like, “How do you know that?” “I don’t know. They just tell me this stuff.”

I’ve been a medium my whole life and didn’t know it. I used to work as an EMT, so I’ve worked in an ambulance in my first career. I remember feeling the heebie-jeebies every time I would have to deal with a DOA, dead on arrival, someone who had died in my arms or what have you. They would come home with me and I couldn’t figure out why I would be creeped out. Here I was, a twenty-year-old, working with high trauma situations, going home and feeling like I had to have five showers because I didn’t know that I had this gift.

A lot of people are out there not knowing that they have these deeper gifts or they have these connections with the energetic world that exists. They feel confused or lost or they feel like they’re growing crazy. The truth is they need to go on a deeper discovery of what those gifts are and what their heightened abilities are and start building a relationship with them.

To go back to your question, it comes down to everybody’s going to have a different experience and different practitioners will read in different ways. For me, it’s a multitude of ways. What is needed for that person’s highest divine good at that moment is what will come. If we have an old soul, for example, they’re not going to show me the thousands or hundreds of their lifetimes. They’re going to show the ones that are relevant to that person in that specific period of time in this lifetime. If it’s not applicable and it doesn’t need to be cleared, those lifetimes stay where they’re at. What’s beautiful about the records is that they know what we need to hear or receive at that moment, so they deliver based on that. Does that help?

That absolutely helps. That makes so much sense. I love the visualization because a lot is coming at you at once in this whole new world. For those of us that are new, at least for me, it’s been past several years of becoming aware of another way to view life and to think about past lives and think about the purpose in our current life of what we were put on this Earth to do and to learn. It’s such a beautiful thing to think that we’re gaining all this knowledge to apply to our next lifetime. You visualized well why we’re doing this and why we’re discovering this and trying to learn about ourselves in a more deep way. Thank you.

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You’re welcome. It’s this remembering that’s happening. You already know all these things. What’s happening is remembering. When I say when spirit calls and spirit always calls, it is almost like this wisdom or this knowledge, we’re finally ready to receive it. A lot of people are coming into an understanding of themselves in a deeper way and being open to receiving this old information, remembering what they already know deep inside themselves.

You had also told me that I had been raped and I was like, “What?” I sat on it and I thought about it. I realized and I wondered because I’m open and vulnerable with what I tell the audience that I’ve had pelvic floor therapy because I’ve had some issues down there. What I didn’t express was I had a cyst. It was non-cancerous but I had it removed. I was talking to someone about the records and I wonder if the rape lead to the health issue that I’m having down there in my lifetime now. What I’m doing now is adjusting, fixing, helping soothe and all of that down there because I was hurt before.

Here’s the thing, energy is everything. We carry energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It transforms, transmutes and what have you. I find a lot of people who lost limbs even in previous lifetimes will have pain within that limb. Someone who has been shot in a certain area or people who have been beheaded in the throat often have neck injuries or have trouble speaking their voice. People who have had head trauma often suffer headaches.

Although there’s not a lot of studies done, the information from the divine that I have received, which I believe to be true and accurate because I’ve seen it time and time again, is that this historical experience that our souls have had, sometimes the souls don’t know the difference between now and then. It brings this energy. Oftentimes, we do need to clear away the energetics of those previous lifetimes in order to remove the pain.

Sometimes the root of our pain, suffering and illness comes from hundreds of lifetimes ago. When we can get back to that root and clear that energy, then it’s up to you to do what needs to be done physically in this particular life. Previous lifetimes do correlate and we do carry energy with us into this lifetime.

Michelle, would you like to join in?

I’m fascinated by all of this. Until a few days ago, I had never heard of Akashic records. I love it. I’m also on a journey that is beautiful for me. We’ll get even one step closer. I’m excited about that. Can you walk me through the process? I have no sense about how it looks or what exactly it is. I’d love to know.

I call it your soul’s library. There are different ways to reference the Akashic records. Akasha is Sanskrit for the primordial substance or the beginning of time. The theory behind the Akashic records is that we can tap into your soul’s library from the time you left source, God or whatever that belief system might be for you. The beauty in going into the records is that we go into a higher dimensional frequency. We’re going into this divine conscious space. Some people even call it God-consciousness, where we receive information. Some will say that it’s God.

In the teachings of Linda Howe, who is a well-known Akashic teacher and has an academy around the Akashic records, the way that they teach it is that it’s your masters, teachers and loved ones that are helping you to access the records. When you go into the soul’s library, there are these librarians there that help you to guide you with information. I work with a spirit team, oftentimes, I have a whole party going on in the space. Oftentimes, I don’t even know who’s giving me the information. I’m simply receiving the information.

Other practitioners will have specific people that they use or energies that they use within the records. There are a few different ways to go into the records as well. You can go in using a prayer. There’s a Pathway Prayer Process that Linda Howe teaches. There are also meditations that you can do. I know other Akashic practitioners who have received downloads of different prayers and ways to go into the records. I’ve also received my own download on how to get into the records. I know people that can be in the records. There are different ways of looking or going into the records.

What’s beautiful about the records and why they tend to differentiate between intuition and the records is that it goes into more specific detail and it also turns the questions back to you. It’s not like, “This is fun and this is neat.” It opens up these gateways or pathways for your highest divine consciousness just like Karen went through quite some discomfort afterward, which isn’t always typical, but it was a learning thing for her and it was growing her naturally in the aftermath of that experience. There’s some beauty around that. We also recognize that when we go into the records, it shifts our souls. Some people even call them soul massages because it shifts. We could go in and we could sit in the records and we would already be altered in a good way.

Are you able to do a short demonstration with Michelle?

GG 58 | Soul Records
Soul Records: Understanding our soul records can allow that energy to clear, move on, shift, or transform so that we can step more deeply into our power.


For our audience, maybe you can demonstrate so that we can better understand.

I don’t spend any less than fifteen minutes in the records. I’ll go into your records, Michelle, but I’m not going to close out of them until at least fifteen minutes because it’s a lot to go in and then come out. We don’t want to distort anything. I will keep you in your records for fifteen minutes, although I’ll only spend a few minutes sharing, and then I will close out. Just what I explained to you that we’re going into your soul’s library, I also share that everything I do is with unconditional love and non-judgment. I’m here to support you in your highest good. That’s important for you to know and to set that tone and that foundation. The next thing that I do is ask for your full legal name. Michelle, do you have a middle name?

I do, it’s Ann.

What’s going to happen next is I’m going to read my prayer. This is the prayer that allows me to go into the records. Some of the prayers, I say in silence, so there will be a moment of silence. When your records are open, I will let you know and I’ll share a little bit with you as well. Does that sound good?

Fantastic. I’m excited.

I simply invite you to take some deep breaths as I go into your records. Allow yourself to feel rooted and grounded and allow yourself to feel relaxed as I go in.

Is it okay if I close my eyes?

Absolutely, whatever feels comfortable for you. Here we go. We do acknowledge the Forces of Light, asking for guidance, direction and courage to know the truth as it is revealed for our highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to us. Oh Holy Spirit of God, help me to know Michelle in the Light of the Akashic Records, to see Michelle through the eyes of the Lords of the Records, and to enable me to share the wisdom and compassion that the masters, teachers, and loved ones that Michelle have for her. The Records are now open.”

Michelle, thank you for sharing that your spirit is calling you and you’re starting to explore. They are expressing that you are going in what they would consider a significant shift or up-leveling in your life. In other words, you’re getting an upgrade of your human form. This invitation for you to keep exploring is going to continue to deepen. This is interesting. They talk about you being a healer teacher as well, so it doesn’t surprise me. Oftentimes healer teachers find each other, so there’s a reason why you’re a part of this collective group and know Karen.

You have also been a healer teacher in many of your lifetimes. One of the lifetimes that does come up for you is interesting. It’s a Mayan type of lifetime but they’re showing you as a highly regarded female healer in the tribe. I don’t know if they call them tribes but that’s the energy of what they’re showing me. I keep seeing Chichén Itzá. I don’t know a lot about the history of Chichén Itzá. If you’ve ever had a draw to go there or have been curious about Mayan history, there’s a reason for that. You have had an experience in that particular lifetime.

What’s interesting about this lifetime is that you self-sacrificed your life in that lifetime and it was an honor to do so. What they’re expressing about this particular lifetime is that one of the big pieces that are connected and tied into this lifetime is this idea about self-sacrifice and giving a lot away. They want to bring this to the surface for you because they’re inviting you to set some firmer boundaries for yourself about what it is you want. They’re expressing that you tend to please people quite a bit, which is typical for a lot of women. They’re expressing that this is a time to step into this for yourself about what it is Michelle needs. This is a big piece for you in moving forward. They want you to know that you’ve had a lot of lifetimes where you have sacrificed almost like in a martyr sense.

The root of our pain and suffering comes from hundreds of lifetimes ago. Share on X

There’s also a connection to Joan of Arc here and even this energy of this warrior spirit that shows up for you as well, Michelle. They’re showing in previous lifetimes that you have stood up for what you believe in and been a vocal force in that. Here’s the thing. With what’s happening with COVID, you might have been feeling this pull or this draw like, “I have to do something,” or, “I have to speak my truth and my voice.”

This is coming from some of these previous lifetimes where it was life or death and you had to step into those roles. In this lifetime, they’re inviting you to notice how you’re stepping into your truth and standing in your light. It doesn’t have to be through battling it out. It doesn’t have to be through being super vocal. It’s subtle divine energy and graceful energy that is being brought forward. The more you step into your truth and your light, the more you will be able to do what needs to be done at this point in time in this lifetime as well. Michelle, I do have some energies here as well. Did you lose a child?


I do have a baby that’s here and it’s connected to you. Do you know if your mom lost a child at all?

She had a miscarriage before me.

This baby is coming in as a sibling type of energy. Do you know if the baby was male or female?

I want to say female but I don’t know if anybody knows that or not.

Your mom might have not known. I’m getting a little bit more masculine energy but what’s coming through is this protector role. It might have been a female but it’s a protector role. I feel like there’s a bit of more masculine energy to it. I’ll reference him as a he, although it could have been a she with masculine energy. What he’s expressing is, “I have been with you from the beginning and I will stay with you.” He’s giving me the sense like he’s a champion for you and a protector for you, and almost a bit of a quasi-spirit guide even. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that energy coming in. Maybe as a child, your mom might recall some instances where you were talking to somebody else. That can happen. As a child, we’re typically a lot more sensitive to these things. We can experience, see them and feel them a lot more than as an adult.

I invite you to recognize that energy and notice that energy, and how that energy might be showing up for you. He is adamant that he had this role to play and he was meant to come so that you could come. Part of you being here and recognizing that he had to leave to make room for you in a way. That is not to carry any guilt or shame attached to, “Maybe I shouldn’t be here.” It’s more to express to you this divine love that he is bringing to the surface. He loves you so much that he would be willing to recognize he’s got another role to play here in a very different way than what we would expect in this tangible three-dimensional world. That is being shared as well.

There is an invitation for you to deepen your exploration in the spiritual path. You have a lot of heightened gifts. You are clairvoyant as well so you do have the visual. You probably have déjà vu. You probably remember dreams. The clairvoyancy is one of your heightened gifts, so you can play with the clairvoyancy and notice the clairvoyancy start to build a relationship. When you are getting déjà vu, having dreams or having visions of certain things, say, “Thank you so much. What more can you tell me?” Keep being curious about that because that’s going to make a difference for you.

The other thing that they want you to know is that you’re extremely empathic to a point of almost feeling hypersensitive. I would imagine at some point as a child, you were told, “Stop being so sensitive, Michelle.” The good news is that you haven’t put up the force field or brick walls that many people do, so I commend you on that. They do want to help you energetically because sometimes you do take on other people’s energy quite a bit. That’s part of the people-pleasing. We think we have to take their backpack and the crap and put it on ourselves. You can care without carrying, Michelle. Know that. In fact, it’s better if you don’t take on their stuff because it syncs your vibrational frequency. It can be confusing. It stops you from knowing what your path is because you’re getting all mixed up with this other stuff.

One of the invitations for you is to set an energetic boundary to protect yourself. One of the ways to do that is simple. The first thing is to imagine your energy field, which we know is science-based. I call it my sacred bubble or my sacred space. First of all, bring that sacred bubble 1 to 2 feet around you, and then set the intention of, “I only allow energy serving me at my highest good into my sacred space.” For all you readers out there, you absolutely can apply this and it should be done almost daily until it becomes part of you. I don’t do this daily anymore because it’s just the way I am and I’ve made that a part of me. A couple of weeks to a month is what you want to aim for in terms of setting that intention.

GG 58 | Soul Records
Soul Records: Our role as human beings is to step back and pause a bit to discern what is intuitive versus what is ego so that we can make better decisions for ourselves.

The other thing that you might want to try is we brush our teeth every day to get rid of the plaque, yet we don’t clear energy every day to get rid of things energetically, and then we wonder why we feel heavy or bogged down or why we’re getting sick or whatever that is. I simply encourage you, when you’re having your shower, your bath or whatever that is, you add an intention. The intention is, “I send away any non-serving energy with light and love. I send away any energy that is not my own with light and love. I send away any low vibration energy with light and love.” These are simple intentions to keep that awareness around energy and how much it impacts you. There is so much to share here but I know there are other questions in the group.

That is such a nice example. You articulate it so well in describing but I hadn’t known until I had experienced it. You’re just having a conversation but you’re able to tap into that to translate it back to the individual. Michelle, how did you feel about that?

There are many things. When you talked about the energetic bubble, I felt it. It was weird. I visualized it and weirdly, I had a hot flash during it. That’s so interesting because the more I’m getting to know myself, the more I’m aware of not wanting and seeing the value of not taking on other people’s negative energy. There have been more boundaries set up that way. It’s interesting. Before, I had no mind-body connection. In the last couple of years, it’s getting stronger and stronger that now it’s not even possible for me to absorb that. If I do, I realize that quickly that that’s not good for me and I have to step back or set a boundary or whatever it is. That resonates with me.

You’re on the most divine path here, Michelle. The knowing is already there. We remember, “That’s not serving me. That’s not serving them either.” We start to make changes naturally. Sometimes we need some extra help to get us to where we want to go and that’s the beauty of the records. It’s like having a life coach in your back pocket. You can go into the records any time to ask whatever it is that you need. Most of us forget that the pressure is not all on us. We have resources to pull from. Whether it’s other amazing women like this or whether it’s our spiritual team, the resources are there for us. It’s something to keep in mind as well.

Thank you. That was phenomenal.

You’re welcome. Just so that the readers know, we do close out of the record so I do say closing prayer. I’m going to stay in this record space with Michelle because the minimum I do in the records is fifteen minutes or so. I’m going to stay in for a few minutes longer and I will close out of the prayer at some point regardless of how long the session goes, just so that you guys are all aware.

Michelle, if you want to go deeper, you can contact DeeAnne. Rachel, what would you like to add?

If you do a prayer for yourself to go into your own Akashic records, what is the difference between meditating and going into your Akashic records?

Some people will meditate and they can go into the records but maybe they don’t know it. Some people use meditation to go into the records. There are different ways to access the records. The difference between intuition and the records is interesting because oftentimes, if we’re to ask an intuitive question maybe with our spirit guides, typically the answers aren’t as detailed. They don’t allow for deeper reflection and understanding.

I’ll give you an example that’s in one of Linda Howe’s books called How to Read the Akashic Records. This girl is struggling because her boyfriend is out hunting. She doesn’t like the idea that he’s killing Bambi. She’s struggling with this idea of him going out hunting. Her intuition said, “It’s understandable because you’re compassionate and you care about the Earth,” and then she asked in her records and the record said, “Let’s be honest here. Part of the problem is because your husband or boyfriend is being taken away from you and spending time doing other things other than spending it with you,” so then it went even deeper into that.

Not to say that we can’t get honest answers in the intuitive space, but the Akashic records has this ability to be beautifully honest with grace and allowing us to deepen our understanding. Although intuition is powerful and helpful, the Akashic records go into much deeper layers and allows for a deeper level of reflection so that we can transform ourselves.

I’ve done so much deep work and DeeAnne’s a mentor of mine. She’s such a dear soul sister. For the readers to understand, every time you go into these records, it goes deeper and deeper. The greatest lesson we can bring up is this awareness. It’s all about this remembering. It’s the exploration. It’s not like you have to go in once. You can go in and keep finding out more and more about yourself and feel so much more connected. I feel so honored and blessed that DeeAnne came into my life. I’m happy that she was able to be here.

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The feeling is mutual. Thank you, Alysha.

Alysha, you connected me to DeeAnne. I appreciate that as well. I wanted to switch gears a little bit because, DeeAnne, you had a business that you had done for many years, and then you decided to give it away. You talked about the Willy Wonka golden ticket. Can you talk to us more about that? Oftentimes, on Grateful Goddesses, we talk about when you’re in something that doesn’t quite feel right, you’re scared, you want to get out, and you’re not sure how. You’re a prime example of switching gears and doing something that you felt passionate about.

Thank you for asking. Yes, I did give away a company Willy Wonka style. I hosted a contest to give one of my companies away. I want to share to give people some context. I spent twenty years in the healthcare sector. Through my own experience and a couple of near-deaths that I had, I was guided to start a holistic healthcare system. I had this divine experience when I was at my rock bottom, experiencing postpartum with my second child, struggling and wondering where I belong in this world.

With deep reflection and prayer, I have this divine vision, a network of holistic practitioners, healers, and heart-centered business owners who had a desire to help people to become healthier, find the root causes, and take a proactive approach versus a reactive approach. Having been in the Western medical sector my whole career and having gone through my own health journey, I felt compelled and drawn. I knew that I was meant to do this.

I started this company. I was running this company and loving it. It was interesting because as I was growing this company, healers would come to me and they would say, “I do the Akashic records,” or, “I’m a medium.” I’d be like, “That’s so neat. What’s that all about?” Much like you, Karen, I got to sample a lot of different modalities and experiences. It created this thirst for more and this hunger to go in deeper. Spirit called me brilliantly. I listened and I listened more. The more I listened, the more I received.

I took the Akashic records course as a skeptic. I was like, “You can’t go into someone’s soul’s library. That’s not a thing.” I went in as a skeptic and the biggest gift came out of that because the floodgates opened and all of my innate gifts came bubbling to the surface. Things that I already knew but had forgotten. I started doing the Akashic records on the side not thinking much about it. I just felt drawn to doing it. I kept doing it on the side while I was growing this other holistic health network.

In the last couple of years, the spiritual practice has gotten busy and the Akashic records. More referrals kept coming and more people asked me to speak about it. It got to a point where I was running two full-time businesses as a single mom. I was like, “I’m getting tired. I’m not walking my talk here if I’m not taking care of myself and my family.” I went into my records and said, “What am I supposed to do here?” They said, “One company must go and you know which one.” I said, “How is it going to go? Do I sell it? That wasn’t feeling good.” They’re saying, “No, you’re going to give it away.” It was very clear.

I had business coaches that were like, “DeeAnne, why would you give away a six-figure company? You’re crazy.” I was like, “I don’t need it anymore. It’s not serving me.” One of the things that we do a lot of times as humans is we stay because we made a commitment or we stay because we think it’s the right thing to do, but yet our souls are dying inside. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Yesterday’s divine commitment is today’s heavy burden.

The invitation around this story is to invite you to think about experiences that are not serving you and to start discerning for yourself, “What’s serving me? What is not serving me? Get rid of what is not serving me.” In fact, it brings this image. It was a meme that was floating around social media for a while. It’s this little girl who is about 7 or 8 years old and she’s holding on to this little teddy bear. In front of her is Jesus standing and Jesus is hiding a giant teddy bear behind him. Jesus is gesturing out for this little girl to hand over the teddy bear, but she doesn’t want to let go of this little teddy bear because it’s comfortable and it’s safe. She thinks it’s what she’s supposed to do. If only she would let go of that little teddy bear, she would make room for the big teddy bear.

The point being is that the company, Your Holistic Earth, that I had built that was my baby was not serving me anymore. It was meant to be let go of so that I could receive something bigger. Immediately, once I made that decision, my spiritual practice exploded overnight. My courses were oversold and I was booking months in advance. It changed the game because I was willing to let go of the little teddy bear. In reflection, think about things in your life that you’re hanging on to that are no longer serving you. How can you let go of some of those things?

We have to touch on your near-death experience too.

A lot of people ask me, “DeeAnne, how did you know that you have these gifts?” I’ve had them my whole life. It’s just that I put them away because it wasn’t normal for a kid to know when things were going to happen before they happen. This is what happens to a lot of people, a lot of divine healers out there who might be reading this. I’m one of them. They put the gifts away or they hide them or they block them because they’ve been told that they have to do things or be a certain way in their life.

GG 58 | Soul Records
Soul Records: The ego-mind is so good at keeping us from stepping into our truth and sharing our stories of divine messages to the world.

My first near-death happened when I was five years old. I was eating one of those round jawbreaker candies and my dad said, “DeeAnne, go sit down before you choke.” I turned to go sit down and sure enough, I choked. My dad came over and he wrapped his arms around me and started doing the Heimlich. I remember feeling like my head was going to pop off. It was so intense. That jawbreaker would not move. I went limp in my dad’s arms and he guided me to the floor.

At that moment, I had an out-of-body experience. I remember floating above my dad watching him work on me below. I could see my older sister peeking around the corner to see what the commotion was. My mom was running to the phone to call for help at that point but I felt peace, divineness, and I didn’t have any stress. I remember floating above and being like, “Oh, okay.” My dad used his thumb and he wedged his thumb in my throat. He popped that jawbreaker out and he got me breathing again. After that, my mom noticed that my dream started to become even more lucid. I would have real dreams. I would have sleep paralysis, where I would be wide awake and still witnessing the dream.

I would also wake up and I would know when people have died. It was a thing. I’d be like, “Mom, Tyler’s mom died last night.” My mom would be like, “How do you know this?” I was raised in a Catholic home. My mom, bless her heart, didn’t know what to do or how to embrace what I was experiencing. We did a lot of praying. I use the Lord’s Prayer as a way to get through a lot of my nightmares and a lot of my dreams, which helped a lot, but I stuffed it away because I was like, “This is making other people feel uncomfortable. I better be uncomfortable to make sure everyone else is comfortable.” That’s what I did much of my life.

Even though I had these wonderful experiences and intuitive experiences growing up, I still kept it locked away. Even as an EMT working on an ambulance, having dead spirits come with me, I still didn’t understand it. I just thought, “I’m losing it. I must have PTSD.” Fast forward to when I was 26, I underwent surgery. I had reconstruction on my knee from a skiing injury, which is also from a previous lifetime, by the way. I’m at home and I experienced some complications with my medication. My blood pressure bottoms out and I faint. When I fainted, I felt like it was heaven. I got to touch heaven. I was surrounded by these beautiful big orbs of light.

It’s interesting, I know now why we depict angels with wings because their orbs of light look like wings behind them. They were all sorts of colors. The vibrational frequency, take the most euphoric moment that you’ve ever had in your life and multiply that by a million. That is what I felt. It was so pure, tangible and real. I remember saying, “I’m staying here.” Nothing else mattered at that time. I was like, “I’m in.” They’re like, “No, you’re not done.” That happened in a lot of near-deaths.

I came to in my brother-in-law’s arms and he had caught me from falling and hitting my head, which I would have been severely injured, but I didn’t know how to express to him what I had just experienced. Part of me was like, “Do I say something or do I keep this? Is he going to think I’m losing it?” I didn’t say anything right away. In the days to follow, the experience was so compelling. I had told my mom about it. Now I was in my kitchen telling my girlfriend about it. I’m saying, “There were angels. This is what it was and this is what I experienced.”

My brother-in-law lived with me at the time. He overheard the conversation. He comes running into the kitchen and he says, “I knew it. I felt the angels too. I felt peace. I can’t even describe what I felt but it was amazing. I honestly thought that they came to get you and you would die but I wasn’t worried and I didn’t feel afraid. All of a sudden, I heard something inside of me that said everything was okay and you opened your eyes. It was the most amazing thing.”

What that did for me was it validated my experience. Many of us are having these divine experiences but there’s no validation, so we don’t trust it. Our ego says, “That doesn’t make any sense. You can’t believe that. That’s not real. You’re losing your mind.” The ego-mind is so good at keeping us from stepping into our truth and sharing our stories of these divine messages that need to be heard across the world.

It’s such a great story. It illustrates so much of what we question. Your two experiences opening you up, and then now what you’re doing, it’s remarkable how you’re helping individuals through your own gifts. How can people reach out to you if they would like to have a reading?

Thank you. You absolutely can go and explore my website. It’s because I am up in Canada. Go explore the website. You can book sessions through there. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the complimentary session, I do a limited amount. I do ten free sessions every month. If you’re interested in a free session because you’re not sure, you can email me through the website as well.

Thank you for joining us on Grateful Goddesses. We will take your messages with us for the day. Have a great day, DeeAnne. Thank you.

Thank you for having me. It’s been a true joy and pleasure. It’s so wonderful. Bless all of you. Thank you.

Welcome, everyone, to Favorite Things with our guest, DeeAnne. We’re going to start with our show and tell for adults with Rachel.

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This is my newest favorite thing. They are incense matches. I love cinnamon. Instead of lighting a whole incense stick, if you just want a nice little scent for a little while, it’s a matchbook and you light it. I put it in a little pinch ball. This little ball was handmade. It’s from the website, Entwined, and it’s made by an all-inclusive community with people with disabilities and special needs. This is my little incense bowl and you light the match, and then I let it burn in the bowl and I get a nice scent. I bought the incense matches from this store in Andersonville in Chicago called Milk. They have clothing and gift items. A lot of things are made by local Chicago designers. This is where it comes.

Thank you for sharing. DeeAnne, what is your favorite thing that you brought?

I love crystals, gems and stones. For those of you that don’t know, crystals have a lot of incredibly powerful energetics. There you’ve got your stone, Karen. Crystal quartz is great for clearing energy and so I keep it in my office with me. This is a nice little crystal quartz. I discovered this lovely lady named Jaime Merrithew and she has a company called Mandala Love Affair. It’s so hard to see the artistic work, but these are hand-painted tiny little dots in those mandalas if you can even begin to see them there. She made me a whole set of chakra stones and I absolutely love them and adore them. You can feel the love and energy. I love stones, crystals and gems to help with clearing energy, setting intentions and allowing for us to get present.

Thank you. Onto my favorite. One of my favorite things is to light a candle. I lit this candle. It’s called Balance + Harmony. It smells yummy. It’s been going on for this whole episode. The smell has helped me to stay grounded and to stay calm and open up to the harmony in my life. I do love that. Alysha, what did you bring?

I brought a little Amethyst angel that was given to me by my old co-host, Todd, who Karen got to meet. I used a pendulum to answer questions of yes and no when I needed a quick answer. I showed him because I have this Amethyst pendulum that someone gave me and I was like, “I don’t need this one anymore.” This was the one that I had originally connected to my father’s energy, then he gives me this little Amethyst angel. It was so funny, the little myrony of the Amethyst connection. I know crystals and stones, so I was bringing the little Amethyst angel.

My son gave me an Amethyst with a Canadian flag on it that I keep beside my bed. He loves stones. They’re all over our house because of him. I do feel that stones have so much energy and they’re so powerful. Thank you for sharing that.

It came with a cute little card. It says, “Amethyst is extremely powerful and protected with high vibration, guards against psychic attacks, transmuting into love, strong healing and cleansing powers, and enhances spiritual awareness. It’s extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate. It dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.”

That’s my birthstone so I love hearing that.

It’s a powerful stone. Thank you for sharing. Michelle, what did you bring?

It’s a piece of jewelry. It’s a necklace. I got it for you, now that I think about it. It’s from an artist in Chicago, marlastudio. She has all these beautiful sayings and this one resonated with me. In Hebrew, the translation is, “Darkness before light and light before darkness,” or one of the other. It spoke to me. I’ve had both in my life and I am grateful for all the experiences because I feel like I’m loving the person that I’m becoming. It’s because of all of those. Whether it was great darkness or night, I’ve been able to evolve, learn and grow from those experiences and be who I am now. I’m grateful for that, so that’s fine.

I find it interesting that our favorite things, oftentimes, myronically, are similar. We’ve not discussed beforehand what you are going to bring. We had two smells, some stones and a jewelry message. I found that really cool. Thank you, guys, for coming and sharing.

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About DeeAnne Riendeau

GG 58 | Soul RecordsDeeAnne Riendeau is a thought leader in spiritual and business development whose mission is to elevate how we think and live. She is known as the modern-day Willy Wonka for giving away her 6 figure company called Your Holistic Earth, which is the first holistic health care system of its kind. She is also the owner of Rose Hope International, in which she helps those who are seeking more joy, love, freedom, and a deeper meaning in life.

Experiencing a life of chronic illness and near-death experiences, DeeAnne rebounded with 20 years of health education and a diverse healthcare career including 6 health businesses. She has spoken at Harvard University, appeared on Shaw TV, Global Television, and CTV and has been recognized as a visionary and business leader having been nominated for numerous including RBC’s Woman of Business and Alberta Business of Distinction. Along with being an entrepreneur, DeeAnne is a mom of 2 bright kids, publisher, popular speaker and international bestselling author who uses her heart and her head to guide others to create their best life.